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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/23/10 9:08am – 9:45 am PST

July 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/23/10 9:08am – 9:45 am PST

Courtesy of Media Fiends

9:08am – Up?

Don’t know if they are getting up or what. Feeds were BRBs for a few and now I got all 4 feedson Rachel and Andrew in the BR. Not talking. House is quiet.

Kathy comes in to check on Rachel cuz she heard her go through her suitcase and didn’t know if she needed smething or what. She’s making sure she’s OK. Kathy goes in WC.

Rachel is sitting on the couch in BR trying to entangle her extensions. Adjusts the watermelons, puts her hair up and is washing her face. Rachel tells Kaathy she doesn’t have to get up. She feels bad. Kathy said she is going to lay down for just a little bit and she’ll be back. Kathy leaves.

All 4 feeds on Rachel. So Im out til I got something else


Entangle? Untangle.

Rachel is putting on her best bad acting skills. She opens the patio door and I am not sure if they are on IN LD or not but the shade looked drawn to me. and she looks all upset and acts like she is crying and of course, no tears and is over it quickly. She goes to the CR and shuts the door and is running in place like a psycho and then up and down on the frame of the bed for a step. As she is doing something all crazy the shade on the door drops and she says sorry. Now she is running back and forth in the room.

The rest of the house is asleep. All 4 feeds on the maniac. She is running in a cicle, running backwards, forwards, side to side.

Out til something interesting happens.


Psycho is just sitting on the CR floor now with her head in her hands. Her back is to the camera. It just pans in and out. [and the Shmemmy goes to…]


Kathy comes in and asked why she is up so early. Rachel said cuz she was called into the DR earlier. Kathy said she just was too.


I am going to be leaving in a few to go for a walk with my friend so will be gone like an hour or so. and I am sure when I get back I am going to have to shower cuz it is fricking humid here. As I am sure Matt would attest to as he talked about how horrible the weather is in Chicago.

Feeds come back to Kathy saying Rachel said she was going to the BR to throw up and then come back and lay with Brendon and then go to bed.

Rachel: Don’t remember that. Did I throw up?

Kathy: Don’t know

Rachel: I was wasted. I was so drunk I don’t remember anything. I don’t remember talking. I think I drank 1.5 bottles. I didn’t realize I was that wasted. maybe I didn’t drink that much. I only remember lying in bed talking to HayTen. Remember going to try to sleep with Brendon and just annoying him. He was sleeping and I was drunk.

Kathy: That’s what it was. You said you were going to go makeout with him after yu threw up.

Rachel: i don’t remember any of this. I don’t know why we’re locked out.

Kathy: I don’t know either

Rachel: how do you look so pretty when you wake up? I got like 2 zits…


Come back to Rachel in the mirror pointing out her zits. Are you breaking out?

Kathy: No, not yet. When you get old, you don’t get zits. [Um, she’s my age and I get em]

Rachel: I’m old and I get em. She wonder if it’s chocolate

Kathy: Stress. I don’t want to be loced out, or locked in

Rachel: I need to get this alcohol out of me

Kathy: I am going back to lay down. I was going to go outside

Rachel: i didn’t mean to keep drinking

Kathy: As long as you’re feeling OK

Rachel: My hangover cure is to drink way more water than alcohol and then sweat it out. Any time in the morning if I feel like I am going to be hungover I workout.

Kathy: Did you ask em if they were going to open the BY…


Kathy: and I was talking to you and you said I can’t talk right now, I am going to throw up. I never saw you take a drink. Don’t know where you drank it at.

Rachel: I was in the kitchen with Britney. I don’t feel like I threw up though [I think she is faking that she was drunk like everything else] Thanks for checking on me

Kathy leaves and Rachel is stretching.

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  • 1 EBoyduh // Jul 23, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    I absolutely love that you do this!!! I don’t get the showtime 2 channel or the live feeds but I’m singled you put all the stuff up here! Idk what I’d do to satisfy my big brother addiction if it wasn’t for ur blog!
    Even tho I’m not liking this season so far, and I absolutely can’t stand Rachel and Brendon and LOVE that you call them Blechel & I also have to resist vomiting! I mostly keep watchin the show because I sooo want them to go home!!!
    Keep up the great work and thanks so much for doing this!