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Big Brother 12 Episode 8 7/25/10 Recap – Are You Kidding Me?

July 25th, 2010 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

Brendon tells us he wants to be Rachel’s knight in shining honor since she won HoH last week to keep them safe so he has to win it this week. Matt tells us that he orchestrated everything so far & will now win HoH. Brendon told us he voted Monet out cuz he wasn’t going to go against the house. Kathy tells us that she voted Matt out cuz no one will tell her how to vote.

The endurance HoH competition continued & Kathy was the 1st one out in under 15mins. She tells us she wants to fly under the radar. Lane fell right after her & that too, was intentional. He feels pretty safe & didn’t want to be a Have Not. Kristin was the next one down. I don’t know what her deal was. She brags about being the toughest ever & she’s a pretty weird chick who just last night ate a Daddly Long Legs, just because. Hayden dropped after his fluffer cuz he says he felt safe this week & didn’t want to make any more enemies & wanted to eat. Britney fell next telling us she didn’t want to be a Have Not for 2 weeks in a row.

So the rest are either Have Nots, or HoH. Enzo was the 1st to fall. Ragan said he dealt with a lot of bullsh*t in high school from bullies & wants them to know not only is he on Big Brother but he is doing OK in an endurance challenge.

It looks like to me that BB is editing the TV show so you don’t get a full sense of just how creepy Blechel are. Rachel was so fricking obnoxious the whole challenge cheering Brendon on. & you are not shown just how gross their makeout sessions are where they just peck over & over & over. My husband compared it to the SNL skit with the overly close family that just peck each other constantly. I cheered so loud when Brendon finally fell.

Ragan told Andrew that he is 100% not after him if he is HoH & won’t put him up even after PoV. Andrew gave him his word to do the same for him. Matt didn’t want to make a deal. Andrew finally fell after about an hour & a half.

Ragan immediately asked everyone to go inside so he could talk privately with Matt. When alone, Ragan tells him he doesn’t mind being a Have Not again & wants him to get a picture of his wife [since Ragan has totally fallen for Matt’s lie]. Ragan tells us he trusts Matt & thinks he’s a really good, solid guy. Ragan just didn’t want to quit right away because he thought it would like suspicious. Matt told him they could just play it out.

After 2:15 Ragan finally falls on purpose. Matt’s HoH. What a coincidence for the 2nd week the person left in the house wins HoH. Rachel faked cried w/ no tears & told us that she doesn’t trust Matt & thinks he’s a snake.

Rachel pulls Matt aside right away & told him she never wanted to attack him or come after him. Matt said he fulfilled his terms of the deal & she is the one that backed out. He doesn’t want to make deals with her because she breaks em. I laugh that no one ever catches on to Matt cuz he can’t keep a straight face & he has to tell you a million times that he has no alliances but his wife.

We had a short segment on Britney trying to teach Enzo how to talk him a civilized person. Enzo doesn’t think there is anything wrong w/ the way he talks & thinks Britney is the one who sounds bad.

Matt got his HoH room & when he read the letter from his wife, it took away any suspicions Andrew had about her illness. The letter was all about how people are helping her & making her dinner, etc.

The Brigade, sorry. That’s The BrAgade. I watched one of their meetings where they spelled it & they want to be The Bragade. & they are stupidly dreaming up shit just like the Renegades did. They want to have a website & sell t-shirts & other merch. They celebrated Matt’s win along in HoH. Enzo said Bleche have got to go & the house meeting gives Matt the excuse to put them up for revenge. I don’t know why you need an excuse. THEY ARE A POWER OF TWO! How many times do I need to scream that from the mountaintop? When you know there is a air-tight alliance, you break that shit up if you aren’t apart of it! But no. Matt tells us that Kathy voted against him so she is on his radar.

Hayden bails on the meeting to go fool around w/ crazy eyed Kristin. Meanwhile, back in HoH the guys are talking about the newest gossip, that Hayden & Kristin are related. Lane said they look alike & have the same birthmark. The TV show didn’t show you but this is Britney’s revelation. She noticed they both have the same birthmark on their stomachs. She thinks they look alike but ugh. Kristin is so misshapen & odd looking to me. I think it’s an insult to be compared to her. So while we see HayTin fool around in bed, the remaining Bragades are debating if they are related because no one ever sees them flirt but they are together a lot.

Then we have to see the Grossmance again but this segment is painting Andrew as the cockblock. I LoLd at this because I have never seen Andrew clockblock but Kathy is the one that did it multiple times a day. When Rachel was HoH she & Brendon would fool around under the covers & not only would Kathy just walk in there without knocking, she would see them under the covers and the bitch would just hop into bed and start trashing people in the house. Just talk like nothing was going on. Yeah I know. They barely kiss andRachel just jerks him off so hardly anything is going on to interrupt. But still. Kathy would get under the covers! & she wasn’t trying to join in. Just bizarre. But BB wants Andrew to look like the creeper when he is just walking into his own fricking room to get his stuff. He doesn’t have to give them privacy in his room.

Then we got a little taste of how fricking funny Britney is. The more I see this girl, the more I like her. I had watched this in the feeds & it was so funny. Blechel were outside working out & flirting so Britney & Lane sat at the island & commentated what they were saying outside. Love it.

The Have Not food for the week is baby food and bok choy. You would think this would be bad. Nope. Don’t know if BB will show it to you but to them baby food means the boxes of cookies, chips, rice, oatmeal, you name it. They are getting the toddler stuff. So like Enzo keeps eating the stuff that looks like Cheetos. Baby food means jars of the blended up stuff. That’s what the people at home voted for. That is such a cop out. & they also didn’t show you that after the HoH competition Big Brother got the house pizzas. They usually get them a special dinner on live show night. Enzo is a Have Not for the 2nd week in a row & said fuck it & ate a piece of pizza. He got no penalty but a warning. That’s bullshit. & this isn’t the 1st time Enzo has cheated. Last week he ate cheese. Now that was an accident & warranted a warning. But this time he intentionally ate it & he already had a warning. But as usual, BB is a bad parent & makes threats they don’t mean.

Matt brings Blechel up to HoH & tells them he is playing by himself & he is in a tough spot since they called that House Meeting. Rachel said she made some mistakes last week but he was never a target til that meeting. She says if she & Brendon are there next week they will both be playing HoH & have a good chance of winning it & Matt will be safe. Matt said if he doesn’t put them up this week he would at least want a deal that he wouldn’t go up in the initial nominations.

Matt then talked to Andrew & told him he was Public Enemy #1 the 1st week but has been more social & people like him now. But he may have to put him up. He doesn’t want him to go home. Andrew doesn’t understand why he doesn’t put the Top 2 up. Matt said there may be a Backdoor opportunity.

The keys come out of the box in this order:

Ragan – Kristin – Hayden – Enzo – Lane – Britney – Rachel – Brendon.

Andrew & Kathy are Nominated. Matt said he has no idea socially where Kathy is but she was the other vote against him besides Britney & Monet was her best friend. He said Andrew was after him before & still could be.

Kathy told us she doesn’t understand why she was put up cuz there are way bigger targets. Andrew thinks it’s a stupid plan & too much potential to blow up. He is after Matt. Enzo said they got to break up the super couple. Matt said everything is going according to plan & if PoV is used he may backdoor Brendon.

PoV was played on Saturday so you can go to that day’s feeds to find out what happened if you don’t want to wait til Wednesday’s show. The PoV meeting is on Monday around 2pm.

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  • 1 EBoyduh // Jul 25, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    I’ve been telling my husband since Brittany went up on the block that if she goes home there will be no humor to the show! I loved the goodbye to Monet and I loved when Rachel won her HOH, she was wearing that horrid “dress” that showed her butt cheeks & she asks if everybody wants to see her HOH room. Brittany was like I didn’t really want to but I followed her flapping buttcheeks anyway lol!