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Big Brother 12 After Dark Summary for 7/29-7/30 Thursday Night/Friday Morning

July 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 After Dark Summary for 7/29-7/30 Thursday Night/Friday Morning

Courtesy of Media Fiends

The beginning of BBAD was the HNs chowing down with the rest of the house. Kristin has been having a tantrum all night and staying in the CR. Eventually she came out to eat steak [I am sure the spider eater wanted it raw] but didn’t speak to anyone.

Kathy floated over to Rachel in the SR where Rachel’s broken record went on and on about everything she’s been saying all night. Had to fight for their life, try to break up Blechel, lather rinse repeat. Kathy slides in there a plea to not put her up 2 weeks in a row. Rachel said they will talk later and she can’t tell her what she’s going to do.

Hayden hid out with Kristin most of the night, really putting to rest any suspicion they are together. Kathy worked HyTin pretty hard telling Hayden she knows she’s in danger and she refuses to make a deal with Rachel. Kristin said she is sorry she didn’t win HoH and feels it’s her responsibility to have won that. kathy said she is sorry she didn’t win.

Kristin and Hayden alone. She said she hates Brendon and said he’s sucha f*cking pussy. Hayden said someone needs to put Rachel in her place. Kristin said she should have done that from Day 1. She said she doesn’t regret anything she’s done.

Hayden said all the did is kiss and cuddle and the live feed watchers know they didn’t have sex [but Kristin jerked him off] because they watched. He said there is no way they heard him and Kristin. Then Hayden lies to Kristin when they were talking about all the things Andrew said they said were lies [which were true] and that he doesn’t have a Final 4 deal with Lane [Bragade].

Hayden again says he can’t stand Rachel. Kristin said she has tried not to be confrontational and should speak her mind more even if it causes an argument. She said it sucks that she’s going to have to be like how she is in real life. Her biggest dear is disappointing herself. [Idiot] She hates when people f*ck her over.

Hayden told her she looks hot when she was screaming. [Ew] He said this means Blechel are both going to be in the jury house.

Kristin said Andrew is evil. She thinks if she had won HoH Rachel would have been kissing her ass.

Brendon asked Hayden how Kristin is. Brendon was changing the sheets on Rachel’s bed for Hayden and Kristin to use.

Rachel is just a total f*cking psycho nutjob. She was obsessing on Kristin all night and Brendon kept trying to talk her down. He told her Kristin obviously talked a lot of sh*t about a lot of people and now it’s blowing up on her. He told her not to make herself look worse. Rachel said she could never make her self look worse than Kristin. [Ladies. No need to argue about it. You’re both fugly.]

Rachel’s biggest problem? Britney was in the CR where Kristin is. She asked Brendon why is Britney in there? Brendon told her not to be like that. Don’t think people have to hate the people that she doesn’t like. Rachel kept trying to go to the CR and Brendon kept blocking it. She said she just wanted to go get Britney. Brendon told her she’s a stronger person. That’s the person he fell in love with. Rachel said she felt like she was going to throw up. [Rachel truly looked psychotic here. and I was LoLing because did she want to throw up because he just said he loved her? because it makes me want to puke too.] Rachel said Kristin antagonizes her. She asked if she could just talk to Britney? Brendon said if she can’t handle her alcohol then she can’t have anymore. They were in the BR for this and he kept saying they are going to walk past the CR and she can’t even look in there.

They walk to the kitchen and Britney was in there.

Kristin tells Kathy she will definitely need her this week. Kathy said she’s got her and Kathy talked a big game saying rachel can send her home. She doesn’t care. She will go look at her HoH but if she puts her up, she doesn’t care [even though we watched her beg Rachel in the SR not to put her up already]. She said she is ready to punch Rachel out.

Kristin said she won’t look at the HoH room because it will make her vomit.

Kathy said she is so sick of hearing about past seasons [because the whole time Kristin is in the CR having her tantrum, you can hear the rest of the house are altogether and laughing and having fun]

Rachel got her HoH room and when they are waiting for her to unlock the door for the reveal she asked if this was their whole season? Then said oh yeah, after this week it will be [since Kristin refused to come up]. I LoLd at that.

Her CD is Spice World and people raved about it.

We would have audio of people having fun in the HoH but video of Kristin being the real tough bitch, pouting by herself downstairs. Kathy got right into the Hoh bed like she owned the place.

Kristin eventually left the CR while everyone was in HoH to go hide in her bdrm.

Rachel wants everyone to make a champagne toast tomorrow because everyone there made it to the jury house [again, Kristin isn’t there so this is excluding her]

Another shot of Kristin, pretending to sleep in her bed. Is anyone else totally annoyed with how she talks? I am not saying what comes out of her mouth, and that is annoying too, but the way she talks is just odd. Total turn off.

and that’s it.

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