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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/30/10 12:51pm – 3:00pm PST

July 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/30/10 12:51pm – 3:00pm PST

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12:51pm – Luxury

Enzo said a little revenge. You guys made me a have not and I get to eatch the movie now.

Whatever it was it was like cops and criminals or something. Cops and convicts. Some are dressed as cops, some as prisoners.

Enzo goes to OR but said he might walk in on something.


12:54pm – Luxury

Matt said 5 seconds away from seeing a movie. Britney said shut up, don’t even tell me.

[Gotta go]


Come back on Enzo saying he said you didn’t drop on the surfboard..

I switch to Kathy floating in HoH.

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Kathy said she didn’t get into any of the fighting. Brendon said everyone gets heated and can’t take it personal. Kathy said they’re both her firends and she struggles with 2 people and I can’t fix it. Only they can fix it. I love you all to death but that’s in my nature. That’s jut me. I don’t know what you’re thinking but you told me with Brit in the Cabana room that you wouldn’t put me up. I appreciate if you didn’t because I have been through enough. I am very close to you. I need to be here bad. I don’t want to be punished for supporting her if she is having a bad day.

Brendon: neither one of us would expect people to choose or be punished. Just because heated yesterday and words exchanged, not hold against anyone else.

Kathy: I’m not a floater. I don’t live through cancer and fight to live or fight for anyone’s lives and could take a bullet any day. The struggles Ive had, Im 20 years older. Can your mom do as good as me? I can’t compete as hard.

She goes over her lame as speech last night. I won’t repeat it because it sucks so hard.

Brendon: A lot of people here are ingenuine

Kathy: I am not a threat to you two, I’m a vote for you in the jury house. I’m not the threat in here. You get out the floaters and weak players in here it makes it harder for you to accomplish what you want. I’ve struggled this whole time and if you’re going to put me up, just tell me

Brendon: we will tell you ahead of time and not blindside you

Rachel: I don’t know what I’m going to do because I’m the HoH BRENDEN

Kathy: You mean a lot to me, Rachel. I respect you too what you do in your job. Do I like all the bitching and fighting? No. I don’t want to be involved in that at all. Do you have any questions for me?

Rachel: You almost beat me. If you had the answer right you would have so anyone can win HoH.

Kathy: I tried my hardest.

Rachel: I would want to make sure that you wouldn’t put BandI up. At least week by week

Kathy: I’m not out to destroy what is the obvious. You 2 have found happiness, that’s between you 2, Ya’ll know that. I don’t know how many times I sat up here. I did struggle because I needed you last week some and you were struggling too so you thought you would lose Brendon and I needed you and it hurt

Rachel: I’m sorry

Kathy: You didn’t do it on purpose. You said you were getting depressed because you didn’t want to lose your best friend and I was getting depress because I didn’t want to lose ya’ll

Rachel: I didn’t know what to do or say when you with Kristin. It didn’t start yesterday.

Kathy: I’m oblivious

Rachel: I didn’t know you even needed me. I guess I should have foresaw that better.

Kathy: I know you were struggling with people after you and you had been attacked. I missed my Rachel. I am just being truthful. I miss you. I do know you fighting some struggles. You’re looking at the wrong person in the fight.

Brendon: I apologize too. People try to BD me and I still think Andre a good person

Brendon: I always see the best in people and see the good in Andrew. He just got caught up in the game. I didn’t want to see either one of you go.

Kathy: I struggled in the DR for a long time over that. I want to be here. It’s in your hands. I don’t know what else to say you know unless you have anything to ask.

Brendon: We love having you around. When things do get crazy, you are a great person to have around to calm people down and police the house

Kathy: I try to. Like I said yesterday, not gonna have someone control me and proved that when I voted against Matt for attacking ya’ll and I got put on the block for it.

Brendon: Just because you are there for Kristin when she was there for you last week, not hold it against you. Not going to be petty because you’re with someone we don’t like. We know what it’s like to be ostracized in this house, it’s sh*tty.

Rachel: I don’t look at Hayden and say f*ck Hayden. He’s Kristin’s mascot. If it was Brendon, you got to believe I would be down there 24/ 7.

Kathy: You were tied up in a moment worried about this week. You saw it one way and I saw another and gave you space

Brendon: We were all struggling with a lot. I was a HN for 2 weeks. You were up on the block. We had a good feeling if we didn’t win Pov one of us is going home. None of us hold anything personal. Last week is last week. I want to have fun here.


Kathy again saying she is not a floater even though she is textbook definition of it.

Kathy said she got to be an inmate today.

Brendon: Anyone we don’t put up and don’t send home we hope they return the favor next week. But actions speak louder than words

Kathy: My actions spoke a lot and can’t do anymore

Rachel: If Kristin came talk to me, I don’t even know. She was my friend and no one I ever wanted to go on the block.

Brendon: That’s what hurt her is because she has a hard time finding friends and then found one and then heard that.

Kathy: I just saw the ending and did not see it coming. There’s a lot of players in this game and a lot of strong players and y’all need to keep it in mind. I am not floating.

Rachel: I know you’re not floating.

Now Rachel talks about when she won last night.

They exchange I love yous and hugs and Kathy leaves HoH.

Kathy fetches Lane for his turn in HoH.


Brendon: I can’t believe how close you guys were. I saw you coming and I was like f*ck

Lane: We had Britney in the back

Rachel: I thought you guys won.

Brendon: I felt so bad afterwords because I thought we blasted through so fast. We had an an advantage because all guys but we were taller.

Rachel: The only difference was, they were running and you guys were taking it slow so didn’t fall. wish I could have competed

Lane: Feel like I am in an internship

Rachel: I’m shocked I won HoH because didn’t think I was going to

Lane: Shouldn’t be, you know your sh*t and was fast

Rachel: BandI have such a big target on us and don’t know what the reason is. I don’t want BandI to be put on the block again. You have a good reason to win HoH. What are you thinking?

Lane: Feel the same as last time. I would love to have ya’ll in the jury house. I want trustworthy people in the jury house.

Rachel: with my win this week, I guarantee BandO can go. There is 1 person who won’t go here right now. I don’t know who to put up. Obviously the whole thing with Kristin but don’t know anything else. I have saved people twice from going on the block and that a pretty big deal. I just want to know if it came down to it BandI, maybe next week if you win or if double eviction and you win one of those, BandI don’t go on the block. If someone won besides BandI go on the block

Brendon: People point fingers and it’s hard to see what is true, fake, lies. I think we’re friends and all good. I heard from a couple people that YOU wanted to put us up on the block. I hate to say that/ I know people try to throw under the bus.

Lane: You bring people up one by one so you can ask those questions. I have heard people say if you won you put me and Kristin up and then later I heard Kristin saying it was me and Enzo saying we put you guys up. I don’t know Kristin, don’t talk to her. I thought her and Hyaden bro/ sis so that screwed with my head a little bit.

Brendon: We get along with a lot of people here. Hard to trust anyone here.

I see KKs in the SR. I’ll switch to that for a second.

Kristen: I don’t regret what I did.

Kathy: She apologized to me and I told her I didn’t deserve what she said. I said it is just my nautre andthat’s just me. That would be backstabbing and I’m not doing it. We’re probably going up

Kristen: I’m definitely going up. No doubt about that. Someone could say give it a shot. It’s not worth it. if something else happened in the house. But it’s her and what is said is said. She is after me and that’s fine. Bring it on.

Kathy: You’re a threat to her

Kristen: I know. I have to take a stand or I will look like a floater and Im not

Kathy: Just like I took a stand when I voted for Monet and I am sure it pissed them off. I don’t know why they’re calling us that…

Can’t take them bitches so switch to Hoh bitches and Lane

bren is trying to say that he won’t know for sure who Rachel is putting up. Rachel said she doesn’t know what she is going to do. 1 person is obvious but she thought they were a friend. She doesn’t know who to trust, who’s her friend, who’s lying. If you’re HoH one week you shouldn’t have to freak out. I can’t compete in Hoh next week so only have PoV to save myself.

BRBS as Brendon was talking for Rachel. It’s so f*cking annoying too. BREAK UP A POWER OF TWO! All this WE sh*t and they talk together it is so annoying.

I see KKs hugging in SR.


Brendon hopes if you give us your word and then in the double evictions next week if you give us your word that’s golden. I think you’re a man of your word.

Rachel: Everything changes week to week

Brendon: If anyone says we mentioned putting you up they’re full of crap [lie]

Blechel try to sell they still have no idea what is going up.

Rachel again with her having to fight so hard for HoH and not knowing who to trust and everyone would put up Blechel or 1 of them.

Brendon; I think we have proven ourselves enough to stay a couple more weeks. [Puke]

Lane: I think that’s chickensh*t

Brendon: I think you understand the code of conduct, of loyalty. When it gets down, there are trust issues.

Hayden now with KKs in SR. I am sure Kathy is trying to sell him on how she was big tough chick to Blechel. I’ll dip in and listen for a minute.

Kathy claims she told them evrything revolves around ya’ll. her denying she is a floater when she totally is and that she told them the name calling needs to stop.

Kristin said just because I haven’t won anything doesn’t mean anything. Kristin isn’t going to talk to them.

Hayden said she should

Kristin said it won’t make a difference and won’t be like everyone else and kiss HoH ass. Put me up and I fight for Pov.

Hayden thinks it is him and her up.

KKs don’t think Hayden is going up. Hayden said they are stupid if they don’t.

Matt comes in. Matt 7 Kathy leave

Kristin: I’ll talk to them if you want me to.

Hayden: For a week. You and I both want to win 1/2 million dollars. You’re taking a stand which is great but don’t you want to win. I love Kathy but I think that is the only way for us both to stay is for her to go. I want Kathy in the jury house. I want her to win the money if not me or you. Didn’t you come here to win?

Kristen: What am I supposed to say? I am not apologizing.

Hayden: Why do I like you so much

Kristen: you don’t

Hayden: Because you’re fricking insane. You are. Like insane. Rachel apologize to you and you told her to f*ck off. you’re a nut.

Matt comes in again. Leaves

Kristen: What do you think I shoudl say. I have been nothing but honest with you and wasn’t sure about putting you up so I am the only one honest with you when everyone think same thing.

Hayden: Don’t go up there looking for an argument.


Kristin is being a confrontational snatch and went at Rachel hard. Kristin is the bestest person in the world who NEVER went after Blechel and is always there for her friends and blah blah blah.

Rachel: My man, my man, my man.

OK. I think I got the gist of it.

Now we are at Kristin saying she’s not a floater and is always honest with her.

Oh she has said she is the ONLY one in the house who wasn’t after Rachel. She was NEVER after Blechel and didn’t think of them as a threat because didn’t think they would put her up. She does sincerely apologize if she made her feel excluded this last week because didn’t mean to do that.

Rachel: I feel if you stay you come tooth and nail for me.

Kristen: If you keep me, it’s tit for tat in this game. You f*ck somebody over and I stay then I f*ck that person over. I think the game should be played tit for tat. That’s why the hole house is against you because you always win.

Rachel: we have no other options. No one put up you and Hayden

Kristen: I beg to digger. I think I am a target in this house

Rachel: Afrer yesterday

Kristen: I have been with some people, not all. you do what is right and best and smartest for you. If you put me up, it might be the smartest move, or the dumbest. Do what’s best for you. I don’t want to argue the way we did ever again. Sorry you felt that way last week. I didn’t accept apology last night was because I was still heated and because I felt a lot said was untrue and I cannot stand numerous lies. Whether it come from you, Andrew or things you perceived. On my side everything is lies. I felt very attacked because a lot of things were not true in my opinion. I’d like to play this game as clean as possible

Rachel: Why did you not last longer in teh surf competition

Kristen: My strategy completely different. Kathy followed what I did and she flipped 1st. I wanted to last. I am a SORE loser. I don’t want to lose at anything. I wouldn’t be afraid to be a HN. You know I’m a tough girl [I want to stab tough girl in the throat] We could have said the same thing me, you and Ragan were in. My concept was completely retarded and people could say I threw that. It was just how I was thinking that day. I don’t think apologies necessary. I respect you as a person and your game play. I am a rational person. what you do to me and for me I take into huge consideration

Rachel: I respect you too because I thought we were friends. I thought you after me and Brendon. Ragan can tell me he’s not but I believe him 100%.

Kristen: I would almost be afraid to put you up because you can turn anything. I would put up weakest person bottom line. Esp this early in the game.


Rachel and her same old sh*t that if she hadn’t won she and Brendon would be on the block. She thinks Lane would have put them up.

Kristen: She has the ability to see through people and know who won’t put you up.

Rachel: there are people I like and don’t know. Difference between people you like and can trust.

Kristen: Go with your gut. My gut is always right. I’ll tell you that as someone who could potentially be up there. Do what is best for you. i wish that things didn’t get where they did. It’s just because we are both defensive people and don’t stand for people coming after us. I wouldn’t want us to ever get like that in the game. I’ll do it but don’t like it. I also understand that this game you know it makes you do certain things and make you think and act a little differently. I never meant to hurt you or come after you. It was after what happened in that room on live tv was devastating to me. After the reaction I got from everybody in the room and you and Brendon. I was calling Andrew out there. i was talking straight to Andrew. What did you do, dude. You and brend prob felt partally attacked by that because you were involved that day. The air was just bad from that point on. maybe you weren’t thinking as badly about me as I I thought you were. But my whole life I have had to defend for myself.

Rachel: I don’t even remember winning. Remember something about flying, I hit the button. Ragan said I had a competition orgasm. I don’t know what happened or what I said. I guess I said floaters fgrab your life vest and said Kristin and I guess it’s because you kept putting me up kept putting me up

Kristen: I thought last night if things hadn’t worked out in one day I would have been happy for you. If Andrew hadn’t blown up my spot and you and Brendon being so involved in it I would have been happy you won HoH. I hope you consider that because it’s the truth

Rachel: I do believe that.

[Alright. I am tired of them. Will listen]


Kristen and Rachel in the HOH

I can’t type as fast as they are talking, so I will just summarize

A lot of verbal sparring – Rachel accusing Kristen of targeting her and that if she would have won, Kristen would have put Rachel on the block

Kristen denies it and says that she has never said that she was targeting Rachel

Rachel disagrees and said you would put me up; you targeted me at the HOH comp, you put me up against everyone;

Kristen said you put me up against everyone as well; then agrees that every time she won, she put up Rachel

Rachel claims that Kristen specifically told her that she was going to put Rachel on the block

Rachel claims that they were friends until last week and Kristen would not talk to her last week; Rachel claims that she tried to talk to Kristen and Kristen was snooty to her; Rachel claims that she put in her blog that Kristen was basically her only female friend in the house

Kristen denies that she was targeting Rachel

Rachel accuses Kristen of wanting to be the only girl

Rachel claims that Kristen turned on her and everything was a jab at her

Kristen goes back to Andrew’s speech and that she was upset which affected her during the HOH comp; Kristen again says that she has never targeted her Brendon

Rachel claims that if Kristen would have won, she would put her (Rachel) up

Kristen says she would not put Rachel up

Kristen says that she blew up because Rachel rubbed her HOH victory in her face and that caused her to blow up

Rachel claims that she and Brendon are fighting for their lives and they have to win everything or they are going home (Blah, blah, blah)

Rachel again goes back to Kristen treating her like crap last week

Kristen asks why didn’t you come talk to me

Rachel claims that she tried

Kristen claims that she was trying to help Kathy last week as she had a difficult week

Kristen claims that she was fighting for Andrew until it blew up in her face when Andrew attacked her

Kristen claims that she was trying to be there for Kathy unlike Rachel who was not there for Kathy

Kristen says make whatever your decision you have to, it is a game

Rachel says that I don’t understand how you do things and maybe that is my fault

Kristen claims that she is not unfeeling, she just has a hard time communicating with everyone all of the time

Rachel admits that she really was not there for Kathy last week; claims that she is not good at the emotional aspect of the game; she has too many emotions for everyone

Kristen says that you never even talked to me, claims that she has never had any issues with Rach

Rachel now brings up Hayden

Kristen claims that she likes Hay a lot but claims that everything Andrew said was a lie; she would never do that in a room with other people

Rachel asks why she is hiding the relationship

Kristen thought that everyone knew about it, but it is not what Andrew said

Kristen never wants to be that upset with Rachel ever again

Rachel says neither do I; Rachel is upset that Kristen keep putting her up during the HOH

More about the HOH – each putting the other up

Rachel going into “no one is coming between me and my man” crap


Kristin claims she told Kathy she didn’t have her vote but she was still there for her and Andrew held it against her for just being with Kathy. Kristin said so far Rachel has made really good decisions. It depends who she puts up. It can backfire or go exactly how she planned it to.

Rachel said she is a very obvious target to put up but she doesn’t want to put her or Hayden up.

Kristen: Andrew did a good job. Props to you. You did go out with a bang and f*ck this whole house up. If that hadn’t happened I would have felt happy for you [that doesn’t explain why you were her BFF when she was HoH and then wouldn’t talk to her the next week. Andrew happened last night, bitch]

Now Kristen is claiming sainthood for all she did with Andrew and Kathy. [I can’t stand these f*cking people]

Boo hoo. Kristen was upset that Kathy and Andrew were up last week.

Rachel and the floater talk again. [Kristen is a floater]

More whining from kristin aboutAndrew. She said he did a f*cking good job. She never had anything against Brendon, ever. But when he came to your defense saying you guys were making out last night and I was like dude, no. Don’t make me not like you. I had so much respect for you guys.

A guy goes to HoH door and listens. I think it’s Matt. He is now heading back downstairs.

I switch out of HoH because I just can’t take it. It was Brendon who had gone upstairs to listen. He is now talking about Enzo and him busting ass to win today.


Feed goes to Hayden and Kathy in the CR. Hayden said Kristen is still up there. Kathy whispers something.

Hayden: I hate this whole situation.

Now they talk about the comp today so of course Kathy loved it because it was cops and robbers.

Hayden: I think it will be me and her to go up

Kathy: Why don’t they go after all these people. I told her there are all these other people that were after you too.

[WTF is Britney? Why can’t I have a feed on her? I am stuck with all these awful people]

Kathy: She didn’t deserve what happened and neither did you.

Hayden; He made it seem like we were sleeping with each other. It’s one thing to lay in bed and cuddle. He made it seem like we were doing the wild thing. I got a lot more class than that. I would never do that. [missed some] Last thing I would want is a YouTube video of that. [I guess handjobs are okay. These people never get what nightvision is]

Kathy said that room is so dark you can’t see nothing. [But you can hear dumb slut.] She said words are evil.

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