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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/30/10 5:45 am – 12:00 noon PST

July 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/30/10 5:45 am – 12:00 noon PST

Courtesy of Media Fiends

5:45am – Sleeping

Just noticed the KKs are sleeping together. Still trying to cover up that showmance I guess

7:10am – BRBS

My computer froze up and I had to restart and when I got back the feeds are BRBS. No idea how long it’s been going on or if they are getting music to get up this early.

8:20am – Up

Feeds back. Rachel is in SR getting her battery. Lane is in the BR. Rachel said Lane what did we do to deserve 7am? He said nothing.

Lane is getting in the shower.

Most are still in bed and the lights are off. see someone is getting out of bed now.

So BB did give a wakeup call so something has to be going on today.

I am working out now so will monitor and post if anything of importance happens.

Oh. I do see as Rachel goes to the kitchen that they are locked in.


I hear Rachel say something about a competition and a then get BRBS

Comes back and she is in SR with Brendon. BB tells the house the lights need to be on during the day. Rachel is talking about food.

Britney walks into SR.


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Rachel tells Britney she doesn’t know who to nominate besides the obvious choice. Rachel suggests Hayden:? Britney said you have to think about the votes. Rachel said she has to think about, at least we did our plan.

Britney: Think it will be a better day?

Rachel: No. Kristin has it out. I don’t know what her deal is. I tried to apologize to her and she told me.


Britney: I think you’re smart. You’ll figure it out. I think you know…

Brendon comes in the SR. Rachel is sitting on the counter in there. She hands him something to put in the eggs and he leaves.

Rachel: Do you think I am coming across as a mean girl

Britney: No, last night was just fricking crazy all the way around. Just be cool. You know? To protect yourself do you n=know what I mean?

Rachel: I just feel like she’s personally attacking me

Britney: I understand that. You tried to apologize but obviously it’s not happening so if I was you I would just protect myself and be cool, you know

Rachel: I just feel she personally attack me AND she is making this a bigger deal by not coming to Hoh and giving looks and come to the CR and be don’t smirk at me.

Britney: Just brush it off. I know it’s hard. Just brush it off. and you’re not going home.

Rachel: That’s true. How long did she stay up in Jumanji?

Britney: I didn’t stay up

Rachel: I wanted to come down and hang out with you guys but I kept hearing…

Britney: I was trying to go to sleep. I had my mic off and retainers in.

Rachel: Who’s sleeping in that room?

Britney: The Taj? HayTin, Kathy and Enzo. I’m in the cursed bed. Lane, Matt and Ragan in there.

They hug.

Britney: Just try to just..

Rachel: Yeah.

They leave SR.


Nothing going on. Lane is primping in the BR. Brendon is cooking breakfast. No feeds on anyone else and don’t hear anything but Brendon cooking.


Brendon still cooking.

Lane in GR [what the HGs call jumanji] and is getting dressed.

House is quiet.


Lane whispers to someone saying Rachel’s already gone into the DR…


Lane is laying in bed. Talking to Matt and Enzo I think, who are still in bed there. They talk about when they think they went to bed last night.

All feeds switch to watch Brendon cook.

I never get that. Even if there are going to talk aboout their favorite colors, why do they switch from talking people to a person by themself?

Now goes back to teh GR and Matt saying something about evil spirits.

Britney is in bed and is just mmhmming and sounds like she’s sleeping.

Lane said it’s because when you sneeze your heart stops for less than a second so people bless you for staying alive. So don’t sneeze more than 3 times in a row or you’ll have a heart attack.

Matt said he had a date that used to sleep no less than 7 times in a row. Nothing more, nothing less.

Lane saying something about sneezing again and Matt said why don’t you just nominate me if you want me out so much. Take such drastic measures [sneezing a lot and die]

They are quiet.

Rachel comes out of DR and said competition early this morning.

Lane: How early

Rachel: I don’t know.

Rachel leaves

Lane: Gay butt pirate.

Matt: You making fun of my bed?

Lane: No.

Matt: This is going to be a nap day.

Lane: yeah.

Brendon called to the DR.

Guys are quiet and then Lane leaves.

Matt: How are they not being dinged for the BDRM lights? [Meaning the lights in the OR are off]


Come back and I see OR lights are now on and HayTin were getting up.


Just got home and Blechel are fighting and as I get here he is leaving Hoh. She said let her be the bad guy or something. He said she is being someone she’s not.

Feed goes downstairs where Enzo is talking about liquor with a bunch of people and Brendon went there.


Kristin is sitting in the BR with Kathy and Hayden:. I stay in the GR though.

Talk isn’t anything of interest.


LoL, Play. I just want Blechel on permanent mute. Or not on the feeds at all.

Nothing going on. People in the GR talking about traveling. I haven’t turned on the pity party in the BR. No feed on Rachel having her tantrum in the HoH.

BRBS when Britney talks about staying in Hostels.

Now I got a feed on Rachel in her bed. Eyes are open. Looking all miserable. My audio is with her and it’s quiet.

The other feeds are on Hayden:, Kathy and Kristin in BR

Feed goes to Ragan whispering to Brendon in kitchen. Brendon said she is upset because we are going to be a target. Ragan said he will talk to her. Ragan heads up to HoH.

Ragan: Hello. Hi. You gotta get out of it.

Rachel: Out of what

Ragan: You got to be happy

Rachel: I want to be happy. I feel like, I really like feel, like, everyone is against me. I win stuff and fight so hard to be here. You see me every competition I am 1st 2nd or 3rd and feel the more I fight the more people hate me

Ragan: Why do you think people hate you

Rachel: I don’t know because I will go home

Rachel: Brendon said I am being mean and being a bitch. Like my best friend doesn’t get it and is being so mean, he’s being so, he’s like this is a social game and you need to act a certain way. Don’t tell me what to do. I am fighting so hard for us and our friends to be here

Ragan: It’s not about like berating you or telling you that wrong wrong wrong but trying to get you on the right track as much as possible

Rachel: I get that but I feel like there is a very obvious person that is like attacking me and Brendon who is supposed to be my BF is not sticking up for me. he’s saying be nice

Ragan: He is being nice to you and sticking up for you. Sticking up for you in this house means something different than in real world. in RW you do something about someone you care about it’s like bam. In here that gets you in trouble

Rachel: I wouldn’t want him to be mean but he doesn’t have to offer to pour cup of coffee and them cup upstairs and be mad at me. He said there is no reason we should worry about going up next week but no Matter what we a bigger target and he said that’s BS but it’s true htough

Ragan: The nicer you are and more gracious you are, that’s all good stuff. That holds inside and ougtside of the house. The more positive you are, the better off you are. Do you allow yourslef to fall down a rabbit hole of a negativity because they more you do that the worst it gets.

Rachel: In the real world I am the most positive, energetic, nicest person and never get into arguments [Fake no tears ensue]

Ragan: you’re ina negative head space

Rachel: Im not angry and even told Kristin I want to talk to her. I try really hard [snuffling and fake crying] I should be excited that I won and share these moments with people I care about like you and Bren

Ragan: have you talked to Kristen?

Rachel: I tried but she won’t talk to me

Ragan: Just give it some time. I think by tomorrow, if nothng else happens today, go into this competition, this is a unique competition today because nobody gets punished. Look at that as an opportunity to cheer every on like you were at the surfboard comp.

Rachel: I just need Bren to be supportive but he’s like the opposite [she turns the sob noises on and off] I just want you, Bren, Matt, the people we care about to know they’re safe and don’t want to be a villain

Ragan: you’re not a villain. This is diff on how men and women communicate…

[Losing interest. Gonna type in spurts now because I can’t focus on this]

Rachel: I’m not crazy. I’m actually a very logical person.

More blah blah talk and then BRBS


Ragan: If I were you, I would do all I could to mend that bridge this week. I would just talk to her and tell her seriously what’s in your mind. If you talk to her tell her it is not going to go to a bad place. you have the wherewithall to keep it on track.

Rachel: It has to be facts and logic right?

Ragan: People like you and Matt tend to get caught up in facts. Like the saying of can’t see the forest for the trees. Sometimes it’s more important to be kind than to be right. If you get too caught up in being right about things that don’t Matter, it takes you know where…

[Eyes glazing over. Not here for the nicey nice club]

Ragan: Reason why people were Team bethenny is she said nothing Matters. Didn’t want to get caught up in the details. and Jill is like I can’t get caught up with this and gotta make a list. [Ragan is talking about Real Housewives of NYC if you don’t know. and peopel are Team bethenny because she is funny as sh*t and tells it like it is. Not some high road bs like Ragan is trying to say. He’s SO annoying…]

Rachel tells him she loves having him there because he is like having a dictionary, therapist, etc. They hug.

Ragan is going on and on about himself. Not paying attention, sorry.

Feed goes to Kristin crying and Kathy comforting her. [Boo f*cking hoo]

Kristin said don’t tell anyone I was crying. Kathy said she would never do that. Kistin said she would never let Rachel get to her SHE is getting to her [herself]. I don’t want to see any of us go. I wish I had won. It doesn’t feel right. Kathy: It don’t seem right. It don’t seem fair. [BFH = Boo f*cking hoo] Some people are just luckier than others. [Maybe you shouldn’t have thrown Hoh then Kathy humm. STFU]

More hugging and they are silent.

Back to HoH and Rachel saying they were the 1st 2 to fall and I think they just didn’t care. Before this blowup I wanted to get rid of the flaoters. Didn’t see Lane compete til this competition. he’s been in 3 PoVs and goes out in the 1st round. Don’t know if he’s not good at competitiong or is laying low. I don’t know. I like him as a person but it’s not a personal game.

Ragan: 2 ways you can go at HoH. 1 is to say put up 2 people and not have a target and have the house decide. The other is 2 people, I will have a target, meaning that when you have convos with people you see where theyir head is when it comes to voting but you have to keep in mind that this has been a strong season for PoV so sometimes the people you go up don’t stay up.

Rachel: What I want to know is who was saying last week I can’t believe you didn’t put up BandR? Is it very obvious who is coming after us and I kind of feel it was Kristin. I feel like I have to think, the people I care about in this game are me, Brendon, you. I like Britney. For what Matt did, I don’t want him to leave. I really care about me, you, Brendon, I really like Britney and don’t think she would come after me

Ragan: I don’t think so either

Rachel: those are the people I feel I would be safe with if they got HoH. So I feel I have to do what is best for the people I care about too. So I feel I have to think about who would put up people I care about. Is Kristin just gunning for me and not you, Matt and Britney or just gunning for just me and Britney. Or Lane put up a combination of us? or even Enzxo. Don’t know what he woudl do.

Ragan: Neither do it

Rachel: I never talked game with him. Know he is close with Britney. I don’t know. It’s scary. I respected Enzo for being a HN for 2 weeks in a row. I respect you guys in that room. The other people like Lane, he has it so easy. But what do you do, just hanging out. Having fun playing pool.

Ragan: Reminds me of Ryan from season 9

Rachel: He and Adam. They hung around and played pool. I can’t think of any competition Ryan won. Til literally the very end. To me, that when everyone else is fighting so hard.

[Feed froze]

Now they talk past seasons. I skip that.

Brendon walks in.

Rachel: I just want to make sure the people who deserve to be in teh jury are there. I don’t think Kathy deserves to be there and she would vote personally. She’s a nice person but this is a game we’re playing. I know last week, and maybe the meanest thing ever said, when she try to convince people to stay it was because she needed the money.

Brendon: She was playing the sympathy card. That’s some people’s game.

Rachel: Everyone wants the money.

Ragan: You have to figure out what is the most important objective for you this week. have to consider who you want in JH. Who to compete against. Who you can make deals with. The best thing you can poss do is before peopel start coming up there,. you have to think, you don’t know where this person is in the game. You know where Kristin’s at in the game. She told you some of her goals in the game. Those are 2 totally diff conversations.

Rachel: If that is Kristin’s goal, it’s not fair either. That’s someone saying I want to be the only girl here so I am not a target so the girls cauyls can go at it. and then there’s the whole Kathy thing. I don’t think you think she deserves to be here either. Like her as a person but as a game players.

Ragan: Interesting thing about last noms is it really made me look at Kathy in a different light. Think aboout how long she had those brusies. No one else had bruises like that. Sometimes I get caught up measuring success according to outcome. Sucked for us because we were on that team. But she was on an IV before that comp. The more I thought about it, she was fighting.

Rachel: But there’s been other competitions. She jumped off the surfboard ppoint blank. Don’t know if she didn’t thinks he could do it, didn’t want to be a HN, don’tknow.

[Think Evil Willow from Buffy as I say “Bored Now]


I am listening to ragan’s morality bullsh*t. I can’t bring myself to type it up though. I am sticking with it only to see if I can hear Rachel say more of who she is putting up. We know it is between Kathy, Kristin, Hayden: and Lane.

Ragan compares Rachel to Janelle. [Insert eye rolling here]

Ragan said this to him is not about money…

and BB helps me out by going to BRBS

But BB hates me because it comes back right away to Ragan just wanting to enjoy the moment. [RAGAN IS RUINING THIS SEASON! It sucks as it is, we don’t need the moral police constantly.]

I gotta switch to the GR. Can’t take Ragan anymore.

Matt, Enzo, Britney.

Enzo: You got to respect what they’re doing. She win HoH and he win PoVs

Britney: I am guaranteeing whatever I win in this luxury comp that Brendon’s name gets pulled for PoV

Matt: I don’t care about anything except getting them two on the block [f*ck face]

Enzo: I want to win the PoV but I’m not using it unless I am on the block

Matt: If you get to choose between the trip and the PoV but 1 of the 2 people on the block still get to pick, would you pick trip or PoV

Britney: if you give up the PoV to one of them, you will replace them. That’s how I feel. Ragan is like very sensitive

Matt: How much you want to bet every motherf*cker but Kristin and Hayden: go up there guarantee don’t put me up I don’t put you up but I say we tell them to go f*ck themselves. How are you guys gonna handle that and tell them ok.

Briney: I don’t think she would say that to me.

Matt: Why wouldn’t she, I would? Even if not going to put them up, pretend you are and try to make a deal.

Britney talks about her family and hwo she doesn’t look like them.

10:55am – Trivia

Brendon said nothing will leave this room but he will tell Rachel.

Hayden: playing semantics saying he never said Matt’s name.


Come back on Brendon talking no Matt how much they get pissed off you just let it go and then I get TRIVIA.

So I guess they are going to be doing whatever comp they are doing now.

10:55am – Trivia

Brendon said nothing will leave this room but he will tell Rachel.

Hayden: Playing semantics saying he never said Matt’s name.


Come back on Brendon talking no Mattr how much they get pissed off you just let it go and then I get TRIVIA.

So I guess they are going to be doing whatever comp they are doing now.

12:00pm – Trivia

Still blocked

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