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Big Brother 12 After Dark Summary for 7/30-7/31 Friday Night/Saturday Morning

July 31st, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 After Dark Summary for 7/30-7/31 Friday Night/Saturday Morning

Courtesy of Media Fiends

Hayden, Kristen, Lane, Rachel and Brendon in the BY playing on the large wooden pinball machine that is probably going to be used for the POV

Brendon called to the DR

Matt, Enzo, Britney in the OR talking about Kathy playing in the POV; they want to talk to Kathy about not using it if she plays and wins; Matt talking about how he did not want to make long term deals with Blechel; talking about how many votes it takes to stay in the house this week; talking about who will go up if Hayden or Kristen wins the POV; Britney will talk to Rachel about putting Kathy up if Hayden or Kristen wins the POV; they think it would be funny if Brendon does not get picked for the POV

Matt going out to the BY to play the pinball machine

Enzo thinks someone is going to get backdoored; Kris can go, she is not one of us

Brit leaves and goes to the kitchen to help Kathy clean; talking about how it will help if everyone would just pick up after themselves

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Matt now in the kitchen eating again – talking about their favorite foods (BB1_BB12) Kathy – mama cooking: fried chicken, mash potatoes; Kristen – BBQ, BBQ sandwiches, BBQ ribs; Matt loves salmon

Brendon out of the DR and now in the BY playing the pinball games

Kristen and Hayden have been playing the pinball game for a while

Matt has joined them in the BY

Lane doesn’t know why they just don’t put five chickens out there for them to chase down

Lane, Hayden and Matt in the CR talking about the POV comp; Matt thinks the bumpers/slots are going to be points – higher points and then the points drop off as the ball comes to the bottom

Hayden, Kristen, Rachel, and Brendon in the BY playing the pinball game

Enzo in bed; Ragan in bed; Kathy in the kitchen cleaning (that’s what you get for voting out the clean police)

Matt is turning 30 on Saturday; Matt and Kathy talking about BB getting Matt a cake for his birthday; Kathy said she would bake him a cake if BB would give her the cake mix

Hayden, Kristen, Rachel playing the pinball game

Brendon in the kitchen eating again

Kathy and Matt still cleaning

Enzo called to the DR

Brit and Brendon are also helping clean the kitchen

Rachel is now in the kitchen talking with Brendon on strategy for the pinball game

Hayden, Kristen, Matt and Brendon playing the pinball game; Rachel joins a few minutes later

Britney and Lane talking at the hot tub; they are role playing – she is Rach and Lane is Brendon – funny stuff; Matt walks over and they stop; talking about Rachel not being very good at the game; Ragan has joined the hot tub; talked about doing a Champagne toast for Matt’s 30th; they want to wait until tomorrow night; no one really wants to drink before the POV

Hayden, Kristen, Brendon, and Rachel still playing the pinball game

Twenty minutes later – Ragan, Rachel, Brendon, Hayden, and Kristen playing the pinball game

Matt, Lane and Brit at the hot tub – talking about odors in clothes; Lane – for a skunk spray/odor you have to soak your clothes in tomato juice; Britney, for gasoline, soak your clothes in coke-cola

Kathy called to the DR

Enzo has joined the pinball game; they are talking about the luxury

Kristen called to the DR

Enzo, Matt, and Brit talking about the jury house and bad it is going to be; Enzo wants to work out and have a pool tourney

Hayden, Rachel, and Brendon still playing the pinball game; Kris and Kathy sitting on the couch in the BY

Almost two hours into BBAD

Enzo, Matt, Lane, and Britney playing pool

Bren, Hayden, Kathy, and Kris playing the pinball game

I am sure that Ragan and Rachel are inside somewhere talking game, but BB will not put a feed on them – we get the boring stuff

About 15 minutes later; Ragan is in the BY by the pinball game; Kris, Kathy, and Brendon playing the pinball game; Hayden, Enzo, Brit, Lane, and Matt playing pool; Rachel is inside somewhere

No game talk; BB is suppose to take the pinball game soon; Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Rachel and Brendon are suppose to watch a movie tonight – not sure when that is going to happen

I will monitor for a while longer, but it has be a very tame night after all of the drama after the nomination ceremony – the POV should be interesting

[Signing off]

Here’s all I got to add to last night. Thanks so much Chase for posting.

Enzo was sleeping so Britney put that flower thing that Rachel had put in her hair next to his face and Hayden’s sock monkey that Kathy has taken over on the other side and then when he woke up she had him look up at the camera. It was funny.

Enzo said if Kathy wins PoV they need to threaten her not to use it or the house will be after her next week.

Britney told Lane she wants Kristin to go home because Kristin would be after her after she got Rachel. She told Lane not to look at her with disgust, she is looking out for herself and him and that’s it.

Kathy thinks she has power over Britney because she thinks Britney is scared if she does anything to Kathy that Kathy can use her authority or connections in Arkansas to ruin Britney’s reputation.

HayTin say if either of them wins money they are going to give Kathy a check for $10,000 because they stupidly buy her sob story and think she really needs and deserves the money.

Rachel gave Brendon a blowjob. Once over, he apologized for whatever reason and then promptly fell asleep. At least Hayden returns the favor. Rachel is the giver, never the receiver.

Matt thinks the coup d’etat could be this week because they gave them the week off from Have Nots. Britney said it could be America’s Player.

Britney thinks if Hayden wins PoV then they will put up someone to make sure Kristin goes because she’s their target. If Kristin wins she doesn’t know because she doesn’t think they want Hayden to go.

and then it’s just a lot of practicing the pinball thing. The game is never as they were given. There is always something else to it. So a lot of times the practice is pointless.

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