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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/30/10 3:15pm – 7:30pm PST

July 31st, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/30/10 3:15pm – 7:30pm PST

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Rachel asking Kristin what if she went up against someone that she had an easier time to win PoV against so it’s not tit for tat.

They are still talking in circles. Kristin doesn’t say she’s an honest person. She said she’s an honest honest honest honest HONEST person. Know that.

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Rachel: You might be an honest person, I’m a loyal person. If someone was attacking her she would be right there because they have such a bond that is unmistakable. I am the most loyal person ever. If I am going to be your friend, everything changes in a week. In this house I don’t know left and right. Not throw someone, we said not come after you week 1 so not after you week 4.

[She is rambling on and on and am tired of it. I am just posting bullet points]

Kristen lying and saying she has never said she wanted Blechel out.

Rachel thinks everyone is after Blechel but maybe she is just paranoid.

Kristin said she will still consider putting her up. [meaning Rachel put her up]

Rachel said she wouldn’t have unless it was a necessity.

Poor Kristin had to deal with Andrew and Kathy on the block together and it was really really hard for her to deal with. She was really close to Andrew and he told her a lot and for no reason he wasn’t talking to her anymore.

[Bored now]

Kristin plays tit for tat.

Rachel said I might put you and Hayden up. That’s an option I have. If I did something like this move that I’m thinking I think that it would be maybe stupid but I would hope that you, not make a deal w. me

Kristen: I would never say make a deal because the future is uncertain but what I will say is if someone protects me I will protect you back. You need me too. You are powerful now but not next week. We’re in sucky positions but we didn’t put ourselves in. You been fighting fighting and I just be there for everyone and try my best in competitions. I want to win and do what’s right and look what happened.

Rachel: I hope if you stay no Matter how you end up staying you look at it like Rachel is pushing for me to stay. So you take into consideration if you are in my seat because I look at Hayden too. I am n emotional person and I love Brendon. I know to be split up from someone now would suck.

[God. Rachel is insufferable. I can’t follow her crazy rambles]

[OK. Just listening again. But I think if she puts up Kathy and Kristen that would be awesome. because we would have people actually fighting for sh*t this time. We will have to see if Hayden saves Kristen knowing it would put up one of his bro’s.]

Kristin threatening again if you harm me, I will try to harm you. But she thinks they both deserve to be there.

Rachel said she has been talking sh*t about her and saying she is after her. The feelings of hatred or anger can be changed.

Kristin said it’s why she had to be alone because those emotions f*ck you up. Look at Andrew.

Kristen said no deals have to be cut. You help me, I help you. She wants no more personal sh*t to be said or not able to say hi in the morning and so on. She can’t deal with that [even though she is the one that inflcited that]

Rachel said she saw her fighting in the caramel competition so she could easily win PoV or get HG choice and have Hayden with her. But not saying putting you on the block because I got more people to talk to and think gunning for Blechel. But you could very easily win PoV and have nothing to even worry about.

Kristen asked if she has thought or replacements then. Rachel said no. Possibly if it stayed the same then that person would go home. it would be an emotional decision and she don’t wan tot do it or say anything more. She has become close with Britney but don’t know if she can trust her.

Kristen: Taht was another thing I thought about. I saw that too. I have nothing against brit but I felt she didn’t like me for no reason and another reason I took a step back because I guess they’re friends now. You can be friends with anyone but maybe underlying it was another OK. I was spending time with Kathy, you with Britney. It wasn’t evr intentional [liar]

Rachel: I kind of thought about that too

Kristen: I forgot about that too.

Rachel: No Matter what happens I would need your word, we will talk after Noms and that you will never do this again

Kristen: That’s not who I am. I have never acted that way.

[Bored now]

back in the circle of Rachel thought she was coming after Blechel and Kristin denies it.


Kristin is finally out of HoH. Brendon is up there now. and now Matt enters and Rachel offers him food and he didn’t want anything. he said what can I do for you oh queen, my queen.

Rachel says something about role reversal in Pandora’s box. Only thing I wanted to ask you. I really really appreciated if you would tell me who got pissed at you for not putting me and Brendon up

Matt: Not comfortable. Common sense. Let me give you a number of who didn’t say that. Ragan, no. Who has never said it at any point?

Rachel: More like last week

Matt: During my reign basically? Two people that didn’t even say I’m not or just said I don’t know if I would follow the house and do that.

Rachel: I am guessing 1 was Ragan?

Matt: I’m not even gonna

Brendon: and I respect that

Matt: So if you’re playing a numbers game

Brendon: So you know we’re not putting you up, I mean she’s not putting yu up

Rachel: Unless there’s a Pandora’s box role reversal with Stacy because you know I’m obsessed with her. I really respect what you did.

Matt: I like everybody. If people don’t like you I may still talk to them. Don’t mean I don’t still like you guys.

Rachel: you’re not allowed to hang out with Ragan anymore.

Matt: Do you have people you have in mind. 1 readily apparent?

Rachel: 1 but I don’t want to put up. Until yesterday, not even, last week is when this whole thing started. with Kristin, it’s obvious, I thought we were friends and then thought she after me and Brendon and then she just fed me a bunch of BS. Was she ever a person that mentioned putting Brendon and me up

Matt: There were 2 people who would want.

Brendon: Why would you ask that when she told you

Rachel: She said do what the house wants

Matt: Any or all of the people doing it to follow the house. The house wanted it so do it out of fear of everyone else. I’m not saying gunning for you because don’t like you, it’s 1 of them mad at me or the house mad at me.

Rachel: Did Kristen ever tell you it was a good move that you didn’t put me and Bren up?

Matt: [laughs] and didn’t hear that a lot. No. She did not

Brendon: Obviously we’re not putting you up and you’re going to be safe.

Matt: I don’t want to be cocky and oh cool, I’m safe. It’s good tv. This is f*cking f*cked up.

Rachel: Obviously you’re good this week, how are you going to play the game from week to week

Matt: Get to the jury house and compete with competitors but that doesn’t mean you’re my targets. Hayden’s a beast and won HoH and 2 or 3 other competitions. Lane’s been near the top every time. There’s competitors here.

Brendon: What is going to get you farthest in the game.

Matt: Strategically there is an approach but you have been touting this thing of floaters so if you don’t put up it’s hypocritical.

[missed some]

Matt: Deals have been made and kept and ended

Brendon: Should we expect it’s ended

Matt: Can expect there’s no deals. You guys are a target in exact same sense as HayTin if not split up this week. If Rachel left let’s say, you would be up there with Hayden for me as a f*cking beast. Rachel or no Rachel. You guys winning sh*t left and right. But you aren’t the only ones that are competitors. Would I put you up? Maybe maybe not. I am thinking more logically and others think emotionally in the game. I feel I am OK this week so will keep my mouth shut and see what happens

Rachel: Someone said after I won are they working for CBS or was that you?

Matt: I made that up because it’s such good tv that you guys always win when you have to. I think in fairness people think you’re the real deal in relationship sense and not hobags f*cking around or whatever. I think that became apparent last week that it isn’t a sham or secret friends or whatever. You guys aren’t f*cking around and are cool with each other. I know people know that Ragan and I are kind of close

Rachel: Are you guys the real deal too?

Matt: We’re prob closer to you than most others in the house so don’t know how candid they are with us about you. So you might not get the best info or most accurate out of me because of that

Rachel: Would you say the people gunning for us are competing or not?

Matt: Both. I think that there are people who would have otherwise said that if Andrew hadn’t behaved how he did. He made it look suspicious that you guys were all tgoether.

Brendon: I didn’t know what was going on with Andrew. A lot of people told us he said he would put us up.

Matt: In his wacky mind he was trying to help you guys and it backfired. Bless his heard he was trying the best he could. I know after that, people who otherwise wouldn’t say, said it.

Talking about Andrew. I am still eating so just listening now. and I gotta go in 10min to take a shower and then going out tonight so hope someone is going to cover the Noms

Matt: talking about how they touted for the floaters. if you’re not then put up Hayden and Kristin and get them out

Brendon: We consider Krist a floater

Matt: She’s kind of floaterish. Only reason I say competitor is a social thing

Rachel: Is this person a female or male

Matt: It was someone who had not said a word to me til after Andrew and if looking at the memory wall is someone I think is a floater. If your’e goal is to get out Kristin this person is a super floater so you won’t get her out. This person has not competed.

Brendon: I know exactly who he’s talking about

Rachel: i think he’s talking about Kathy. Was this person a HN

Matt: yeah

Rachel: then def not Lane

Matt: Not saying that should be a strategy. Get out a floater. Kristin could be a floater. Tell Hayden he’s a pawn. people will always go after you and hypocrisy is added to the list.

Rachel: This person who said never after us and was our friend said they were coming after us

Matt: I don’t know what they said to people. I would prefer not being called out because I may be the only person

Rachel: you won’t be called out at all.I’m already pretty sure what I want to do. Just to make sure things are clear, as clear as can be, people that I like right now are people that have competed and won things and won PoVs when all odds were against them and don’t know if that person is gunning for me, the person who is female and like her though

Matt: Not a question if likes you

Rachel: and you and antohr person who is fabulous and was a HN this week, that person I love and obviously this other guy

Brendon: We don’t want Ragan miserable

Matt: Are you going here’s my nominees and you guys figure out

BB calls Rachel to DR

Rachel said she’s f*cked. She literally doesn’t know what I’m doing.

Brendon wants Rachel to wait as Matt leaves.

Brendon said this is why I didn’t want Kristin in here forever. Rachel said she doesn’t want to put her up. Brendpm said f*ck, she played the emotional card. She is going to put up Kristin and Kathy or Hayden.

Brendon said Hayden gave him a name. Matt. But we stay cool with Matt this week. Put up Hayden. Say I am sorry man. If we can get the votes to get her out.

Rachel leaves. I gotta go.


Nominations are over – not sure yet

Brendon in the HOH with Rachel and is upset with Rachel and she does not look happy at all – Brendon said that everyone is going to feel sorry for him and will probably use the POV to save him; you were perceived very poorly; you didn’t need to do that speech; we were the underdogs and now you look like a villain: he feels like it is a losing battle with her; when you do things like that, it hurts us and we will be out of here very soon; before the noms, Hayden was okay, now he is upset; you didn’t need to do that; you are being mean right now and you don’t need to be doing that; if one of them comes of the block, it is not going to be good; you made a ballsy move by telling everyone to bring it on; he thought they were going to be able to cut a deal – Hayden and her on the block – and make sure she goes home; now, if what you did, we will be fighting the entire house the rest of the way; there is no reason for you to be doing this; blah, blah, blah

Hayden and Kristen are nominated


Rachel still has not said a word – Brendon has been talking for more than 5 minutes

OR – Kristen, Hayden, and Kathy – if one of you come off the block, I am going up

(Not word for word – it is a summary as I can’t type as fast as he is talking)

Back to the HOH – Brendon: You are so pissed off right now think that everyone is coming after us; you have to let it go; what you did was malicious; we spent the entire day making deals and what you did just ruined it; you need to go apologize to the two people who you just challenged to come after us; you just basically flipped off the entire house, told them to f*ck off and to come after us; now I have to go and win the POV again to save us; when you do something like that, you are being selfish and you are not think about us; I am telling you this because I love you; you can’t do what you did to them, they are human beings, they have feelings, you are better than that; what you did last night was emotions, but tonight was a nail in the coffin; you need to go down stairs and apologize; I am not going to lie, if I was sitting there tonight, I would be thinking that I need to take you out; what you did greatly offended them; you don’t need to do that to us; you may have watched more BB than I have, but I now people and that was not needed

(She still had not said a word – this is the longest time period she has gone without saying something)

Brendon keeps going and going – going over the same thing


She finally speaks

She has to get something from the DR

Brendon asks if she will at least consider apologizing and she says sure

Brendon: so that means no, you are not going too

Rachel walks to the door and says “FINE, Brendon, I WILL APOLOGIZE” and walks out of the HOH

Rachel goes to the DR – only in there for a minute

Rachel comes out and goes to the OR where Hayden, Kristen and Kathy are

Rachel: No hard feeling, it is game thing, it is not personal – you don’t believe that? it is not personal

Hayden: Cool

Rachel leaves

Kathy: why did she do that


Kathy called to the SR to change her mic

All feeds on Hayden and Kristen

Kristen: this sucks

Hayden: all this for cuddling and kissing, nothing close to what they are doing in the HOH

Talk about one of them winning the POV; sucks to be nominated; sucks to go home week 4

Rachel and Bren talking to Matt and Ragan in the CR laughing and talking like nothing happened

Lane, Enzo, Brit, Kathy in the kitchen making dinner


As for the luxury comp earlier – Enzo, Rachel, Brendon, Lane and Hayden won and will watch a movie I believe later tonight


Brendon apologizes to Matt and Ragan; Rachel apologizes to Kathy;

Everything seems to have calmed down – will monitor and if anything happens I will post


Rachel in the OR with Hayden and Kristen apologizing again saying that it is just a game and it is not personal

Hayden asks: So it was just a shot in front of America and TV but now you really don’t mean it?

Rachel: It is a game, it is not personal

Hayden: So, If I take a shot at you next week on TV…

Rachel: I expect you to take a shot at me next week, so I just want to say it is not personal

Rachel then leaves


Kathy laying in bed with Kris

Hayden in the HOH with Rachel

Talking about Rachel’s speech; Hayden does think she needed to do it the way she did;

Rachel wants him to know that it has nothing to do with Bren, he did not know

Hayden said that Bren came in earlier and apologized for her

Rachel: Brendon has nothing to do with what I did, go after me, not him

Now talking about some POV comp – they say the set up

Now talking about the movie they are going to watch tonight


For about an hour and half, Rachel and Brendon argued in the HOH bathroom

The argument was what is becoming their typical argument – Brendon saying I am sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, I am sorry, you are better at this game than I am, this is stressful, I am sorry, I love you, we have to play smarter, I am sorry, we can’t piss off everyone, not everyone hates us, I am sorry, you are a kind person, everyone like you, I am sorry, I love you, yadda yadda yadda

Rachel: I can’t believe you did that, I can speak for myself, I know what the hell I am doing, I need you on my side, you need to listen to me, I am better at this game than you, you don’t do anything without me telling you what to do, you will get your balls back when I decide to give them back to you, do what I say or else, you are a horrible player in this game, why can’t you be on my side, blah, blah, blah

Rest of the house was fixing and then eating dinner

7:16 pm

Okay, now Enzo, Kathy, Kristen, Rachel, Ragan, Matt, Lane, and Hayden are in the BY playing on what looks like a large wooden pin ball machine

They are taking turns playing the game

Someone said that they only have it for a couple of hours – they believe that it is for the POV tomorrow

Brendon is in the Kitchen cooking dinner for Rachel and himself

Hayden to the DR

Enzo is now in the Kitchen with Bren

Dinner is ready for Bren and Rach

Matt and Enzo are in the OR talking about the pin ball type game – it is going to be all luck – discussing if Rachel really wants Kristen out or not; they think Kristen is decoy and Rachel is really going after Lane or Matt; if Kathy wins, they have to talk her into not using it; if Kristen win, they need Kathy to go up

Enzo talking about eating real food

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