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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/31/10

August 1st, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 7/31/10

Courtesy of Media Fiends


They are up

Britney and Kathy in the BR; Britney primping

Blechel in the HOH talking about Kathy and how she should not even be in the jury house, she should be gone, but not for Kristen being stupid, she would be up

Rachel: Ragan told me that it sound like you are trying to make a deal with Kathy

Brendon: Are you kidding me, you can’t make a deal..

Rachel: I know

Brendon: If she wins, she has to tell you if she is going to use it, she has to tell you

Rachel: I don’t know if she is playing for the money or the Jury House

Brendon: No one in the house likes her

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Rachel spills her coffee, goes over the table, her and the white carpet; instead of getting up, she tells Brendon to go get some towels, of course he can’t do it fast enough so she snaps at him; he brings a towel and she is still snapping at him

Okay, enough of that crap

9:10 am

Matt, Britney, and Ragan in the kitchen goofing around – talking and imitating the office


Still talking about the Office; Ragan has left – going back to bed

Blechel in the HOH still cleaning the carpet

Rachel: are you mad at me?

Brendon: No, I don’t get mad at you about every little thing; I will be respectful to you and I want you to be respectful to me

They are arguing – I can’t handle it


Matt, Britney, Regan, and Lane in the GR (all four feeds)

Talking about Matt’s clothes and everyone’s waist size

Matt put’s on a pair of light blue stretch/rock star pants – they are all making fun of him as he prances around

Ragan is now trying to find other clothes to complete the outfit



Now it is trivia -so it might be a while

Picking the players for the POV would be my guess


Feed are back

Kristen and Kathy are in the BR area

Brendon, Ragan and Matt in the GR talking about the best way to play the game

Hayden, Britney, and Lane in the Kitchen talking about the best way to play the game

Don’t know who is playing yet


Britney, Ragan, and Enzo are playing with Rachel, Hayden, and Kristen for the POV

POV may be early today, around 11:30 BBT or at least that is what the HGs are saying


Still no POV yet – the HGs were wrong, imagine that

The POV players are Britney, Ragan, Enzo, Rachel, Kristen, and Hayden – the Host will be Brendon – there’s a shocker

Don’t expect the POV to start for another hour and fifteen minutes

Ragan believes that this comp will involve someone having to wear the lovely red unitard – my pick would be Enzo

Kathy is upset that she did not get picked; if she won (insert big laugh here) she was going to take Kristen off the block

As for Rachel, Enzo, Britney, and Ragan, based upon the talk this morning, they do not plan on using the POV

Right now, all four feeds are on Kathy and Kristen sleeping – yeeeeeeee


Matt called into the DR

The POV has not yet been held

Hayden and Kristen talking about if one them wins, who will go up – discuss Kathy then Matt

Matt and Hayden were talking earlier about how there is not a HN comp this week and since America is not voting on what food the HNs get, they have to be voting on something else – they are hoping for Coup d’├ętat

Everyone just sitting around waiting on the POV comp


Still waiting on POV comp to start

BTW, Today is Matt’s 30th Birthday and everyone is expecting BB to do something for Matt’s BDAY


I have to hand it to the controllers of the LFs today

Last 20 minutes was BRBS

And what do we come back to, all 4 feeds on Kristen and Kathy laying in the CR doing nothing!!!!!!

Where is some ice I can watch melt – oh, that’s right, that is exactly what I am doing


Feeds on trivia – looks like the POV comp has begun

4:23pm – Still Trivia

Feeds are still blocked so they are still doing PoV now.

4:18pm – Back on

Looks like Kristen is moping.

Brendon, Britney, Rachel, Lane and Matt in the HOH room looks like

Kristen and Kathy are in the CR and Kristen does not look happy – my guess is that she did not win

Sounds like Britney won the POV


I am so tired of this – most of the HG were in the GR and talking so what does BB do…that’s right, they switch all feeds to Enzo and Kathy in the Kitchen not saying a word



Got BRBS for awhile. I hear Enzo say to Kathy(in the KI) that it sucks because two ppl on the block who you like them both. Just general chit chat. All the feeds on Kathy rustling around in the kitchen. I hear the obnoxious laugh of Rachel in the background.

Oh they are in the GR – Lane, Britney, Blechel, Ragan, Matt.

Asking Matt what he wants for his birthday. Lane asks about steaks. (Just give him a cow he can shoot and rustle up some steaks). Rachel says to Brendon you gotta stop. (Not sure what). She says she hates not being able to work out.

Asking Matt about her wife, when they met, how long they were engaged.


Lane points to a pic of Kathy, whispering something to Enzo. Enzo says it’s going to f*ck Rachel in the end, because she’s mouthy. Enzo said why didn’t she pick me, Ragan sucks. Lane said when Ragan traded with “her”, did you see how pissed she was. Enzo said Ragan’s f*cking playing everyone, f*cking Ragan. He’s gotta go fast. Enzo said that’s it, Kristen’s gone. They don’t know what’s about to happen, f*ckin’ two weeks for now. Enzo said he can’t wait to get a Brigade shirt. He just ate a Brigade fish, going to have some Brigade this and that.

Enzo and lane in the kitchen – Enzo seems pissed off about the POV comp

Lane was pointing to two photos on the photo wall but I could not tell who he was pointing to – talking about putting them on the block

Enzo then said that they have to get Rachel out – she is too mouthy (yea think?)


They ask Lane if he’s going to cook steaks. He said if everyone wants that, he will. Enzo complains nobody takes out the trash. Enzo says he’ll take out the trash one time. He talks to America. He whispers he’ll get Brendan to do it, he’ll do it. Says this ain’t Brigade work. (lol).

Lane, Enzo and Rachel are in the SR. Enzo says something. Rachel says THANK GOD! She was so scared. She says this is better anyways because it stays the same…

They are getting a bunch of stuff together for dinner for Matt’s birthday, so I switch to find something more interesting.

I hear Matt saying “Good day for you, man.” Enzo is talking to him in the BR. Matt says, Ragan, Britney, Kathy against us. (think he’s tallying votes to keep Kristen). Enzo said he wants either himself or one of the Brigade to win. Enzo said that he thinks next week is double elimination. He’s getting a Brigade shirt.

Blechel in SR saying that the worst possible scenario for “them” happened. Brendon says he would’ve known if he was a target, he would’ve played it differently. Brendon said I think “he” thought that Britney would think it was a really good gift and he would have it (pov). Says it makes me think…Rachel finishes “he’s not that smart”. She thinks part of it was he didn’t want to wear the hippy-tard (her words, not mine. So I guess it’s the one where they switch gifts – Christmas in July type comp.)

Feed switches to Britney and Ragan in the GR. Britney says they changed the board, so it wasn’t like the one last night (no sh*t, they do that all the time). Britney asks Matt if they are cooking right now. He thinks so. Britney said she told Lane she needs 40 minutes to make the potatoes. (guess she better start cooking them now then).


Kathy and Enzo laying down in the CR. Enzo asking if Kristen was crying. Kathy said no. Enzo asks if she’s gonna be crazy? Kathy said she told her she knows she’s going home, she’s just numb right now. Enzo said she got a six and Rachel gets a f*ckin’ seven. It’s so unlucky. BRBS


Blechel in the KI. I think Brendon says something like not to listen to them. She says she’s not. Rachel doesn’t want him to think she’s undermining his intelligence because Brendon is obviously smarter than she is (she doesn’t appear to be sarcastic about this – he doesn’t disagree). They’re washing dishes so I can’t hear all of it. I hear Brendon says just don’t be disrespectful. She says she’s not. Not sure if this is a continuation of them being pissed at each other previously or what. Asks about making macaroni. Rachel says she needs to start making it now.

Enzo and Kathy still in CR. E-you gotta understand it’s just a game. Kathy-it’s almost like Survivor, survival, survive, Survivor (she repeats almost every form of the word). She says it comes down to how they answer a question at the end. Enzo said you can lose the first three comps and win the last three comps and you can show that you won it when it matters. Kathy says and there’s nothing we can do, we’re just sitting on the side. Lane comes in and says you need to stop, I heard the whispering before he came into the room and then when he came in the whispering stopped. You gotta check the reflections. Kathy said she wasn’t saying anything she wouldn’t say in front of other ppl. Enzo said she was just talking about prizes, etc. Lane asks where Kristen is. Is she still in the DR? Enzo said she’s in the DR, she’s prob letting it all out. That was hard. Lane said and they got this bullsh*t leotard. Enzo said maybe she’s putting that on. Lane said last year it was like that too. Enzo said Casey wore the banana. Lane said Lydia wore the leotard. Enzo said how do you wash it? Kathy said they might give you two. Kathy said she’s got a rockin’ body. Enzo said she might look good in that sh*t.

Ask about dinner, what they’re cooking. Kathy asks if he’s gonna put that rosemary sh*t on it. Lane said I don’t, they asked me to do that. Kathy said she can’t stand their rosemary crap. She’s sick of rosemary on everything. Lane said he reinvented the slop risotto. Lane said he copied that. There’s a method how to do it. He said you put garlic and parsley in it and you can’t smell the slop in it. That’s it, it’s like risotto. Says it’s actually really good and it’s good for you, too.

Matt, Ragan and somebody else in the GR. Sounds like someone in the HNR, they’re voice is really loud like over a loud speaker. Whoever it is saying they should probably sleep it off so they can rest for tomorrow. Oh, Hayden is yelling. BB tells him to put on his mic. He says he can’t, he’s gay talking.

Hayden said he’s gonna blow something up – Hayden in the HNR. He’s got a long piece of bread or something in his hand, just chowing down on it. LOL. Matt said you should talk about your DR session so you will get a scalding from BB. Ragan says you should stick your penis in the shark’s mouth so that BB will say “Hayden, please take your penis out of the shark’s mouth.”

Hayden discovers there is some water in the HNR in the toilet. It recycles itself, like a pump. Matt said but the next time you sh*t, don’t you flush sh*t water. So Hayden has to spend some time alone in the HNR, but can talk to the other HG’s and vice-versa. I’m guessing he gets bread and water.

Hayden hit the shark and they asked what he’s doing. He’s seeing how sturdy the shark is. Okay, Hayden has bread and water and is in the HNR alone


Brendon brought something with ham and melted cheese for Ragan and Matt.

Ragan saying “Britney, Britney bitch”. not sure if he’s talking about her or giving her a new nickname.

Ragan said it’s stinky in here now. Matt said does it smell like pussy? Ragan gasps. Says Ragan is an awful influence on him – makes him racist and misogynistic. Ragan said we need to think of other things in charades that would get people into trouble.

Enzo is in the CR with Blechel and Kathy. Rachel says I bet you (Kathy) are glad you didn’t play on that one. Kathy said she wants to play on all of them. Rachel says something about getting out of playing veto if they don’t want to. Kathy doesn’t understand what she’s talking about. Enzo thought there would be better prizes, a trip. There’s always a trip but this trip is a 24 hour trip of the HNR.

Hayden again – this is hilarious. He’s telling them about the bathroom, it’s got a curtain in the corner. Kristen comes out, she’s not wearing the “hippy-tard” (HT from this point on).


Hayden saying that his bread is really good. Kristen said are we supposed to slip him food? They said no, he’s got a big bucket in there. He has slop as well. Telling Kristen about his toilet in there. Kristen said she can’t wait to see her HT. She’s proud. She said she’s gonna rock that.

Matt asks if they figured out how he’s gonna change his mic battery tomorrow. Then BB says “Hayden, please reattach your microphone”. He says into the mic – there’s nobody in here production. Matt suggests that he hides inside the shark and sneak out. (this is really quite funny)


Okay, so the HG’s look pretty tired – production woke them up really early for a comp that started at 2:30 p.m. their time. Everyone looks tired and laying down.

Oh- I see uncomfortableness. Kristen, Rach, Enzo and Kathy in the CR. If looks could kill, the world would be happy because Rachel would be dead. LOL.

Darn, Blechel, Kristen and Kathy in the KI, being all amicable. Looks like just generally getting ready for Matt’s birthday.

Oh-wanted to say, the comment earlier where they said “Britney, bitch” Britney was in the room, sleeping, so I don’t think they were calling her a name.

Kristen and Kathy in the OR, whispering. Kristen saying she needs Kat’s help. We have to make some kind of deal with her. I can even say, you don’t have to even necessarily take me off, take one of us off and she has to figure out what she can say to her, what she can do for her. Kathy said she could use Monet, because she doesn’t think that Monet would’ve want Britney to play with her (Rach). Kristen asks Kathy if she could say something to her. Kathy said I don’t think Monet would’ve approved of her playing like that. Kristen says she wants to talk to Britney alone. Kristen says she knows she doesn’t have a shot against anyone else, Hayden does. Kristen says she wants to try to make the three of us stay. Kathy said she doesn’t know how long Rach’s deal will fall through, because Rachel won’t be there for her forever. Kathy said we need to know what they told Hayden so we know where to go from there. Kristen said she’s sure he didn’t tell Britney to use it on anyone. Kathy said that she said she was keeping it. Kathy rehashing Rachel’s comment about Kathy not being able to play in the comp. Kristen is trying to figure out a way Britney would use the POV on her. She needs to figure it out while her head’s on straight. Kristen saying she could tell her to use her as a pawn whenever she needs.

Kathy said she’s playing on the wrong side, no matter what. Kathy said Rachel tried being intimidating to Kat, but she’s not intimidating. She don’t think like we do. Kathy said that Andrew told her that Kathy was going to put her up (think she’s talking about Rachel). Kristen said I will tell her I’d never, ever, ever put her up if she kept me in this game. Kathy said then she’s gonna ask who needs to go up then? Kristen says she will say that’s up to Rachel, we’re not a part of that. Kathy said I never saw her being friends with her. It might just be strategy, maybe Monet told her to do that.


Kathy said she is gonna be scared of you. Kristen said then she’s going to have to assure her she’s not coming after her. Kristen said the one thing she has is that she’s not afraid of anyone. Kathy said she will talk to her about Monet thing alone, without them teaming up on her. Kristen said she’s not going to say anything but feels like she should be there because she’s putting it all on the line. Does she really think that Blechel are going to protect her? Kathy said I dunno what she’s thinking. They’re out for themselves. Kristen said she could tell her at this point, obviously she wanted to make it the end but right now, she just has to make it to next week.

Kathy said you need to flat out ask her if she has a deal with Blechel, but if she does, you need to ask her what can she do to beat it? Kathy said they need to wait to talk to her. Kathy said I would wait until Blechel go watch that movie and it’ll just be us three girls down here. Kristen said it almost worked out, but again it worked out the worst way possible.


Oh- I see uncomfortableness. Kristen, Rach, Enzo and Kathy in the CR. If looks could kill, the world would be happy because Rachel would be dead. LOL.

Oh-wanted to say, the comment earlier where they said “Britney, bitch” Britney was in the room, sleeping, so I don’t think they were calling her a name.

I am not a Rachel fan but I don’t want her dead. Britney Bitch is a ref. to a Britney Spears song. B)


Okay – the results of the POV – it appears that it was a veto/prize exchange game

Britney won the POV

Kristen has to wear a Hippie-tard for the rest of the week

Rachel won $5,000

Enzo won a 42″ TV

Ragan won a Veto Ticket

Hayden is in 24 hours solitary confinement in the HNR – he has a bucket of slop, several bottles of water, and a couple loafs of french bread (BB installed a mini port-o-pottie with blanket wall for privacy – they also gave him 6 rolls of TP – hmmm)

Kristen has been given her Hippie-tard and wig

It is a unitard that is tie-dyed and the wig is curled reddish hair that stands about a foot above her head that also has a red band

Kristen claims that the Hippie-tard is extremely see through

BB has given her an extra Hippie-tards so that she doesn’t become to smelly for the rest of the week

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