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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 8/11/10 11:00 am – 6:13 pm PST

August 11th, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Recap 8/11/10 11:00 am – 6:13 pm PST

Courtesy of Media Fiends


Here’s what I got from my notes for the last hour.

They were put on IN LD so BB can build the HoH comp. So they will be locked in for a long time and may not go out again until rehearsal tomorrow.

Matt was trapped with the Mean Girls [Britney and Ragan] who were hiding form Blechel in HoH.

Matt and Ragan tells Britney all about Rachel’s suspicions of Matt and the $1 thing and that Matt knows she went through his suitcase. He had it set up so he would know if someone went in it. and Rachel even went to DR to ask if people could go through their stuff. That is why they think it is so odd that she asked if Matt would mind if she used his WC because she has never asked before and they are convinced she wanted to snoop around some more. and then when Matt comes out of DR and tells her she can go in, now she doesn’t have to go?

Matt can’t believe they get yelled at for throwing a sponge ball at a wall but they let people go through their suitcase.

Ragan said they won’t let him use a small pillow between his legs in the HNR but lets them f*ck in there.

Britney laughed about Rachel being all proud of Brendon defending her honor when he didn’t say anything about Rachel at all except what di you say to Rachel?

Britney would listen to the door a bunch of times to listen to what Blechel were saying in the kitchen. They were complaining about all the dishes.

Britney makes fun of Rachel for eating healthy and working out but she has still gained weight. She said it is because there are not as many people to have sex with in there to burn off the calories.

Matt said he will help them study for HoH because they will be fighting for his life too.

A lot of making fun of Blechel and rehashing.

They then seem to go to sleep so feed goes to the kitchen where Enzo is trapped by Blechel. Rachel is going on and on and on about Vegas. How she sits in a cup of jello and gives out jello shots. Enzo really puts on a good show and seems like he is interested in hearing about all Rachel’s wicked fun parties in Vegas. Brendon said anyone who is mean to Rachel doesn’t get to go to them.

Enzo finally escaped. Went to his room and now is up in HoH. Kathy has worked her way up there too. Enzo and Kathy talk about all her Vegas shit. Enzo said she makes him not want to go to Vegas anymore.

Now they are talking about the comp. Matt thinks Brendon is going to be frazzled because he thinks he’s going to jury.

Kathy said she told him last night that due to what happened in the yard he is going.

Enzo can’t wait to see him for another week. He will be infuriated and awesome.

Matt: We’ll all be pussies. It’ll be great.


Kathy said he says he wants to leave because he’s a gentleman but he then why doesn’t he just hit the button and go so she can stay?

Enzo: He’s a punk

Matt: He’s a scared little boy and probably most insecure person I’ve ever met in my life.

Enzo wants to go to Taj and go to sleep. He was up there to listen to music but the batteries are dead.

Matt forgot today was picture day and his blog. Enzo wants a picture with his cup. He is literally carrying his bowl around with him.

Matt said Ragan slept up there and will probably be back because he doesn’t want to be around Blechel.

I have audio bleed through so hear Matt and Kathy in HoH and Enzo talking to Ragan about wanting a haircut and wants to listen to music. I think I hear Lane talking too. But no audio of them. They are talking about music.

Now he feeds go to the GR where Enzo is talking about his cup.


Enzo doesn’t want any game talk with Blechel today.

Still worried about Double evictions.

Kathy comes in and tells Ragan that after what he did last night it makes sure he will go. Brendon told her he will make their lives a living hell.

Kathy leaves to take a nap in her room.

Lane and Enzo trash talk about the pool cup.

Enzo thinks they should be able to dim the lights for an hour during LDs.

Lane goes to BR and feed follows them. Blechel are in there.

Lane escapes pretty quickly.

Rachel goes to her room as she just got out of the shower and just has on a towel.

Feed back to GR. Enzo is laying down on Matt’s bed I think. Ragan on his bed and lane in his. I don’t know if Britney is in her bed but I haven’t heard her. Matt is in HoH. Hayden is in DR.

Enzo talks about his 2 little dogs.

Then dog talk for awhile until feed goes to Blechel in their room.

Rachel: I didn’t come here for friends. Came here for $250,000.

Brendon: That’s what I’m talking about.

She is picking out an outfit for tomorrows show or something and he says something about the light glistening off her when she wins Hoh tomorrow.

She is in just a bra and panties and she said America is saying he is the luckiest guys in the world because his GF wears lace panties and has big boobs..

Mute. Will stay on mute til it’s off Blechel.


LoL. back to Lane and Enzo talking dogs and Lane brings up a “Ridgeback”. I am assuming he is referring to a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Lane is saying they are mean as shit and will bite you so you have to muzzle them. They should meet my friend’s RR. Big baby and wouldn’t bite a flea.

Kathy yells from her room that she had a Timberwolf and it was registered.

Hayden is with them in the GR talking about dogs.

I see Rachel peek out of her room and then shut the door.

So let me see what she’s saying. Oh, they are doing before or after training.

Back to listening to the guys talking about dogs. Not going to type up but will monitor.

Lane asked Hayden if he did his GB’s [goodbyes] yestrday and Hayden said today.

Boys get quiet and try to nap.

2 feeds on Blechel talking, but not gonna switch to it. Sorry. Had enough of them for now.


Feed goes to HoH room. Britney and Ragan still hiding there. Matt asked Ragan if he was showering. Ragan whispered he was masterbating. Matt said cool.

Double eviction talk.

Britney is sleeping on the floor.

Matt doesn’t want to take pictures. He said they should take pictures of our four person alliance. Matt said he thought he said in his PoV speech we were in a four person alliance with Lane. Awkward CR pic for sure. Ragan said they shouldn’t and just take candid shots.

Matt said of everyone sleeping? BB will be mad at him.

Matt said or a CR pic of the future with Blechel.

Ragan: that bitch is crazy. they’re seriously like nuts.

Matt said they need to have at least 12 pictures.

Ragan likes every other person in this house. Matt does too.

Double eviction talk and what the DE PoV comps were.

They just keep talking about possible competitions. Nothing worth typing up.

Ragsn thinks they do move stuff around to continue the narrative and it’s a better story to keep Brendon in the house.

Matt said on the other hand the poor handlers don’t want to deal with Rach in the jury house.

I wasn’t paying attention. Ragan was saying something about Rachel keeping a tampon in for the whole week and then taking it out and saying there is still absorbency left. Please tell me he was exaggerating.

Matt asked what they would do if they in the jury house for a week alone with Rachel. Ragan and Britney would ignore her.

Ragan asked if Brendon said his parents don’t support him. Britney said yeah. He lives at home with his parents and he doesn’t have a his own room either because his sister and her kid tok it over. But as of Aug 1st he is living on UCLA campus. But before that he was living with his parents. So now he lives in a dorm.

Matt said he could def apply to Tool Academy. The Bad Girls chick did it.

Britney and Ragan say Rach could be on BGC and wouldn’t be surprised if they asked her to do it.

They don’t believe anything Rachel says about her job.

Ragan and Britney take shots at Rachel’s skin. Matt said she’s a billboard model. Ragan said they don’t even need to airbrush her.

Ragan said he feels like dogging Blechel is his new job.

He makes fun of Rachel denying she did any of that stuff last night. Britney makes fun as well.

Ragan said they should both scream as she walks out the door Buh Bye

They wonder what kind of skank outfit Rachel will wear tomorrow.

Talk again about Rachel wanting to go up to his HoH and wanting to go through his stuff to see if there was something more than $1. Britney said let’s hypothetically say he did, it still doesn’t make him the ST. Ragan said if he had someone else like he would leave it where someone could find it. You wouldn’t just leave your door unlocked.

Britney said he probably wouldn’t have had a shred of evidence and say add it to my stipend.

Ragan asked when does he get his $25,000?

Matt laughed and said if he were them he would be giving him sh*t about it too.

Ragan said if Brendon wins Hoh he isn’t going up there. Britney either. Britney said if she wins HoH she isn’t allowing him to come up. Ragan said him either.

Matt doesn’t know what to write in his blog because he wrote so much the last time. He did do 5 Twitters and talked about having fun watching Blechel go crazy. He did apologize to America for sleeping so much.

Britney said even though he can’t do shout outs, just mention Nick in your blog. Matt said he can mention the scuffle and mention Nick’s name in that.

Ragan asked if they noticed the Rach hair in the shower. Matt said on the wall? He was wondering what that was. They laugh about no one wanting to touch it.

Britney said she looks completely disgusting but she looks in the mirror every 5 seconds and gives herself a stamp of approval.

Ragan: Can I vote to evict Cockaroachel?

Matt said say Julie what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, I vote to evict Cockaroachel.

Ragan: AKA Rachel because they will prob want the official name. I can’t believe they think cockroach is such a put down. I have had people yell die fag in my face. I have had people hold signs say God hates you fag. and he thinks calling me a cockroach..

Britney again with the neandertroll. they are laughing at Brendon.

Ragan: You are a hybrid of a neanderthal and a troll.

Matt thinks that has to go on The Soup.

Britney makes fun of his big insult on her that she is 3ft nothing.

Matt: Imagine he’s your doctor. Dr Dickface

Britney doesn’t believe Rachel about her job either that she works til 6am and then goes to school and she also goes to a gym.

Britney is called to the DR. Matt asked if she remembers to bring him a white trash bag when she comes back. Ragan told her to ask about DE because she wants to pack.

Britney leaves.

Ragan said slow day for television.


Ragan asked if he remembered what Jefdan said about Vegas. Matt only remembers them saying something about Bally’s and moving to another hotel.

They laugh about Brendon saying “and him” meaning Matt when he was just sitting across the yard watching pool. Matt said he will wait for personal attack before he wigs out on him but encourages Ragan too.

Ragan said he is not getting up when Rachel leaves.

Matt thinks America may be the ST so it’s even dumber than AP because it doesn’t affect voting. So then BB just comes up with a way to target the person in the video.

Ragan said he loved Kathy because she is so funny. Matt said she doesn’t mean to be that’s why it’s so funny. Ragan makes fun of her on Just The Tip. They laugh about Kathy.

They talk about how hard it will be to be locked in HoH for 1.5 hrs tomorrow with Blechel.

Matt is called to DR.



Britney and Ragan on the balcony. Same blechel talk. No need to type it again.

Matt is out of the DR with the camera and he just wants to knock out the 12 pics fast.

Matt and Lane talk about feeding shit to Enzo while he’s sleeping for a pic


I have been out running errands so haven’t been watching the feeds. But I have heard they got another message from the ST saying something about true love doesn’t die and that the couple could still be in the house after Thur. I am sure that is alluding to Matt having DPOV.

and then I also heard that Ragan and Britney were moving stuff around the house because they wanted Blechel to think it was BB taking stuff for the comp.

6:13pm – Trivia

I just saw that it’s Trivia. The feeds are blocked because they are having their halfway party. Probably won’t be back til BBAD.

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  • 1 sweetness269 // Aug 12, 2010 at 9:45 am

    If Big Brother was really smart they would have made this week a no eviction week and really cause a scene in the house because id love to see the look on all the faces of those retards in the house who are jealous of brenden and rachel… why are they jealous cause they have a strong alliance and bond but really beside britney and Matt what has the rest of the house done thats right nothing nothing at all….COME ON BIG BROTHER CALL A SURPRIZE NO EVICTION WEEK IT WILL BE WORTH IT…