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Big Brother 12 After Dark Summary for 8/15-8/16 Sunday Night/Monday Morning

August 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 After Dark Summary for 8/15-8/16 Sunday Night/Monday Morning

Courtesy of Media Fiends

Kathy is doing her best to crawl up Brendon’s ass. Now she is using Britney’s techniques and is using the bath in HoH. She tells him how she was with Rachel when she was spelling I <3 U in pretzels and she also spelled Matt's name because that's who she wants him to put up. Talk about how that could have been misconstrued because it said I <3 U Matt. Rachel also sprayed her hooker perfume all over the house so Brendon could smell it. Kathy said she was the ONLY one to walk Rachel to the door. Brendon asked what Hayden and Enzo were doing and Kathy said they were sleeping and Rachel didn't want to wake anyone up.

They got a ST message earlier that said something about the game changing so people speculate all night as to what that is. They are convinced there is a comp tomorrow and think maybe someone can win to replace the Nom. They also wonder if Rachel gets to pick.

Back to Kathy working Brendon. She tells her that Britney feels so comfortable [meaning she doesn’t even think she is going up] Brendon said he isn’t 100% on putting Matt up. Kathy said she is glad to hear that because Britney is too cocky. Brendon asked how Rachel felt about her. Kathy said she was despised by her and then talked abut how Rachel said she picked the girliest room in the jury house that looks like a princess room. Brendon said he loves her. Kathy said Rachel played pool with Britney. Brendon said after all that she still wanted Matt gone? Kathy said Britney just gets in Rachel’s head. She said no Matter what she hates all three but Matt put y’all up. [So Kathy is trying to say here that Rachel isn’t seeing things correctly because Britney is so manipulative that Rachel can’t see what is best is to get Britney out and only thinks personally to get revenge on Matt. So Kathy knows what is best for Rachel. Kathy said that Rachel leans toward Matt just because he put them up. She said he needs to get past that and think ahead. She said Britney scares her. Brendon said she is very manipulative. Matt comes in so they switch to saying that Rachel kept saying she loved Brendon a million times.

Feed goes outside to Britney and Hayden. Britney said Brendon kept telling him to put Britney up and she hs no idea who all those people would be. She doesn’t think the ST stuff wll start til everyone goes to bed so she wants to go to bed early. She said she doesn’t have any secret knowledge and told Lane to pick Hayden for PoV because he knows everything she does and he is physical.

Kathy working Brendon again to keep herself from being a replacement and that Britney is. She said everything that has been misconstrued in the house has come from Britney. She said that Britney told Rachel that she has a lot of books in her box and that she can ask BB to give them to her [The horror. That bitch!] and Rachel told Kathy as if she would need to because she can get any book she wants.

Brendon wondered if Rachel would be happy to see either Matt or Britney in the JH and Kathy said she wouldn’t care which. [Man do I really hope Matt goes up and puts up Kathy and Kathy goes. Enzo would be better but I would so love Kathy to go too since she does nothing and is going to get a spot in the finals for it.] Brendon said it’s a tough decision. If he makes a deal with either he doesn’t know if he could trust it. Kathy said you can’t make a deal with either because it’s a slap in the face when they don’t honor it. [Ummm. Matt honored his deal and you are the one that follows the power every week]

Back to Britney and Hayden. She said that Hayden fights fair and is honest and has integrity and is a real nice person. Hayden said they are on the same page and he trusts her but doesn’t want to say more because things get misconstrued.

Britney said Matt says do whatever you want because he has the votes and doesn’t know why he would think that because she would vote for Lane to stay. Brendon and Hayden say they hate the ST. Britney doesn’t think the ST is in the house. They go over all the things that point to it being Rachel. Britney said she thinks it’s her but don’t tell anyone she said that.

Ragan and Kathy. Kathy thinks it will be DE. Kathy told Ragan she was so proud of him and he shined [at PoV]. She’s been up there and knows what it feels like and hates anyone being up there but her heart goes out to them.I FFd because I can’t take her ass licking. Ragan is saved by the pool tourney though and goes outside.

and that’s the first two hours.

Back to BBAD.

Outside the boys talk about if they have the comps set in stone of if they move em around to give better odds to people

Inside the girls were talking about the ST. Kathy bitches that they got the ST out the first week so they shouldn’t be allowed to come back. Then bitches about the HN thing still going on week 5 or 6.

Ragan is with the girls and he asked Britney if her DR was filler stuff and BB tells them not allowed to talk about DR.

Britney comes out and tells people good night. When she’s gone Enzo calls her “She-Devil”. [I can’t stand Gloria Allred but at this point I would love to sic her on this anti-girl prick]

Britney and Ragan in bed with lights off in HNR. Britney is just so tired about evicting Rachel and she comes back and now Brendon can’t compete in next HoH but now there may be a comp for a special power. Everything seems to happen for them.

Matt wins the pool tourney and gets the cup [rut roh. Enzo will turn on him even more now.] Matt puts his name in it.

Brendon and Hayden in HoH. Hayden is reporting what Britney talked to him about. She’s nervous about tomorrow and already looking at having to campaign against Lane. That she and lane talked and agreed to campaign against each other.

Brendon said Matt hasn’t talked to him. Does he think he’s going up or not? Hayden said Britney said Matt thinks he has the votes not to go. Hayden said that’s Britney’s words though.

Enzo joins them in HoH. Brendon said if this is something that f*cks with his power that’s f*cked up.

Hayden thinks maybe an HoH card so you can compete back to back. Hayden said it can’t be too big because they aren’t on LD and nothing being built.

Brendon said Matt hasn’t talked to him once. Enzo said what is wrong with him. Hayden said Britney said Matt thinks he has the votes. Enzo said he don’t talk to Britney no more since she said she thought I was the ST and then me and Rachel called her out on it. Brendon said that Britney never said to him that she thought Enzo was the ST. But if Rachel said she said it to her. Enzo said that’s what I’m saying.

[Ugh. I hate dese f*cking guyz. Gee. I wonder why Britney and Matt wouldn’t be coming up there kissing Brendon’s ass? maybe they know it’s pointless or how about… Brendon told them each that he wouldn’t BD them because he respects them as competitors!]

Hayden doesn’t want Britney to know that he is the one that told Enzo that Rachel told him that Britney told her that she thought Enzo was the ST. [Could you follow that?]

Brendon said it will be designed for the power to flip next week so they have to win HoH. [You have to win every week] They need to secure another vote and that has to be Lane. He knows Lane is upset with him because he put him up. Enzo said you need to assure him he isn’t going home and you just put him up. Those four people he thought would put him up if they won HoH but he was nice enough not to make him a have Not [Um, you could only pick three] They tells Brendon to talk to Lane tomorrow.

Brendon said he f*cked up and told Britney he was putting her up and he said he was putting up Lane and she asked who the target was but didn’t get a chance to tell her because he was called to the DR but didn’t get a chance to tell lane.

Hayden said Britney is very dangerous. Enzo said he doesn’t like her or trust her.

Britney said are they super threatened by Britney and Lane or just Britney? They say just Brit. Brendon said Matt and Ragan or just Matt? Split up a strong pair? If he rips Britney out of the picture they got a good shot at getting Lane on their side.

Enzo said and if you take Matt Ragan isn’t coming over.

Brendon said if Lane is the ST he could say he has our back and flip. But if we can nail him down and it’s 2-2 and only that vote could change we could tell him if you don’t vote that way it’s obvious who it is. He’s not with us he is against us.

Hayden said if Lane is the ST and America picks his vote there is a chance if Brendon is up that America would pick for Brendon to stay [YAH RIGHT] Brendon hopes America likes him more than Kathy and after seeing competitions they should.

Enzo said Lane doesn’t talk to Britney much. Brendon said he asked her if it was weird that Lane picked Hayden for PoV and she said they agreed it might be more physical. Hayden said she said the same to me. Brendon said it makes sense. Hayden said Britney and Ragan still think Hayden is against Brendon.

Brendon said it’s huge, monumental that they get Lane’s vote. If it’s Ragan and Britney here and Matt’s gone, they will vote with each other and try to control Lane’s vote.

Hayden gets out pretzels to run the numbers if Matt goes and possible Noms for next week and the votes. They are trying to convince him they can get Lane with them and promise him F4. Brendon said them 3 always have to talk outside of Lane.

Still running the pretzels on who would go each week and what the votes would be.

Enzo said they can do it.

Brendon said even if he goes up he’ll win POV.

Enzo said Rachel told him to tell Brendon to have fun and don’t stress because if he loses he goes to her.

Enzo said they control the vote. Britney is 22 years old and she is not getting the money. She don’t f*cking deserve it. No way. He’s going to make sure she doesn’t get it. Brendon said she says middle class family, come on. I come from a middle class family [and you still live with your Mommy and Daddy in your 30s LOSER] Enzo said and she is going to NY after this over. She drives to Texas for work. Hayden said she canceled a Mexico vacation. Enzo said she’s a spoiled brat. [This coming from the loser who is being supported by his wife and his wife’s family and has bragged about how big his house is and so on] Hayden said he hasn’t been on a vacation in long time.

Brendon said Matt deserves the money more. But he didn’t give a sh*t about Rachel going home. Brendon doesn’t think anyone deserves the money more than others. Everyone needs it. He doesn’t believe Matt got nothing in the box. Hayden said maybe ten grand. Brendon said but he doesn’t want to say it because be a target.

Brendon said going to the house was cool but worried what would happen to them. [Pandora’s Box thing] That’s where BBAD ends.

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  • 1 mrs.palumbo // Aug 16, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    “This coming from the loser who is being supported by his wife and his wife’s family and has bragged about how big his house is and so on”

    I have tried my best never to comment on these blogs, but as Enzo’s wife I feel I need to clear the air. I am not phased by opinions of him, however what was stated above is NOT true so I need to clear the air. Although I do make a good living I do NOT support my husband financially. The fact that my family even came into this is even funnier. They support us emotionally but that would be all. As far as our house in concerned my husband and I did build a normal size house by city standards but we did so with every last one of our hard earned dollars and by not digging ourselves into debt by being smart and planning ahead. He is overly proud of this house because its a direct product ouf our hard work and no one can take that from us. No one has ever handed us one thing. If by loser you mean an amaning husband who works two full time jobs and takes care of his daughter more than any other working dad I know, then I guess he is a loser.