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Big Brother 12 Episode 23 8/29/10 Recap – Expect the Expected

August 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 Episode 23 8/29/10 Recap – Expect the Expected

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Britney told us that Matt was shady and turned on his best friend so he had to go. Ragan told us he knows Matt campaigned against him so he isn’t as upset about him leaving as he would have been a week ago.

We flashback to Hayden winning HoH. Ragan knows he is going up. Hayden has to figure out who to put up with him and it is going to be Brendon but he doesn’t want Brendon to go. One Ragan won PoV and Britney went up, Enzo told us it was a no-brainer [which Enzo should be an authority on since he doesn’t have a brain] cuz it comes down to who is harder to beat, Brendon. So he had to go. Enzo said they can go make ugly babies. Ragan tells us he has mad respect for Brendon cuz he was a target from week 1 and made it this far. Ragan knows he needs HoH because the men are working together and Lane is also with Britney.

Enzo tells Lane he should throw HoH to him because he has no problem putting up Ragan and Britney. Lane tells us he does hope Enzo wins so he doesn’t have to put Britney up.

At the HoH, Enzo doesn’t have to wear the costume, AGAIN! This is just ridiculous how much this loser gets away with. I literally watched him for HOURS suntanning in the back yard with it off. Not in the pool, fricking sunbathing. I even took a picture of it and posted it in the live feed thread. Kristen was yelled at if she didn’t have the wig on. But this jerkoff gets to take it off to sunbathe. What a joke. The competition was the one where they have the slide thing to send a ball down and try to shoot it into a grid. The theme was Blackjack. They were shown the two cards and the grid had a bunch of cards in the slots. So you would get 5 balls to try to hit those 2 cards. Lane got the first round in two balls. Ragan did it in three. Britney only got one1. Enzo got it in four balls so Britney was out.

Ragan only got 1 ball in on the next round. But Enzo didn’t get any and was out. Yep. He’s a loser all right. Lane tells us he was going to throw it to Enzo but he is so horrible that now he has to win it. All Lane had to do is hit 1 to stay in and he did. Enzo comments in the DR about not believing Ragan beat him. I don’t know why he is so shocked as he has lost to Ragan many, many times.

Lane made both shots in 5 balls on the final round. Ragan got 1 in and it was all dramatic and down to the last ball. They even cut to commercial before you could see the results to drag it out even more. He missed. Lane won HoH. Lane tells us it guarantees him Final 4 but he is going to have to upset either Britney or a Bragade. Enzo tells us Blondie has to go. Ragan knows he is going up again but says he is a fighter and will do what he has to.

Lane asked Hayden and Britney who wants to be the pawn. Britney said she just was so she doesn’t want to. Hayden doesn’t want to either.

Lane got his HoH room and tells them that his family OWNS an oil business and he doesn’t do anything but take people golfing all day. So that leads us to later on Britney and Lane in the hammock and she said she would be happy if Lane and Hayden were the Final 2 because then a great person will win. But she doesn’t think Lane needs the $500,000. Light bulbs went off for Hayden and now he thinks he has her vote. He made sure to point out how Lane owns a home and his parents bought him a gym and that his father has airplanes. He also pointed out that Lane drives a new car while he drives a junker and has student loans.

Enzo tells Hayden that he is pissed that Lane has to even think about who to put up cuz it should be Britney. He said Britney would beat Lane at the end. Then we go to a segment of Enzo pretending the weight bench is a spaceship. I don’t know if we are supposed to be entertained by that or what. But Enzo isn’t even remotely funny, EVER! Funny looking? Yes. Fun to laugh AT? Definitely.

Lane goes to his room and finds yet another Pandora’s Box. They don’t show you that Lane was woken up early and kicked out of his room so they could set this up so once again, expect the expected boys and girls. Everyone knew what was going on. The screen showed him a money tree inside. Lane went in. There were envelopes all over the tree and each had a different amount in them. He would get to pick 3 and could make $10,000. But for the 3 envelopes he would bring 3 punishments on the house, including himself. Lane went for it. His envelopes were for $79 – $12 and .17 = $91.17. He then had to tell the house what happened. No one really cared. Another lame BB twist.

Their first punishment? They lost the cups and silverware for a week. BORING!

Britney asked Lane who he was putting up. He didn’t know. She asked who is he thinking? He said Ragan and Enzo. He asked if she would take Ragan off the block if she won PoV? She said she wouldn’t but thinks he has a good shot at winning it. Britney is worried about Enzo being so fired up though cuz she knows if he wins Hoh she is gone. She said if he doesn’t want to put Enzo up cuz he just got off the block then put up Hayden because he hasn’t been up for awhile. Lane said he would not put Hayden up. This pissed Britney off cuz she said he considers putting her up but won’t consider Hayden so it means he likes him better. She has been his friend since Day 1 where the thinks Hayden is only friends with him once he lost Kristen. She said maybe she will take Ragan off then. Lane said then maybe he will put her up with Ragan so she has to save herself.

The three Stooges talk about who is going up. Enzo says Ragan and Britney should go up. Lane told Hayden it’s been awhile since he’s been up. Hayden isn’t receptive to him being the pawn. Enzo is pissed that Lane isn’t doing what he wants him to and it makes him suspicious of Lane.

Britney told us she would be pissed if she goes up as the pawn. But she didn’t need to worry as her key came out of the box first, followed by Hayden’s. Enzo and Ragan are nominated. Lane said it is all strategy as they are both competitors. Was he talking about Enzo? Cuz Enzo and competitor don’t belong in the same sentence.

Ragan tells us he is all by himself and needs to win PoV. He will fight for it. Enzo thinks this is such a baby move and doesn’t know why Lane is so scared of Britney. Enzo is just a giant hypocrite because it is no different than him keeping Brendon all these weeks. If Enzo wants people up, he should win the competitions and do it himself. Which brings me to Lane’s comment that Enzo hasn’t won anything and Britney has so maybe she should stay and he should go.

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