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Big Brother 12 After Dark Summary for 8/30-8/31 Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

August 31st, 2010 · No Comments

Big Brother 12 After Dark Summary for 8/30-8/31 Monday Night/Tuesday Morning

Courtesy of Media Fiends

I was wrong about Ragan. After the DR told him that they have no storyline for him this week because he isn’t fighting to stay, he approached Britney and tried to work her. Telling her that it is in her best interest to stay because the boyz are together and that she can’t beat any of them in Final 2.

Britney said she knows she will be in Ragan’s position next week if she doesn’t win Hoh or PoV.

She thinks HoH will be past HGs. Ragan doesn’t. He thinks it will be a puzzle that is usually a PoV. He thinks PoV will be the faces.

He knew last PoV would be OTEV and said so the night before in the DR and that he and Britney had no chance to win that against the boyz.

Ragan thinks Britney is going to be final two no matter what because the boyz will beat her. But she’s not gonna win. If she goes against any of those boyz, she loses. But she has his vote no matter what. [I fail to see how this pitch keeps him in the game. He tells her she will go to final two no matter what she does here and she has his vote? Why keep him then?]

Ragan said a girl always loses to a guy because a girl can do the same thing a guy does but she’s a bitch, etc.

Britney said she knows she’s playing for $50,000 at the most. She thinks if the vote was today that Enzo would win and he hasn’t won anything. She said for some reason Blechel love him.

Ragan said Blechel would vote for her over him [Ragan]. Britney said the boyz think she will get votes for winning the most competitions. She’s actually surprised she didn’t go up today because she is the only one that would maybe vote for Ragan.

Britney knows the boyz were just appeasing her about Brendon. She’s not stupid. After Ragan won PoV she heard them confirming with each other who to vote out and that it was Brendon. why would they need to do that if Brendon was the target the whole time? She knew they were just appeasing her and Ragan was the target because he was after them.

Ragan said that was smart of them because he was after them.

Britney said they didn’t know Ragan was after them until Matt told them. he told them to put Ragan up because he’s after them but if Matt stays then he could control who Ragan targets. The boyz asked her if Ragan was after them and she told them she knows 100,000% that he was after Brendon. [You could see Ragan was totally shocked by this revelation by the look on his face.]

Britney said she has been Lane’s friend since week 1 but she isn’t necessarily his friend. She thinks he will take Hayden to Final 2.

Ragan just goes on and on how keeping him is better for her and Lane’s games.

Britney said he would be surprised at how much the boyz study and what they know.

Britney said her best move in the game was getting Matt out because he was after her.

Britney said Enzo would have given up his kid for that PoV. She said they study all the time. When they used to have study groups that was a big mistake because it got the boyz to study all the time.

Britney tells Ragan he should talk to Lane but he doesn’t like to talk game with anyone. She said she is treated differently because she’s a girl. If Enzo tells a joke he’s hilarious but if she tells the same one she’s stupid.

Feed goes to Lane eating and studying the faces on the Memory Wall.

Then back to Britney saying she thinks she would get Matt’s vote over Ragan because he will say it was a good move getting him out. But she won’t have his vote against one of the boyz. She tells Ragan he can’t lay down and die because he will regret it. She knows Lane would choose Hayden over her.

Their talk is over and then we see Britney in the hot tub talking to Lane but she doesn’t have a mic on so I can’t hear what she’s saying. I assume she tells him about her talk with Ragan though. They don’t talk long before Ragan joins them and soon after the other boyz do too.

And I FFd most of the rest of the show when they are all together. They talk about sex. And they talk about people they aren’t allowed to talk about so the feed is constantly flashing to the HNR to block the talk. It seems every time I would play it to see where they are at now, Enzo kept saying girls are evil. Just kept stating it like it was fact. His wife and daughter should feel so proud.

And that’s it.

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