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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Recap 7/28/11 HoH Competition and Aftermath

July 29th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

Big Brother Slalom in the HOH comp – they are on skies coming out of a wall and have handles to hang onto that also come out of the wall; there are five snowballs – the first five HGs eliminated have to open a snowball – could be good or bad; one egg has $10,000; Comp starts and the skies start moving from side to side in a small arc; now the wall starts to move forward; – this is kinda like the surf boards from last year but with snow skies;

Any bets on how long until Brendon starts complaining the the comp is unfair as it is geared towards “small footed” people

As the show ends, they start blowing fake snow at them.

Switching to the LFs

Feed up – looks like Adam is out

Looks like everyone else is still going

Lawon is out

Kalia does not look good

Feeds back. Just wonderful – Rachel yelling – You got it Brendon

Kalia does not look good

Shelly talking

Here comes the snow

This is gonna be a long night. Especially when Rachel keeps on cheering for “her man”.

They’re getting blasted with snow now.

Lawon yelled for Jeff to hang in there

Rachel telling Brendon that she love him no matter what

Brendon fell!

Jeff said “if they don’t pick the 10 grand, I’m jumping”.

Trivia – blocking Brendon opening the egg

Still on trivia so I am going to guess that Brendon did not get the $10,000 and someone else bailed (or maybe two) and we are waiting for the egg part to finish – just a guess

Hey’re back and Jeff’s still up there. So I’m guessing Brenchel for the 10 g’s.

Feeds back – doesn’t look like anyone else fell

I saw that Adam was holding a card that said “elf suit” so…

Looks like Adam has a sign that says Elf Suit and Brendon has a sign that says Have Not

Kalia does not look like she’s doing too well.

Jeff is Off!

Too funny – Porsche has her work out gloves on

Jordan is out

Jordan’s down and Kalia and Porsche seem to be struggling.

Back to pick an egg – Jeff or Jordan should receive the $10,000

Feeds back – everyone else still up

Porsche, Shelly, Dani and Kalia still going

Jordan, Rachel and Brendon sitting quietly looking tense.

Porsche is out

Don’t expect Kalia to last too much longer and Shelly has a bad back

Shelly looks like she’s struggling now.

Shelly had surgery to back not too long ago – she was talking this morning about doubling her meds

Shelly is down

Kalia yelled “I love you Dominic”


Dani and Kalia in the SR jumping up and down, dancing all around

Now Rachel and Kalia are fighting

Brendon pulled Rachel into the purple room – Rachel is mad because Kalia does not respect her game. “You may not like me, but you will respect my game” “I am tired of it, I have not done anything to anyone”

Dani told Jordan that she is staying

Jeff and Jordan talking – Jeff says that it is go time; He is good with the position that he is in – it is go time; he will win the POV

Porsche and Dani talking about the comp – Porsche talking about how hard the comp was

JJBR in the HNR – Rachel bitching that Kalia was being mean to her.

Brendon saying that he really does not care who Dani puts up – Maybe because it is not rocket science?

Now Brendon complaining that the comp is for short people – been waiting for that

What I can figure out from the eggs, Jeff won $10,000, Adam got an Elf Suit, and Lawon, Brendon, and Jordan are HNs for the week

8:45pm PT
OK boys and girls. I am in for a little bit. I think I am done dancing around celebrating Daniele’s win and have been enjoying the pity fest by the couples. So let’s see. Which feed to watch. I think I will follow the winner, Daniele on F2.

She is in the kitchen. She tells Shelly she promised Dominic she’d win. Shelly said she is 23 I was 2 away. Daniele said she’s 25. Shelly said the 25yo had about 3 hours left. Dani asked Kalia if she is OK. Kalia said she can’t lift her arms up. They are like weights.

Dani said she has Ben Gay if she needs it. Dani tells her to rest them.

Kalia said she went into the HNR on accident. Out of habit.

Kalia asked what did she get to eat. Daniele said Kalia isn’t going to like her food. Dani can’t wait to see pictures of her kitties. She told her brother she wanted a picture of her cats, him, their Grandma, [I didnt catch the rest]

Porsche is in the loser room now with the couples. I stay in the kitchen. SHelly and Lawon are hanging around the winners

Shelly said she feels really glad and proud of herself. She isn’t hanging her head at all. The old lady doesn’t want to be coming of. She gets to make a big move and played really well. People said she was the champ

Dani: It’s all mental

Shelly: I couldn’t get my hips to stay and it kept ripping on me. There was no more strength in her hands

Dani; Now her family won’t be like you idiot.

Shelly; You did really good. I knew looking down there there was no freaking way you were coming of. with all that stretching you do.


Brendon in the HNR bitching – One person can not win the game alone – if I don’t leave, I am taking her out next week; her team is Lawon and Kalia – she has nothing – Rachel saying that she is going to sleep in the HNR

Brendon, Rachel, and Jordan in the HNR – Brendon still complaining about the comp and that it was geared towards short people. Rachel asked Brendon if he goes home, will he watch her?

Brendon talking about jury votes and that there will be four votes that she will not get after what she did

8:52pm PT
Still Shelly really working it trying to say she tried as hard as she could.

She was an hour 40 min and they were an hour 50min.

Lawon said Jordan was crying too. Kalia said she knows.

[He and Kalia are whispering and I can’t get it]

Kalia is going to wait on a shower because she can’t lift her arms.

Lawon and Dani at the memory wall and he says something about PTs picture and he and Dani laugh. I didn’t catch it though.

Dani said she is really excited to see pictures and get a letter.

Shelly asked if she was HoH in her season.

Dani said twice.

Shelly wants to take a shower to get the stuff out of her hair.

Porsche walks through.

Hey, Adam is still there. He’s sweeping the hallway.

Dani thought the first 1/2 that jumped off would be the haves.

Now they joking with Adam about him having to wear an elf costume.

[I forgot. Usually when they do endurance there is no HoHN comp because it could take all night. So seeing as Blechel and Jordan are now laying in there, I am guessing it’s them. SWEET!]

Dani and Kalia alone. Dani tells her she has to win next week. Whipsers something about them trying to make a deal. She told someone she wants to keep them together.

Kalia says something about they said at least Jeff has 10 grand to pay for a vacation. I don’t care. They didn’t give a sh*t about me. I told her UI didn’t have no beef. I said in the live show they get over it and Rachel [she shakes her head no saying Rachel did that]

Dani said she said she is not playing personal and you say you’re all about loyalty then I am giving you 1 week and you better win HoH. bye Brenchel.

Kalia does a dance and almost falls.

Dani; brenchel I have nominated you 2. You don’t share 1 key so I have to nominate you both. I have a great speech but it’s really long. I told Dom and he said it’s really good.

Kalia: She said you made me cry. I said I swear it’s not personal. She said I say mean things to her all the time. Girl I said like 6 words to you

Dani: I would not be putting you up and would have done what you wanted. I feel like Robin Hood. I’m not gonna lie. We have to work with them.

They whispering.

Kalia: Literally no one cheered for us and Adam said I cheered for you.

Dani: Not once. You did nothing and suck at everything.

Kalia: Adam was so nice during the competition and said it a couple times

Dani: Oh my God we are playing BB. Now she is talking about her goodbye message. Play like a robot with no emotions and I can’t help it I care about you so much but don’t worry this house will be turned upside down. I didn’t plan to spend my summer on celebrity rehab or to watch straddle Jeff all summer long.

Whisper whisper.

Dani: High and mighty again, Everyone hates me I know

Kalia: Hates me

Kalia: She said good job Brendon, hang in there. What an asshole

Lawon comes in and hugs Daniele. She said she wishes PT was here. It would be so much fun.

Dani: No Have Not tomorrow.

Brendon, Rachel, and Jordan in the HNR sleeping – or at least acting like it

Jeff, Lawon and Adam in the kitchen – general conversation

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