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Big Brother 13 – Interview With Dominic

July 30th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

MF: Oh, Dominic. I am so sorry you’re out. I have to start out by telling you I admired how you went out. Didn’t mope about it. Tried to fight to stay but when it was futile you did what you could to help out Daniele & stayed upbeat the whole time. Do you hold any hard feelings against Daniele?

Dominic: Not at all, I completely admire Dani as a person and a player. She made a big move that would have benefited both of us, not just herself. She didn’t have any ill feelings in her moves. If things had gone to plan, we would both be doing well in the house right now.

MF: Who do you think cast the votes week 1 & why do you think they jumped ship so easily?

Dominic: Kalia and Shelley definitely cast those votes week one. They jumped ship because they were too intimated by the veterans to go against them and too intimidated of their own partners that they felt they needed additional protection if they did go up on the block. And because they are spineless jellyfish!

MF: In your pre-interviews you said your strategy was to fly under the radar. What happened to that?

Dominic: The majority of the house is trying to fly under the radar. My personality kind of made me a target anyways because people liked me and I was strong in competitions which made it impossible for me to stay under the radar. And I felt that the newbies needed some type of leadership b/c they had no clue what they were doing from the beginning.

MF: You have said that The Regulators may be the worst alliance in BB history. When did you know the alliance was going to crash & burn?

Dominic: When Keith went insane after going on the block and Cassi started making 300 deals with the rest of the house and Lawon never started playing the game at all.

MF: I know you are going to be asked this a lot. You seem to have something going on with both Cassi & Daniele. Would you date either one of them & who did you like more?

Dominic: Yes, I would date Daniele if outside of the house she is the same person I got to know. I will always be friends with Cassi and could never say that I wouldn’t date her, I just got to know Daniele a little better.

MF: Who is the biggest threat in the house & why?

Dominic: Dani, cuz she is a hell of a competitor, she isn’t scared of anyone, and she will tell you to your face she is going after you and she has no problems with shuffling the deck in the middle of the game.

MF: If you stayed in the house, who would you have gone after?

Dominic: I would definitely go after Brendon and Jeff. Brendon did not have to exploit the backdoor plan to Jeff the way he did and turn against me, Dani and Kalia. So he would have been target #1 on my list because he is the one that agreed to the plan and then backed out last minute.

MF: How did the Vets live up to your expectations?

Dominic: Horribly! They played a horrible social game, they had no challenge along the way and no one to stand up against them. And the second they smelled a hint of threat from anyone they panicked and had a huge house meeting screaming at the entire cast.

MF: Of course I have to ask, if you could do it over, what would you do differently?

Dominic: Play with the veterans sooner and not stick with the newbies during the first two weeks of the game. I would have aligned with the vets and started cutting newbies from the beginning.

MF: What advice do you have for someone wanting to do the next season?

Dominic: Be able to roll with the punches once you are in the game because you can never stick with one plan, you have to be able to change at a moments notice and be able to think of all the options.

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