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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Recap 7/30/11 4:00pm – 4:45pm

July 30th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

4:00p P

Kalia: She hates public pools and hot tubs. One time in Germany she jumped into the olympic pool and surfaced with a clump of hair stretched across her mouth.
She couldn’t even swim in her own pool at home if people with long hair were in it.

Jordy: You can get infections from pedicure places if they don’t clean.

Kalia: When you get waxed make sure they use a fresh bowl and stick. Some places double dip all day.

Kalia telling Porsche where her waxing lady is.

Brendon out of DR and joins Rachel in the HN room. Looks like they are going to sleep. Oh wait Rachel is not there. Oh well feed switched to lawon reading bible outside.

I guess I’ll go back to the howdy doody crew in the purple room.

Jordy gets up and leaves.

Kalia says she is going to got lay down. Then she says she’s tired of sleeping.

Porsche needs to take a shower. (Her words not mine.)

Jeff eating on 2 feeds and Howdy Doody on the other two.

Nail polish talk with Porsche and K.

Adam looks as bored as I am.

4:30p P
Rachel telling Brendon she doesn’t want to make a deal with the devil, but she will stick to a deal if it will keep them in the game. Dani would be stupid to not take a deal with them according to Rachel.

I switch to J & J with K in Candyland.

Kalia asks J & J what the jury house was like. Jordy turns to Jeffro and asks: What was it like?

Kalia: Oh Yeah you wouldn’t know Jordy.

Kalia: Dani says they had a chef and a massuese and it was so nice in their jury house.

Jeffro: It was a mansion.

Jeffro: If she puts me up would I have the votes to stay?

Kalia: I don’t think she wants to do that.

They are whispering, but I can’t hear them because K’s mic is scrping the blanket.

BB: Kalia please move mic higher. Thanks BB

Didn’t help still can’t hear.

Swith to BrencHELL in th HN room.

Rachel: Even if one of us goes I will stay in control.

Brendon: I know you will.

Kissing every other sentence so I am switching back to the whisperers.

Maybe it’s the daiquiri’s, but I can’t hear Kalia, Jeff, and, Jordan and it hurts to strain anymore.

4:30p P
Porsche is making a good point to Rachel right now. She assured Brendon if she won she would take Rachel off keeping them both safe. Why didn’t Brendon give it to Porsche?

R: He didn’t want you to become a target.

Porsche: I already am a target. He should have let me win it.

Porsche: You and Brendon are going to make a deal. J & J will make a deal. So I need to make my own deal.

Now Rachel tells Porsche if she is put up next to her, Rachel will go,

Porsche: I thought he was pulling you off. What happened?

and WBRB

Porsche and Rachel still in candyland.

Trying to figure out who Dani will put up. Rachel keeps insisting if she and Porsche are up together Rachel will go hom.

Porsche says she’s not in a good spot because everyone knows she would’ve used the veto on her.

Rachel: See Brandon didn’t want to make it obvious by letting you win and you becoming a target.

Brendon comes in.

I think they think if Brandon comes off, Rachel might have a chance to stay against certain people. I really hope this happens because I think she will go which is what I want. I guess Brendon’s studies aren’t that important.

Brendon and Rachel really think Dani might nominate Porsche if Brendon comes off.

(I believe Dani is too smart for this as it would give J & J a chance to break their deal and vote out Porsche, keeping their alliance intact. Earlier I heard J & J talking about just that, if Porsche goes up they said they would vote her off. Please prove me right and be too smart to do this Dani!!)

BrencHELL and Porsche go to kitchen. Porsche continues on to back yard where everyone else is. Rachel stays in the kitchen to wait for Brendon while he gets something to eat.

The BY Lawon, KA, Jeffro, Jordy May, Porsche, and Adam

Talking about veto competition.

and BrencHELL arrive. Yay!! (Not)

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