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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Recap Through 3:45 pm and PoV Results

July 30th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

8:15am P – UP
BB has gotten them up. Adam is in the shower. Lawon is primping. Other two feeds on Sleeping HNs. Now feed switches to Hoh BR where Dani is brushing her teeth.

9:15am P

Nothing exciting going on now. All cameras on candy room with Jordy May and Kalia. General chit-chat.
Talking about their dogs. Boring.

POV players have been picked. Playing are Dani, Rachel, Brendon, Porsche, Jeff, and Adam. Lawon is hosting.

10:15am P
Shelly was putting her ear by the backyard sliding glass door and BB told her to stop. That is the most exciting thing to happen so far.

Shelly, Rachel and porche in kitchen so I switch to purple room with Adam and Bully Brand.

Unfortunately I can hear Rachel’s voice.

B and A go to kitchen so I guess I’ll follow.

Apparently, the microwave and refrigerator aren’t working properly. They hope they don’t have to go to HOH lockdown while they’re fixed. They want them fixed during the veto.

(Yes, I know. the excitement here is hard to contain.)

Jordan resting in candyland. I guess Jeff’s in there with her now. They are both sleeping and are still more pleasing to watch then the fools in the kitchen. I suppose I’ll switch to the awake people just in case something happens…

Nope. Should have stayed on the sleeping Jeffro and Jordy May.

10:45am P
WBRB screen and we’re back

Aside from BrencHELL and Dani we have Pinto, Adam and Jeffro playing.

Shelly is whining she wants to play.

Now more boring chit-chat.

(Has anybody noticed all the bikes around the house? I would be on those riding around the back yard.)

Apparently the ED’s picture on the wall was completely black. Adam messed with it until the pix came back. The hamsters debate if this means anything. They discover the pictures are on computer screens and not just pictures with lights behind them. Exciting stuff folks.

They talk about everything going out (lights, fridge, micro) and Adam says it’s because the ratings aren’t good enough this year and they don’t have any money to pay the electric bill.

Now talking about the show ancient aliens and conspiracy theories. Rachel tells of a conspiracy that the government controls the weather. She likes this conspiracy. (I don’t think I can stand the excitement today!!)

11:00am P

BrencHELL talking in purple room. Trashing Kalia. Making fun of how Kalia says she hasn’t been playing to her full potential and now she will win everything. Kalia blamed all previous losses on Lawon or not playing to win. R says she’s self righteous. B says her and Dani deserve each other.
B: She grew up in a historical mansion. She feels she’s entitled so she must have grown up rich.

They really are poor sports. They are talking about how Jeff should try to save them because they will help his game. But B says Jeff will try to save Jordan instead. (Do you blame him?) R: If it was next week Jeff wouldn’t care if she was voted out because then she’ll be in the jury. R says and we are portrayed as villains. Dani apparently is only putting them up so she can say she made a big game move. (Whatever?)

R: says they should have been on Survivor because it is more physical then mental. B says she wouldn’t do good, look at her luggage. R says it would be different on survivor. She knows she is a girlie girl, but could do without for survivor. (again, Whatever) They are whispering so hard to hear.

R: What would I do if I was voted out right before jury. Could I live at your parents house? B: Yes R: You can’t do your studies and I have no job. Now Survivor again. Rachel says they are more loyal on survivor and the strong players get together to knock the weak out. (Has she ever really watched the show. B: doesn’t watch survivor, but heard some chick who won twice was a floater. R says, but she still had an alliance. (So according to Rachel she had an alliance and was a floater). Bitching about how Dani only won because she has small feet. R says she didn’t even compete against her. B says she would’ve won against Rachel because she has small feet. Now trashing Kalia again. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

BrencHELL still trashing Dani and Kalia. R says if they won veto D and K would say it was rigged. They probably think the first comps were rigged. More trash talking.

Rachel doesn’t know how to be fake. (Whatever!)

B: Danielle will be a miserable bitch the rest of her life. She made it personal when she put them up. She only did it because they got her man out. Now they are saying ED wouldn’t have turned on them. (I disagree)
They say Dani is afraid of competitors that is why they are up. Danny is like a 13 year old and that is why they’re up. (Make up your mind dildo).

Now they whisper about how Jeffro is disrespectful to Jordy May.

Now Bully needs to relax and not talk game. Now Rachel giving him a massage.

I will monitor as I can’t stand to listen to BrencHELL anymore and the other cameras just have Shelly cleaning.

11:30am P
Rub down with BrencHELL in one room and Shelly cleaning in the other and I am still listening and watching. I really am a masochist.

Now Shelly goes into the bedroom where Adam is sleeping. She complains about the mess to Adam even though he is trying to sleep. Now she goes back to the kitchen to clean more.

Yay Dani is up. She was sleeping, then DR called Shelly asks what she will eat. She says she needs to eat her HOH food. Dani says it is hot in DR she told them she had to leave.

Jeffro called to DR. Dani mentions he’s been called to the DR a lot. He was called like 8 times the day of the big fight. Shelly says there’s something up. Dani says she has never heard of someone being called into the DR as much as Jeffro.

Dani asks Shelly why she’s not napping and tells her she never sleeps.

Then WBRB so they can tell the girls not to talk about production.

Jeffro comer out of the DR and Dani and Shelly tease him about being called so much. He claims he isn’t called a lot. Dani goes to HOH and gets some kind of natural drink called kambuscha? She tries to get Shelly to taste it. Shelly says it is horrible. Dani likes it and it is good for you. Shelly says it is like drinking a flower. Shelly says it must be a California thing. Dani says she doesn’t think so. Shelly says it is working for you because you look great, but I would have to start over and reprogram my taste buds to drink that. Dani knew no one would like the stuff in her basket.

Dani goes back to HOH. Adam comes in kitchen and then leaves.
Shelly says to herself she is going crazy, let me outside please. You think production is doing it on purpose to see if her nicotine fit will make her go crazy?

ok. I’m just going to monitor and post if anything important happens.

11:30am P

Adam, Bully, Rachel, KA, and Jefro in kitchen. General chit-chat. Rachel called to DR.

Shelly thinks scholarships should only be for dirt poor people. If your parents work they should pay for school. I have to mute Shelly for awhile…

1pm P 1 Hour, 53 Minutes ago
Still on Trivia

Brendon won.

Shelly is trying to tell Dani and K that “he” will use it on himself if you want. You tell me which one and I’ll get him to use it that way.

Dani says that surprises her.

Shelly presses her on who she wants gone. She’s 100% sure Brendon wants to stay.

Dani says she’ll have to think about it because she assumed he would use it on Rachel.

Now Dani and K are talking about how Shelly is sketchy. Dani tells K she doesn’t want Bully in this game but she won’t tell Shelly that.

Shelly wanted K to root for someone. I think Rachel. K told Shelly the whole house were behind her so she didn’t need to root for her.

I guess Jeffro was really close to winning. Dani really doesn’t want J or J to go home. She may be willing to put someone else up, but is afraid J and J would vote whoever she put up off instead of one of BrencHELL.

Dani wants to know why Bully is waffling on going home or staying. All he could talk about was going home and finishing his studies. what is he trying now.

Switching to purple room with J and J. Talking about how close Jeffro was to winning. Jordan says BrencHELL probably thinks they are both staying. That is why she is so happy. Jordan says she will be going up. (maybe not). Jeffro just said he forgets Porsche is even in the house. LOL

Back to Dani and K in HOH

They’re talking about Shelly going up. Dani wants to not make extra enemies. She needs to threaten Lawon’s life and go talk to J and J. She wants to tell them what Shelly said about BrencHELL using the veto because she thinks Shelly is full of it. Theyhead downstairs. Shock of all shocks as they go downstairs, Kalia says she’s not even hungry.

Dani goes to kitchen to get a drink so I change to purple room. Jeff hates losing.

Did I mention Brendon for sure won the veto? because he did.

Jordan now telling Jeff about Shelly telling K to root for Rachel. Shelly says because she didn’t there is no way K will vote to keep Rachel.

Jeff says I should have won. Jordan says you should have but you didn’t. LOL Jordan says if it was meant to be neither of them will get voted out. Otherwise they weren’t meant to spend the summer together.

Choice of BrencHELL on two feeds or Jeffro and Jordy May on the other two. I pick J and J

Jeff says he choked. Jordan says everyone chokes once in awhile. Jeff says he doesn’t.

Jordan: I don’t want to take a cold shower.

Ew can still see PDA from BrencHELL on small feed.

3:45 P

Rachel caking on make-up and Bully stuffing his face in the purple room. Rachel saying what a great team they are so they’ll have a great marriage. (Whatever!) Brendon coached her through the whole veto comp and she couldn’t have done it without him. He was afraid he annoyed everyone with his cheering. She doesn’t care because it helped. Can take no more..

Switch to kitchen

Everyone else seems to be in here. General chit-chat.

Awww. Shelly only got a half a smoke in before they told her she had to go in for LD.

BrencHELL still talking about the veto comp.

General chit-chat in the kitchen.

I just heard Rachel whisper to Brendon she would talk to Dani and see if she will nominate Kalia or Lawon and then Brendon and Rachel stay then the vets will work with her again. They are running the plan by J & J. Jordan tells them she doesn’t think Dani will go for it. Rachel is trying to convince them. Now food is ready and whispering stops.

Back to the two couples in the purple room. Rachel wondering if Dani will even put Jeffro up. Jordy May plays dumb and says she doesn’t know.

Rachel: I’m glad you won honey so we can have a chance to fight.

Brendon: was Danni pissed when I won.

Jordy May: No. Not really.

Rachel: She was bitter. She looked bitter about it. (Whatever Rachel. Stop projecting your emotions on everyone else)

Brendon: I ned to go to HN room cuz if I lay down I’ll sleep.

Rachel: ok

Brendon: How’d you sleep Jordy?

Jordy May: Just fine.

Brendon: isn’t it wierd to turn over and the lights are on?

Jordy May: yes.

BrencHELL now leaves. Brendon pees and washes his hands. Rachel pees and feeds go to kitchen so we’ll never know if she washes her hands.

Feeds back in kitchen.

Rachel’s t-shirt says I love my husband. Does Brendon know she’s married?

BrencHELL going to HN room to sleep. I stay in kitchen.

Only J & J. Jeffro cooking. Jordy May eating. no talking going on.

Back to BrencHELL.

They are whispering and hard to hear. Still talking about veto comp.

Rachel wants to revel in their win.

Brendon: Let’s just enjoy our win. We don’t need to revel in anything.

Talking about who to take off the block and it depends on who will go up. They try to figure out how votes will go.

BrencHELL kiss every two seconds it’s really gross. They are telling each other they are their best friends. Rachel is crying, but they are happy tears cuz Brendon is so amazing and she gets to marry him and have his babies.

I can’t take this anymore. I need to go eat.

Thank god they called Brendon to the DR.

Rachel: Tell the DR these are happy tears. I won’t freak out in the DR.

Porsche needs to put on her microphone.

Feeds move to candyland with K and Porsche.

Kalia: Everyone assumed you would use it if you won.

Porsche: I would have to see the repercussions before I decided.

They are talking about the veto comp.

Blah, Blah, Blah in candyland.

J & J in kitchen not talking.

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