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Big Brother After Dark Recap for 7/29/11 pm to 7/30/11 am

July 30th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends – by Chase

We start BBAD with Jeff and Jordan sleeping in the purple room or the tarot room or whatever the hell it is this year. As I write this, BB makes an announcement that sleeping is only aloud in the bedrooms. After hearing this, Jeff and Jordan…do nothing. A few minutes later, they get up and go to the candy bedroom where Shelly is sleeping.

Adam is asleep in the metal bedroom.

Kalia, Lawon, and Dani are in the HOH. General chitchat.

They are on an indoor lockdown – prepping the BY for the POV Comp.

Brendon and Rachel are in the HNR. They took some pillows from one of the bedrooms and are sleeping on them. Isn’t that a violation of being a HN? Hello AG?!?!?! Are you there???? Hmmm…and AG’s response…(crickets) Oh yeah, I forgot BB rule number 34 – the rules are subject to change at any given moment by the producers. How do you like them apples?

Oh look, Whale Wars is on. I love that show. Name me one other show where you can have all the drama in the world by trying to put out a prop fouler. Exciting stuff.

We have a Rachel sighting and she is still bitching. Jordan is telling her not to lose hope. Shut up Jordan. Hang on, Rachel is putting on make up. WTH? Porsche is sitting next to her and they are in the bathroom area. Porsche is saying that they are two of the strongest girls and Jeff is the strongest guy. Rachel saying that Dani is egotistical thinking that she can her in comps. Wow, really Rachel? Porsche talking about who they want to take out. Rachel saying that Dani knows that Porsche is close to her and that is why her key was one of the last ones. Rachel says that Dani has declared war. (Okay, I have had enough – mute)

Dani walks out of the HOH, looks into the kitchen and goes back into the HOH. She tells Kalia that it is a quarter till 10:00. This is going to be a looooong night.

Warning…Warning…Warning…Kalia is in the kitchen…if anyone wants any food, you better get it now. That concludes this warning.

Lawon has decided to come down stairs. He is wearing the HOH robe. Apparently he has been wearing all day.

Brendon, Shelly, Rachel, Porsche, Adam, Jeff, and Lawon in the kitchen cooking for a late night snack.

BB has given them 6 beers and one bottle of wine. Porsche, Brendon, Shelly, Rachel, and Lawon are in the kitchen. Hey Brendon and Rachel, do you guys want a glass of wine? Oh, that is right, I forgot, you guys can’t have any because both of you are on slop!!!!

Adam has made an appearance in his Elf Suit. Too funny. I will post a photo.

Rachel bitching at Kalia. Porsche took the bottle of wine and was going to put it in the fridge so that Rachel could have it after she gets off slop. Rachel says that upon hearing that Porsche was saving it for Rachel, Kalia took the bottle, opened it, and then poured a big glass while looking at Rachel. Rachel claims that she can start drinking at midnight and wanted a glass of wine. Rachel doesn’t understand why Kalia has to be a bitch all of the time – she has been on slop for two weeks and is on the block – why does Kalia have to act that way? Brendon says that she is a horrible person. (I swear, I have never seen someone who thinks that they are so entitled – it just blows my mind – amazing how sore of a losers that they are)

Kalia goes up to HOH to bitch to Dani about Rachel bitching…with her glass of wine. She also brought a glass of wine to Dani. I hope BB gives them more alcohol after midnight and Rachel gets sloshed. A drunk Rachel makes for great feeds. Dani telling Kalia to not let Rachel get to her, half of this game is how you act around everyone – don’t let her throw your game off.

Kalia and Dani join the other in the kitchen. Rachel goes mute and is standing next to Brendon with her arms crossed at the island table. She looks way pissed. Love it.

Lawon is in the BR putting on his huge wig. Still has the HOH robe on.

Warning…Warning…Warning…Kalia just announced that she is not hungry. Downgrade to Foodcon two – all food is safe for at least an hour. That concludes this warning.

Kalia leaves and goes to her bed in the candy room. Dani is called into the DR. Raoch starts talking again. Please Dani and Kalia, come back.

Two hours into BBAD and not much going on. General chitchat and the HNs cooking slop.

Brendon and Rachel talking in the purple room; Brendon saying that Dani is making the stupidest moves in BB history; telling her to stick with Porsche; Something about Jeff – doesn’t think he will do something – could not hear – my guess is that Brendon believes that Jeff will use the Veto if he wins it (first, he has to be picked to play – which I bet whatever you want that he will be playing – and Jeff said earlier that if he wins it, he is not using it – we will see)

Shelly and Brendon in the purple room; Brendon saying that when he leaves and Shelly stops him and says to stop that; why do you want to leave – I am not going to let Rachel go home; Jeff enters the room; Brendon says that if he goes home, he wants them to go after Dani; (isn’t he the one that said don’t play with emotions? Yeah, don’t practice what you preach and belittle Rachel with numerous times a day – freaking hypocrite Jeff telling him to just wait until after the Veto and to see what happens as Jeff thinks that he will go if Rachel and Brendon wins; Jeff says that he can’t take the game personally anymore; be cordial; we have already played the go f*ck your whore mother game, now we need to be pleasant; Brendon saying again that he wants Dani out and Shelly is saying absolutely; Jeff says let’s wait until tomorrow and leaves; Brendon can’t stand that Dani is downstairs with everyone; Shelly wants him to reconsider, she wants him to stay; Jeff comes back in; Jeff bitching; they are asking what the Veto comp tomorrow since it is taking so long to build and that it is the biggest veto so far (inflated ego much?) guessing what the Veto comp might be; Brendon goes back to Dani – he wants to destroy Dani; (in case you are wondering, Rachel is in the DR) Jeff said that he wants to snap her neck; (such gentlemen these guys are) Brendon saying that they have fought so hard for the last three weeks and she had a golden key and hasn’t done anything and she wins a HOH for small footed people – he wants to destroy Dani; he hopes that Kalia gets picked; now they are ragging on Kalia…then WBRB

We are back; they are out of the purple room; Brendon starts talking about the DR and that it is Sarah tonight; Jeff thinks that she might be crying in the DR (the CBS button guy is slow tonight) Brendon tells BB to let Rachel out as she has 8 minutes before she can drink (yeeeee) and eat. Brendon asks Rachel if it was Sarah and Rachel said yes (Button guy must be asleep or on a pee break) Rachel is counting down when she can start drinking and eating; Adam starts to sing…WBRB (Button guy is back) Rachel has fixed her a plate of food and a glass of wine as she waits for the magical moment. Its midnight in BB land and Raoch is eating. And for me, that means that BBAD is officially over. So, as usual, seeing how I have had too much to drink and I had to actually endure three hours of Rachel pouting and bitching (actually, that was the fun part)

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