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Big Brother After Dark Recap for 7/30/11 pm to 7/31/11 am

July 31st, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends – written by Chase

As we start the BBAD on the LFs, we have Jordan, Rachel, Brendon, Adam talking in the purple room about her favorite subject…no, not her self…okay her second favorite subject…no, not Brendon…okay, her third favorite subject…Vegas. Rachel keeps going on and on about Vegas…Jordan leaves…Brendon leaves…Adam is trapped. Rachel talking about how she can’t find a job…I guess there are a lot more people than we realize that watch BB. Rachel realizes that everyone has left and they leave and go into the kitchen

Lawon and Kalia are in the HOH. Kalia is talking about her her favorite subject…no, not food…okay, her second favorite subject…herself. Lawon is just sitting there with a deer in a headlight look. Ummm…I think I will pass.

Okay, now we have Rachel cutting Brendon’s hair or Kalia talking about herself…as sad as it is, I am going with Brendon getting a haircut. Self inflicted torture. Does anyone have any needle nose pliers that I can borrow so I can pull out my fingernails one by one? That has to be better than what I am suffering through now.

Still cutting his hair. She is wearing a t-shirt that says “I (heart) My Hubby”. I am truly speechless. As she is cutting his hair, she says that thinks that Brendon’s parents think that she is a hussy. I wonder where they got that idea? Remember boys and girls, there is no defense to the truth.

Sorry, I have to interrupt BBAD, my tape delay of the final run on the Skateboard Vert Finals is starting. Shaun White is in second and will have to lay down a perfect run to take the lead. Gagon is tough – 4 time X Games winner – and will be hard to beat. Okay…here goes Shaun…nice…land it…720…invert…land it…go Shaun…you got this…YYYYEEEEEESSSSSS….Amazing run….93.00 – SHAUN IS IN THE LEAD. Only competitor left is Gagon. He is capable of hitting a great run…okay, here he goes…OMG…he fell on his first trick…SHAUN WHITE WINS THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, sorry about that…back to BBAD. Good Gawd, Kalia is still talking. I think I liked her better when she was eating all of the time. Kalia saying that she is a writer and that she use to be an actor. An actor? Really? For what? Food commercials? Infomercials for how to annoy someone in less than 30 seconds? Please. Switch.

In the kitchen are Adam, Shelly, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Brendon. Dani is in the DR. No idea where Porsche is.

Apparently they are on an indoor lockdown for maintenance on the on the cameras and mics in the BY.

Back to the HOH. Kalia is still talking. Lawon finally gets a word in and says that he has headache. I feel your pain buddy.

Dani comes up to the HOH and saves Lawon. Dani tells Kalia and Lawon to stop being anti-social and to come down stairs. Kalia says that she is incredibly stressed out; she has to win on Thursday; she thinks that everyone is out to get her – in the words of Dani – Blah, Blah, Blah

As we enter the second hour of BBAD, everyone is in the kitchen talking eating, and drinking.

Shelly has finished her second dinner of the night and has wondered off into the metal bedroom to clean it. After a few minutes, she walks back into the kitchen, where everyone still are, and announces that she will not be cleaning the kitchen if there are ants. Let me get this straight, you can tag a doe at 100 yards with a bow and arrow, but you don’t want to have anything to do with a bunch of ants? Okay then.

Thirty minutes later, everyone is still in the kitchen and Shelly is still bitching about the ants. No one else cares but her. Hey Shelly, every single year (and I really mean every year) there are ants in the kitchen. Go ask BB for some Raid and be done.

As we enter hour three, all feeds are still on the kitchen and just general conversations.

Finally…something. Rachel goes into the HNR and Dani follows her. Dani apologizes for earlier (I guess Dani said something at the POV comp) Dani says that she is really sorry. They hug. Dani says that she hopes that Rachel does not hate her and hopes that she understands that it is a game. It is not personal and she hopes that neither her nor Brendon hates her if one of them leaves this week. Rachel says I guess I was wrong to think that I could have friends in this game. Dani disagrees. Rachel says that Brendon is going to use the POV on himself and that she will get her questions with Julie. Dani says that if Brendon wants to come talk to her, she will listen. Dani hopes that from this point forward, she hopes that she does not take this personal as she will not take what Rachel does personally. Dani wants to be friends. Dani hopes that Rachel understands that it is a game, and it is not personal. Rachel says something catty and Dani asks if she is being sarcastic. Rachel does not respond and Dani says I guess it was sarcastic. Rachel asks how am I not suppose to take it personally, you are coming after me and my fiancée. Dani again says that it is not personal, she is playing a game. Rachel starts being catty again: yes, you are just playing a game and making a big game move and I am going home. Dani takes it in stride and keeps saying that it is not personal; that she does not want to back stab anyone; that she is truly sorry if she hurt her; Rachel is playing the victim and is about to cry; Rachel says that she just wants to enjoy her last couple of days and asks that Dani does not make any more comments like she did; Dani again apologizes and said that she will try to think before she speaks and will not say anything else. Dani again apologizes.

Rachel asked Dani if she would speak to Kalia and ask her not to take all the wine, she just wants to enjoy her last couple of days. Dani says that no one is out to attack her and apologizes again. Rachel says it is just a game, right? Dani sees her comments for the sarcasm that it is and apologizes for her comments and says that she will not make any comments like that again. Dani apologizes for bothering her and says that if she wants to talk, she will be available to talk whenever she wants. Dani leaves.

A few minutes later, Porsche comes into the HNR. Rachel says that she really did not want to talk to her. Porsche says that Dani really seemed to fell bad. Rachel immediately starts ripping into Dani. Rachel’s whole take on the conversation – Dani is just “digging” on me. “I would have never had done this to her.” Porsche: “Yes you would have. Be real. You would have done it.” Rachel ignores Porsche and continues to rag on Dani. Rachel saying this year and last year, all she has done in this game is fight, she is always a target. Rachel continues to bitch, moan, and play the victim.

Dani goes up to the HOH with Kalia and rehashes her conversation with Rachel. Dani is sympathizing with Rachel saying that she has been in her position before and knows what it is like. Dani doesn’t want anyone to feel like she is personally attacking anyone, she has been there and didn’t like so she doesn’t want anyone to feel like that.

Rachel and Porsche leaves the HNR and finds Brendon and Shelly in the kitchen. Rachel wants to rehash the conversation. Rachel tells Brendon that Dani said doesn’t it suck that you get to have your two interviews with Julie. Brendon says what a bitch. Shelly says that is it, I am on the verge. Shelly also says that If anyone does need me for a fight, please contact me as I am ready. Rachel asks Brendon not to say anything. Rachel says that Dani apologized and tried to say that it is just a game – yeah, it is a game and she is allowed to take all the digs she wants at me.

Rachel wonders off and finds Jeff in the purple room and says that Dani said that doesn’t it suck that you didn’t get your interview with Julie when you were HOH twice and now you will get your interview with Julie. Jeff says that he did not hear that. Rachel said that Dani said it when they were at the kitchen table. Rachel talking about how Dani is the mean one. Jeff says again that he did not hear it. Jordan walks in and Rachel rehashes again. Rachel saying that it is mean to make comments like that when she is on the block; being on the block is hard enough; Jeff and Jordan start talking about wanting to go out side into the BY; Rachel won’t give it up and continues to bitch about how mean Dani is. Rachel talking about how she is going home this week and that they need to remember how mean Dani is; Jeff and Jordan disagree with Rachel that she might be going home; Jeff thinks that he is going on the block and may go home; Rachel says no, that it is me.

The Rachel pity party continues; Jeff and Jordan try to tell her that the week is not over; Rachel saying no, that it is me; Jeff gets up and leaves (I think that he has had enough of Rachel) Jordan continues to try to talk sense into Rachel but Rachel wants to continue the pity party. Jordan finally has enough and they get up and leave. Rachel finds Brendon in the LR talking about Canada health care – now he is an expert on Canadian Health Care. Now Shelly joins in and acts like an expert as well.

Well, as sad as it is, that ends BBAD on the LFs.

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