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Big Brother Live Feed Recap 8/1/11 11:40 – noon After PoV Ceremony – Who is Up?

August 1st, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

I got Jordan & Kalia. Jordan is up.

Now I go to Jeff & Shelly. Jeff said he is screwed.

So Brendon saved Rachel.

Shelly is saying she don’t get it.

Dani is with them now. Did you see my mouth

Shelly said everyone was shocked & Dani was about to pass out. She wonders if it was planned or she was genuinely surprised.

I can’t hear the whispers.

I can see Porsche & Brendon both stroking Rachel’s hair in HNR.

Porsche joins Jefdan & Shelly. Talk ends.

Now feed goes to Dani & Kalia in HoH.

Dani said she needs to talk to Porsche to make sure she doesn’t have 2 of them coming after her.

Kalia said she’s young & very impressionable & you can tell you are being friendly.

Dani said she won’t talk to her now.

Kalia said this is way better.

Dani said it’s perfect. It’s what she wanted.

[My husband is home so may not be able to do anymore feeds]

Dani doesn’t think Rachel can win on Thur. Kalia doesn’t either. They think Rachel will be a wreck because Brendon is out the door.

Kalia said she hates this gameplay but has no problem tormenting Rachel through the HoH. She will feel bad but needs her not to win.

Brendon and Jordan are on the block.

Dani and Kalia in HOH. Dani – “This is exactly what I wanted why do I feel so bad? People are crying.”

Everyone is in the kitchen, including Brenchel. Everybody seems cordial, just general talk. The big shock from POV was Brendon saving Rachel. Everyone is giving him credit for saving her, right before they kick his butt out the door.

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