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Big Brother Live Feed Recap for 8/2/11 7 am to Noon

August 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

7am PT – Sleeping

HGs are all sleeping and the lights are off.

9:30 PT – Wake up call was about half an hour ago. Since then Brenchel and Shelly have been sitting out side talking strategy and bashing people. They spend a lot of time talking about Porsche, she officially is a target for them. Apperently all the time spent with Dani has earned her the label floater, which as we all know according to Brenchel is the lowest of the low. There is also some Dani bashing. Shelly keeps telling them that Rachel should stick with the five (Shelly, Adam, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel).

Everyone else is sleeping.

Brenchel and Shelly still sitting outside bashing people, talking about how long people sleep, Brendon’s exit interview with Julie, what’s Dick going to say about Brenchel going after Dani, ect…..

Nothing interesting.

Side note, Jeff is now sleeping with Jordan in the HN room

9:55am PT

It’s just Blechel + Kiss Ass Shelly. Shelly is saying stuff like Porsche shouldn’t have given Rachel’s man a lap dance. It’s disrespectful and blah blah blah.

Blechel justify going after Dani as not personal, it’s their best game play.

Rachel had been called to DR and then comes up whining about this being the worst season for people not listening to BB and not getting up. Brendon keeps saying it’s the same

Rachel thinks they will get Dani out and ED will say Dani is the worst player in BB history. Brendon said he has a lot of respect for Dick. [I am sure you do]

Now talking about how Dani hasn’t done anything and all she’s done is sit back and relax.

Shelly said regardless of what she does she will never overcome EDs name. Shelly said Dani could win, that’s not gonna happen and she will never not be known as ED’s daughter.

& now I am on mute.

11:24am PT
People are starting to get up so I unmute but I am stuck with Brendon saying some crap about drunk drivers.

But Jeff was outside with him and Porsche and Kiss Ass.

I have seen Adam up so he may have been out there as well.

Lawon was brushing his teeth and I think Jordan was waiting for WC.

Feeds were blocked and then I see Jordan brushing her teeth.


Lawon is getting dressed in BR. Jordan going through toiletries.

So nothing to see as feeds get blocked again.

11:45am PT
Blechel working Porsche. Rachel saying Jordan has won before and Brendon will be a target and he will go after Dnaiele and so will Rachel. Rachel says it will be beneficial to everyone’s game.

Porsche wants to know who Shelly would put up and says she doesn’t talk to her about that stuff. Brendon told her not to worry.

Rachel said you are not our target and if Brendon’s here.

Porsche said she doesn’t trust Shelly. She runs back and forth.

Brendon said she’s not targeting her.

Rachel said they should think about it. Jordan is a nice girl

Porsche says Jordan is campaigning too but not to her because she knows she is voting for Brendon.

Rachel said Jordan has won before. Porsche said I am the one that told you to use that so don’t need to tell me. Stop campaigning.

Rachel said she is not trying to put her on the spot.

Porsche said you did it right in front of Shelly. If I had said yes to voting for Dominic she would do that too.

Brendon said I don’t think she follows your vote.

Porsche said she asked her.

Brendon said she’s curious, she dfoesn’t follow your vote.

Porsche said for days she had agreed so I finally said OK to get her off my back. She is totally skteched off by her

Brendon said Shelly is a good person to have on your side. There are people you shouldn’t trust and those are Daniele and Kalia.

Porsche said that is level 1 and Shelly is a level 2.

Rachel asked what is her relationship with Adam.

Porsche says she loves him

Adam comes out. Rachel said Jordan won a helf million dollars and keeping Brendon keeps a huge target so it’s good for everyone. So when Dani, Kalia and Lawon are gone they can put up Blechel because that would be a good game move at that point. So it keeps them here for three weeks. Then if he puts them up they won’t hate him because it is a great game move.

On the other feed Jefdan + Kiss Ass are in the kitchen. Lawon is there too. Jeff now walks outside to eat.

12pm PT
NOTHING going on.

Dani is laying out.

Jeff & Blechel on the couches outside.

Adam, Lawon, Porsche & Kiss Ass in the kitchen talking about alcohol and other things of no interest.

I may be out for the day so I can do something constructive.

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