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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Recap for 8/9/11 8am to 12:30pm

August 9th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

8am P – ZZZzzzZZZzzz
The house is sleeping and lights are off.

8:49am P – UP
BB got them up while I was in the shower.

My feed is outside with Adam and Shelly. Adam reporting back what was being talked about last night.

They say Lawon is an idiot for volunteering to go up. You always use PoV on yourself and never volunteer to go up.

Adam said the good thing about Daniele is she can separate game from real life.

Shelly said Porsche isn’t on our side at all.

Now talking that it will be five on two for HoH and they control the vote. Adam said even if Porsche or Dani win they control the vote.

Adam said it doesn’t matter who goes 1st, Porsche or Daniele. Shelly wants Porsche out 1st. She is tired of Porsche lying. [Meaning Porsche is the only one who has Shelly’s number] Shelly said daniele controls Porsche and Porsche has given complete commitment to Daniele so everything goes to them. Shelly said she’s a piece of work. Shelly thinks when it comes to the game she just wants to be cutesy and not do much and is very fickle.

Adam thinks daniele and Kalia more important to take out 1st. If she doesn’t have anyone to bring info too.

Shelly said if Lawon goes out and comes back he is going back up. Rachel needs to go after this next time. She agrees that Daniele and Kalia need to go. Without a doubt.

Adam said he is going back to sleep. He said we’re alright for now. Shelly said for today.

So they go inside and now I am off to run some errands. Someone please cover but it looks like the rest of the house is asleep.

10am P

Wow. Now I had to minimize my feeds as well. They are zooming in on Rachel’s fugly face and just not hearing her is good enough so now I have no idea what is going on.

Nope. I bring it back up and it is still extreme closeup on the fugliness.

I believe the rest of the house is sleeping. Kalia may be in DR and I think Shelly was primping in the BR but not sure.

10:35am P
Nothing going on. two feeds on Shelly, Rachel and Kalia outside. Shelly is bragging some house, pool, outdoor kitchen, guest house, stainless steel appliances, pool table, big screen tv, you can shower 20 people at a time in the shower. I am not sure who’s house she is talking about.

The other two feeds are on Adam sleeping.


10:55Am P
Ive kind of been listening to Rachel and Shelly. Rachel is talking about having a hard time finding a job. Shelly suggested retail and Rachel said she gets bored easily. She doesn’t get hired because they know she’s been on BB. Rachel thinks she would be a great teacher.

Inside Kalia is washing dishes or something. Maybe she is just getting herself something to eat or drink. Not sure.

I think Kalia is making a big jug of tea or sweet tea.

Rachel just started telling Shelly that she has a great idea for an online business to do with her sister but then Shelly is called to the DR. So now all 4 feeds on Rachel outside by herself.

11:10am C

Now it’s Kalia and Rachel outside just chatting away. Talking about food of course since it’s Kalia after all.

Slop talk.

Just friendly talk. Getting along fine. No game talk so far.

11:15am P
Kalia said she knows Daniele wants to talk to Rachel.

Rachel asked why she put up Lawon.

Kalia said as a pawn. She doesn’t know why he is being weird.

Rachel said a pawn that goes home?

Kalia said a pawn that I have options.

Rachel said Lawon is probably the only person she has a chance staying against.

Kalia said she was thinking voting scenarios. She talked to Porsche, Shelly, Adam and Lawon about going up and he was the only one who didn’t freak out about going up. After the week I’ve had I don’t want to make anyone mad at me. Then Lawon is telling people he didn’t know, it’s weird. He’s acting sketchy and I don’t like it

Rachel: He’s acting really sketchy

Kalia: He said people will turn on you

Rachel: They will

Kalia: I know. What is he doing? He is making me look like I did something sketchy and I told you. We talked last night and he said people think he volunteered last night and I told him it wasn’t last night but he did volunteer

Rachel: If you put him up as a pawn or options but from my perspective he is the only one that would keep me here, give me a chance to stay in the house. There’s also this whole twist thing. Even if I did get voted out I guarantee I am coming back. I view what you did, you gave me a chance. Don’t know if it’s your intention but that’s how I’m viewing it. I appreciate it. I know someone told you I think I have the votes, I swear on my life I have never said that. I haven’t talked game with anyone. I just laid it out on the line. I promise you, I havent mentioned it when you put Lawon up that I was excited. of course I am going to try to get votes. It’s a game. I think I’m ina position where I don’t have anyone. I am thinking, you can correct me if I am wrong. There are two players. 1s that talk alot and don’t step up and ones that win, being HoH is the hardest spot in the house. You nominate people and get pissed at you. They talk to people and they get pissed off. The whole entire house gets mad and you’re a target and you can’t compete in HoH next week. If you make the wrong decision you go home next week or is nominated. You can get BDd, anything

Kalia: I have an idea and that’s also what I want to talk to you about and Daniele. That’s where the conversation bleeds into waiting til later

Rachel: I would be weary because there are people, not just turn on you but the worst player in the game is the one that is always safe. The worst player is the one saying I want to win HoH and keep you safe but then guess who falls or isn’t trying and they are no good to anyone

Kalia: It’s no secret that you and Jefdan really want floaters out of the game. I get that. I can’t lie and say, I stand by not having an issue with the floater sttategy because it is a strategy. But then you’re doing the dirty work of the house.

FRachel: They know they’re not targets

Kalia: There are people if they win they definitely

Rachel: They put themselves in position that they don’t have to win and let people do the dirty work

Kalia: I know they exist and get further because you take out the bigger hurdles first and the season always goes like that so why people come in with that blueprint. I don’t havw a problem taking floaters out. Worry about someone else’s game than keep mine secure.

Rachel: You also have to worry that you can’t compete in HoH. If Dani wins yoyu’re safe. If I win I told you you’re safe and I mean that. You need to think. You hear what people say to you as HoH. I heard last night people say it’s 5 against two in HoH

Kalia: Who are the five and two

Rachel: Against you and Daniele

Kalia: Or you’re leaving so against Jefdan

Rachel: No because they say it to me and Jeff. Maybe Porsche? It will be like that every week. They just keep saying. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on

Kalia: I know the tone of the house. They will say whatever to keep themselves safe and do the same next week with who is upstairs. As far as I am concerened there is probably only one person I trust. I don’t think, I know people think I am not playing my own game but I very much am and think I have a pretty good brain on my shoulders. If I make some foibles along the way, there’s definitely more to this discussion to have.

Rachel: You don’t want to talk without Daniele.

Kalia: I don’t mind but we said we would talk together and just having the same conversation twice

Rachel: I have heard people say they will nominate you. That’s ridiculous. I have heard people say that I need to get rid of Kalia. I just listen and say I am not putting her up. They say this is why and I say mm hmm. I tell you if I stay I am not putting you up. I hope that’s why you put Lawon up. If I do stay I am not going after you.

Kalia: Like I said before, I will never not, if it’s something that’s good or positive or going to help my game I am not going to not consider it. Putting you up and let you play for PoV wasn’t what you wanted but I didn’t put you in a BD position then putting Lawon up as a pawn, not saying set in stone but saying all is not lost and that’s what it comes down to. I know there’s other stuff to be said. I’d rather have the conversation later and not sitting outside. It sucks because people aren’t awake either.

Rachel: Don’t worry I got the backup sushi conversation planned.

Kalia: It’s not an absolute, there are certain thingds that are obvious and some not. I did put up someone you could possibly. To be completely honest a lot has to do with the conversation later. Im not gonna lie. It’s not a hopeless conversation

Rachel: You guys know that this week someone could come back and also

Kalia: That’s always been in the back of my mind and then I went into the DR and got it read to me like 11 times and sat and did the consideration that I didn’t have between Thur and Fri things outside of the plan that I had, thinking about how we lost a week and need it back, there has to be a double eviction week and thinking about, I don’t think it’s, I know sometimes things are super obvious in what it seems but there’s a chance that the person won’t come back but chance they were rose drastically when I read it. Deals for second part of the week went up. Looking at everything I make a decision what info I have at the time and now have different Information. Later when everyone is laying out you can come inside.

Rachel: I don’t think anyone is going to lay out. I feel all they do is sleep

Kalia: We went to bed like 4:30, 5.

Rachel: I went to bed at like two. I feel two is normal.

11:35am C
Ugh. Kalia said she misses her boyfriend so of course Rachel says she misses her fiance. Kalia said she hasn’t seen him for six weeks. Rachel said they had only been dating a month when she went in so has been gone longer than they’ve been dating. Kalia said they’ve been talking for awhile. Kalia worries things will be different between her and her boyfriend when they get out.

Kalia wonders if Dan is still with Monica. Rachel said he just got married and not to Monica.

Kalia siad James isn’t with Sarah.

Rachel said if Kalia hadn’t done this she would have regretted it. When you find the right person, she believes after meeting Brendon you know. How Kalia describes their connection, it won’t change. She and Brendon have been through so much sh*t and could have easily give up. But the connection they have, there is something more than, it’s almost like their souls are connected.

11:45am P
Shelly is outside now. Talk goes to sweet tea.

Shelly asked Kalia what is she going to write to Derek tomorrow.

So now it’s blog talk. Rachel said they edit your blog so you can put eff you eff that and they will just take it out. Kalia offered to say hi to whoever they want and Rachel said she doesn’t think they are allowed to. Kalia said she already asked the rules and said she could. Shelly doesn’t think her parents or Tony even know to read the blog or that it exists.

11:55am P

Been all Facebook/ Twitter talk. Shelly de-activated her FB before going in. Kalia has hers on private. Shelly doesn’t want people to get pictures of Josie for people to photochop. Rachel said her FB syncs to her phone so Brendon’s niece Alex has her phone number on hers. They talk about the kids being stupid on FB and not setting stuff up.

Rachel now talks about her and Brendon trying to win a wedding from Crate and Barrell and people writing to C&B to say they shouldn’t win. She said people call people’s jobs and Matt got in trouble because…


Rachel had someone call her cell and threaten her and she told Brendon she was scared. She did call the police.


12:02pm P
Rachel: Don’t get on the Internet. Whatever anyone says, it doesn’t matter. It could be like…


Shelly; I’ll take their criticism good but if someone just attacks to attack

Rachel: They will attack and will make up new screennames…


Kalia: Talk a mile a minute so I can’t and don’t care to keep up. Something about the church praying over her being in there and her Grandma is known in the city and telling people.

Shelly: If I took my FB off how would people know.

Kalia and Rachel telling her how it’s in the media and so on.


Rachel: I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I appreciate that stuff but.

Kalia: I am talking about the beach balls or something

Rachel: Oh that’s OK. When Brendon and I..

Shelly: If there is a picture in People magazine I hope Tomy got that.

Rachel: Did you have an interview with People?

both say yeah

Rachel: Then it’s in there. TV Guide…


Shelly: If they ran an article on him and her I wouldn’t mind. A small paper? I have no desuire to stalk anyone in my life

Rachel: They find the most random stuff. If Adam wants the Adam show, have the Adam show.

Shelly: My biggest fear, I hope there is something for him because he is counting on that.

Kalia: I did not come here with

Shelly: No one has made it from here

Kalia: That’s not entirely true

Shelly: Who has?

Kalia”: It is possible people will know you and host little gigs. Not super famous.

Rachel: That comes from hard work. You can’t just be like I was on BB so I am famous and hire me

Shelly; Did you have people appRachel you saying manage you

Rachel: Of course but they are all phoney.

Shelly: Then how did you get The Bold and The Beautiful?

Rachel: From CBS

BB has enough of trying to cover up that talk so now all 4 feeds switch inside where Jeff is getting dressed.

12:10pm P

Stalker alert. Shelly goes inside and tells Jeff he looks good in orange and then calls him “perdy boy”.

Jeff goes to WC and all 4 feeds follow.

he comes out and Shelly asked why he hasn’t worn that. He said he has. She said she hasn’t noticed and said it’s really cute. Now she tells him his hair looks really good too.


Jeff is primping and singing to himself so feeds keep getting blocked.

Jeff goes outside where Rachel is saying she did it last summer because it looked fun. It wasn’t something she was doing for any other reason but for the experience. She went to an open call…


Now talk about Big Jeff being up.

Jeff thought he was called to the DR but thinks he was dreaming.

Rachel asked if she could have some of Kalia’s tea. Kalia said she made it for the house.

Dishes talk. Kalia said she washes the stuff she uses so doesn’t know what changed. Shelly said some people have a meal and don’t wash it.

Now talking about Kalia making brewed tea and it is better than the powder.

They talk about the music played today. Weird Al Yankovic…


12:28pm P
I just walk in on Rachel reporting her talk with Kalia to Shelly and Jeff. Jeff says they [other side] don’t have the votes. Rachel said she hasn’t talked to Lawon at all this game. Shelly said he doesn’t talk any game.

Shelly says Lawon talks about superficial stuff.

Shelly says she is either overthinking it or she’s right.

Jeff said you never know. Jeff goes inside.

Rachel: COuld you see Adam voting for Lawon to stay? Kalia said depneding on the conversation they have today is when she stays or not

Shelly: She wants to control you. Just listen to her and keep your mouth shut. Just know she’s going to try to make you swear on Brendon

Rachel: f*ck that

Shelly: Keep your mouth shut and just know we have you a billion %. Just know you have the votes and don’t be the normal competitive Rachel. Just shut up. It’s all set up for us so we are all shutting up and listening and carrying on til Thur

Rachel: I’m shocked. She told me Dani wants to talk to me too

Shelly: She does. They are backpeddling. They’re scared

Rachel: That I woudl win HoH or come back if they evict me

Shelly: You may have to break promises.

Rachel: I can’t swear on Brendon

Shelly: Say it’s against your religion or cross your fingers. Do what you have to do

Rachel: I can’t lie to people. I am really bad at that

Shelly: Find a way not to lie

Rachel: I am the worst liar in america

Shelly: If they say swear you wouldn’t put me up you can and then put them up and say I didn’t put you up, I put you on the block.

Rachel: I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know.

Shelly: Use your ears in proportion to your mouth and you will get far this week. We have worked quite hard to get it to this point for you. You were going and we had to get that off the table

Rachel: I don’t know how she can say she would never put up Jordan and then say she was considering. If you say it, you don’t do it. and if people say do it you say listen buddy. I won HoH.

Shelly: her middle ground was Lawon and it got Jordan off and you back and that took 3 or 4 hours of conversation to get them to that conclusion on their own. You just have to stay calm and do what you’re doing. Be friendly, happy, personable.

Rachel: I’m trying.

Shelly: You can’t second guess everything you’re doing. In mormal life you don’t second guess everything. Just do it. You can’t do that here. I hope in some ways I am not wrong about Lawon because don’t want to be that far off.

Rachel: I hope that you are. Do you think he will go and come back

Shelly: I just think he’s part of the twist. No one can come in and do nothing. Even the dumbest players talk game

Rachel: Porsche. Enzo never talked game.

Shelly: Yes he did

Rachel: Dan never talked game to anyone ever and he won

Shelly: He was a good player. Talked when he needed to and teamed with right player which what we trying to do here

Rachel: Michele and Natalie in Season 11 never talked game. Natalie got to second place. Horrible game player.

Shelly: She rode on Jesse’s back.

Rachel: I feel that is what Lawon is doing. Riding under the radar

Shelly: i don’t think he’s that smart to figure it out and think Porsche is way more dangerous

Rachel: Me too. She could win something

Shelly; Porsche needs to go. You know she tells daniele everything

Rachel: UI haven’t talked to her since Brendon left. She told me I went crazy when Brendon left

Shelly: They filled her head.


Rachel: Stripped away from my fiance would act…

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