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Big Brother 13 Episode 16 8/11/11 Recap Redemption Island

August 12th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

Julie says it’s Day 41. She tells us that no one will get a special power but the person evicted will battle the person we allegedly chose to get back into the house.

Then we go to confessionals after the PoVc. Rachel said she can’t believe that Kalia put up Lawon. Lawon says he loves it and he is 99% sure if he’s evicted he will come back with super powers. Jeff can’t believe they nominated one of their own and they are either intelligent or so stupid because the numbers will be in his favor so he is going with stupid. Kalia tells us she wants whoever is evicted to not come after her if they come back so that’s why Lawon is up.

Ugh. Then we had to watch Lawon’s phony act like he had no idea he was going up. Shelly is right there to watch and Lawon says he would not volunteer. Shelly never asked him that. Shelly said he better be fired up now. She asked him if he did volunteer and he says no. She tells us that something seems fishy because why would you put up someone you’re tight w/?

Shelly goes right up to the HoH and busts in while Kalia is sleeping to ask her if Lawon volunteered. Kalia said he did. They don’t show you that Shelly later loses her shit over this whole thing.

Jeff says they are so dumb. Shelly tells him about Lawon. Lawon comes into the Have Not Room and you just see Shelly clearly agitated by him but doesn’t say anything at that time.

Rachel tells us that she has to make Kalia and Daniele think she will work with them. Oh so does that mean you will make a deal and break it? I always forget that it is OK for the “good people” to do but if anyone else does they are the most horrible people to walk the earth.

So Rachel goes to HoH to wheel and deal with Kalia and Daniele. I actually already covered this in the live feeds when it happened. Let me try to give you the full story but also streamline it. Rachel made the threat that if they vote her out, she is just coming back anyway and will be after them. Like she isn’t already. But it’s not good for their game to get her out and should be going for floaters. Daniele pointed out that if Rachel’s whole thing is getting floaters, then she shouldn’t be after anyone in the room as they are clearly not floaters. Rachel said she respects Kalia now because she won a competition. Kalia stupidly said they control the votes to get her out or keep her. Kalia wants a deal if Rachel doesn’t go then she doesn’t go after her and Daniele because after all, if it was Rachel and Brendon, they make deals to save both them so Kalia wants to keep her alliance safe too. Rachel agrees to everything. They tell her to keep her fugly mouth shut and if they hear she is telling people their deal, it’s off. I laugh when we get a confessional of Kalia arrogantly declaring that they control Porsche’s vote and Shelly will vote how she tells her. I think that girl is on drugs. Rachel asked if she and Daniele should continue to act like they hate each other. Daniele said they’ve been cordial so they should continue to be.

Rachel tells us if they are stupid enough to keep her then they will feel the wrath of Rachel. Rachel goes to Jordan and tells her there were no deals offered. Jordan thought that was odd. Of course Shelly walks in because that guy gets into everything. Shelly starts spouting off that Rachel shouldn’t listen to Kalia and Daniele. Rachel again denied that any deals were offered. Shelly tells us that he doesn’t trust Rachel.

So now it’s time for Shelly to try to work Daniele. She asked what was up with Lawon. Daniele said he’s lost his mind. She joked about having two nutjobs in the house. one that needs to be locked up and the other is going to stab her in her sleep. Then Shelly slithers into the topic he wanted to talk about and says that by the way Rachel came down from HoH, she thought a deal had been made. This of course pisses Daniele off that Rachel went against what they said and she didn’t keep her mouth shut.

Daniele tells Kalia she is having second thoughts about keeping Rachel. She told her about Shelly saying Rachel was acting weird and wondering if they made a deal.

Julie Chen goes live to the house. Daniele said the twist has affected the game to an extent but it’s BB and what’s going to happen is going to happen so you should play as you don’t know there’s a twist.

Shelly was asked about all the crying this week and he said it is a pressure cooker and been tense so people cry.

Jordan was asked about the Have Not competition. She said that Jeff and Rachel had tied it and she tried to chug it but lost it. She balls everything up inside and then has to let it out. She’s been on slop and sleeping in that room for 14 days and is “gripey”.

Jeff thinks the game gets harder in the second ½. When you see people talking you always think they are talking about you. This time around it’s nice to see emotions get the best of other people instead of him. because he’s not emotional at all.

We got a segment with Rachel’s alleged enemies from last year but I don’t know how you could do that without having Britney unless you are trying to give Rachel a good edit. because we mostly saw Ragan who is now friends with the snatch. Ragan said once they got out of the house they found out they really like each other. They work out and drink together and he is even going to be in their wedding. We also saw Matt but they didn’t give him as much airtime. I am going to guess because he isn’t all pro-Rachel like his buddy. Matt said Rachel is the only person who cries without tears. Ragan got all Dr Phil and told us how Rachel doesn’t know how to play BB on her own because she’s always had Brendon and basically made excuses for her behavior. He said she “crybernates” but then snaps out of it.

Julie continues her streak of talking to any HoH but Rachel and talks to Kalia. Kalia said her biggest challenge as HoH is dealing with the twist. She wanted Rachel out but she could come back. She doesn’t have any regrets. She plays hard and whatever happens is meant to happen. If Lawon goes she will feel a little responsible for that. She claims to be a loyal friend and this is all for the game’s sake. She considers Jefdan her friends and she misses the friendship she had with Jordan and is trying to fix it. That’s why you’re so stupid. Maybe outside of the game you can fix it but as Daniele reminded people, Jefdan don’t talk to anyone from their season. You are not going to be BFFs with her out of the house. The Claymates just make me crazy that they think they have to kiss up to “America’s Favorites” and that the fantards will love them too. Not. Gonna. Happen.

The Nominee’s speech time. Rachel said the usual. Thanks to family and friends. She misses and loves Brendon. She knows they will do the right thing and remember the twist. Lawon said it’s been a great summer and he fell in love with them all. He won’t say anything cruddy like spineless jellyfish but says “do you”. Only you gets the money.

The votes went as expected if you watch or read the feeds. 6-0 to evict Lawon. As Lawon is walking to the door Julie tells him to hold on a minute and tells them to go sit down. She says for the first time in BB history the evicted HG will battle one of the first 4 evicted who have been sequestered separately. America’s Vote determined which one of them had the chance to come back in.

We go outside and see Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Brendon. Keith and Cassi were both shocked to see Brendon had been evicted. Dominic said he wants back in the house so bad he will offer up his 1stborn or his brother. Brendon said it would mean a lot to him because he gave up his game to Rachel.

They learn Lawon was the one evicted and you see the look of shock on their faces that Rachel survived that. Then you see Dominic’s look of excitement that the odds are better to get in against him.

Julie said there were over two million votes. She tells Keith and Cassi they are out of the running. Julie said it was close but allegedly Brendon got over a million votes and he is returning. LMAO. They are so obvious in fixing this season it isn’t even funny. Everyone knew it was going to be Brendon and the votes wouldn’t even matter. I know there are some people out there that did actually vote for him and those are the same people that need to get locked up with Lawon. If you voted for Brendon, you clearly hate this show or the true fans of it. Or you’re a Claymate and just wanted to help out Jefdan. Sorry to be a bitch but you can not possibly watch the feeds and see how abusive Brendon is to everyone in that house and truly want to continue watching that. He totally abuses Rachel. The girl is a mess because of him. She was a happy, bubbly person before the sabatoe came into her life to take away everything she’s ever known or loved. He ruins the game. and yeah, I know there are Daniele haters out there too that probably voted for him for that.

But let’s go to the competition between Brendon and Lawon. It was called “That’s How We Roll”. A bunch of soccer balls would drop into the yard and they had to get the 14 different HG names and then throw them into a hole like one of those basketball games at a carnival that brings more thoughts of a fix. It will only fit 14 so if you duplicate names it will screw you over. Whoever has the most in after 3 minutes wins and if it’s a tie, the first person to get a ball in wins. Lawon was no competition at all and of course Rachel was cheating as usual and yelling out which color ball Brendon needed to get. Most were cheering on only Brendon until Brendon had all 14 in and Lawon still had time to shoot so then they cheered him on when they knew he was out. Brendon is back in the house.

The show ends with Julie saying we would find out on Sunday’s show who won HoH and who they nominated.

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