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Big Brother Live Feed Recap for 8/12/11 10am to 3:45pm

August 12th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

10:17am P

OK. I believe they are on BY LD. My audio is Daniele and Porsche in the hammock. The couples are pawing at each other on the couches across the yard.

I just saw Adam, he is walking the yard.

Porsche: No one will play bags anymore now that Lawon is gone

Dani: We should play a game for him. I really like it

Porsche: I don’t.

Shelly is probaly trying to listen in

Dani: Definitely

Por: That’s disgusting. Go home. It sucks. They will make it far.

Dani: When you need to you can get her out. I don’t think it will be that hard at all. That’s why every single year there’s always, like how are they still here. You have to drag them. What has it done for him. He has no shot at winning and gets second place. Just because you know the BB book doesn’t mean you know how to play. She can’t win jack squat either which is great. I have no doubt in my mind. She can’t win, period.

Dani is now talking about if she was at home she would still be sleeping on a Friday morning.

Por: I really didn’t think it would be more than 900. How did you get 1315?

Dani; I made up random numbers. Originally was gonna put 1600 but was so nervous and thought overestimated and put lower and gonna be 12 so then went higher. Do we have to look at those two in the mirror. I want to throw up. His hair is hilarious. [If you didn’t know, Brendon didn’t have Rachel to shave his head so he had the wrong guard on and shaved a bald spot on top of his head. I am sure he will tell her it’s her fault he did it]

Dani; PT was like, when Julie said grabbing balls and put in a code he said “was that code” I was like absoultely. I miss him. Lots of fun aroun the house.

Por: When you lay back like this, they can’t see your face. [How she is laying in the hammock]

Dani: Sending their minions around [because Adam keeps walking behind them]

10:27am P

Porsche asked if she thinks Shelly has a lot of money. Dani does. Porsche asked hers or her husband’s? Dani thinks they both do really well.

Porsche said she is trying to figure out how to hang the HoH robe up in her room and put the wig on top of it. [To be Lawon]

Porsche said people either going to think I am funny or obnoxious. Dani said she’s fine either way.

Danhi: We’re going to have so much fun in Vegas it will be redick [that’s how she said ridiculous]

Teh girls are quiet now. Porsche’s eyes are closed. Dani has sunglasses on so don’t know if she’s napping as well.

All I can hear is Brendon’s f*cking voice. Not paying attention to what he’s saying. I think he’s talking to Jeff.

Shelly and Jordan are laying on one of those sun bed things and they are chatting. But I am staying here.

I can also hear weights so maybe the boys are working out. Not sure.

10:51am P
Now I am on mute as it went to the boys lifting weights and Rachel still has to paw at Brendon and tell him she is starting at him while he lifts weights. HURL.

So I guess I’m out til lockdown is over.

12:15pm P
I think most people are sleeping.

I see Shelly puttering around the kitchen.

Adam is outside kissing up to Blechel. Adam is talking about the PoV he played and almost won. I am muting as I do when it is anything involving Blechel.

When I had the audio on earlier when I was puttering around the house I heard Jordan going in-depth to Shelly about how bad her periods are and needs meds and was put on birth control that just made her cry all the time. I had to mute that when it got to Shelly telling her how great a person she is for taking care of her family and that Jordan’s Mom did such a good job and so on. Really over the top kissing up that made me want to barf.

So nothing going on I guess.

12:42pm P
Still got Adam kissing Blechel’s ass. He is saying when he flipped on Lawon it was because he said if he comes back he is after whoever voted him out but it’s dude who got you out put you on the block. [Then that would be Lawon for volunteering]

Blechel say exactly and I am back on mute.

12:57pm P
Rachel heads to HoH. Brendon right behind her. She knocks. No answer. She puts her ear to the door. Knocks again. Ear to the door. Big sigh. Blechel walk back downstairs.

Rachel says Nomninations are a do over. I guess I’m going to go pee. She heads to WC. Brendon follows her to the BR. Shelly is in there. Brendon said no nap for you? Shelly said no. Brendon said I should ask one more time what did Josie wear for her first day of school. Shelly said she is out in 20 minutes.

Now it’s kid talk so I am back on mute.

Shelly is trying to put makeup on his face. Brendon is sitting on the bench and eating a banana. Rachel is out of WC. Didn’t wash hands but I think she is taking out the garbage and now putting a bag in. Washing hands now.

1:41pm P
I can’t really cover for awhile or even the night. Hubby is home and gotta take my son to guitar and run errands for a party tomorrow. But I got a couple minutes.

Kalia and Daniele in HOH. Kalia is saying something about Porsche and Janelle. I wasn’t paying attention yet. and of course Kalia is stuffing her face as she talks.

Kalia: No nmatter what the deal is we have to play PoV like our lifes depend on it. I don’t trust that Adam and Shelly won’t use PoV

Dani: I would just put someone else up

Kalia: You would put up Jeff.

Dani: Yeah

Kalia: You can’t put anyone else up. People don’t know how to vote in this house and have asskissing deals w/ Blechel.

Dani: I was thinking, if Jeff goes up, you, Porsche and Jordan, that’s it. No matter what. As long as your girlfriend’s swear. I know you guys aren’t going to turn so it’s no big deal.

Couldn’t understand the eating talking

Now Dani talking about her dream. I don’t care, you don’t care. So I will wait…

And here comes Shelly. She asked if they want burger or chicken on the grill. They both say chicken. Shelly yells it down to Adam and he asked if they want BBQ or regular. Shelly asked Kalia to go tell Adam what she wants because she wants to talk to Daniele.

Kalia shoves some food in her face and grabs a thing of ice cream and leaves.

Shelly: What you thinking

Dani: I don’t know. Kind of all over the place

Shelly: Why.

Shelly: You guys know I told you I was concerened w/ Lawon

Dani: He was clearly not a threat or never a threat

Shelly: He told me some stories

Dani: Rachel has told some huge lies

Shelly: She’s easy to take out

Dani: How is Lawon not, he hasn’t won anything

Shelly: We tlaked about people in our 4 and if he’s lying. People don’t like her, why not sit next to her and kick her butt at the end.

Dani: Rachel is obviously lying so why wouldh’t you sit next to someone who did nothing and coast to the end?

Shelly; He was lying and getting some things in the game

Dani: He got nothing in this game. I 100% know.

Shelly: You were right on the other stuff so right on that. You sound frustrated. With me?

Dani: Everyone I was trying to help, it’s hard when you go out of your way to help people and no one gives it back. Clearly it’s not doing much for me so don’t know what to do

Shelly: I understand what you’re saying. I have had your back from the beginning. You’re not going up

Dani; You say you want best for Kalia and I but I don’t understand how it was in our best interest for Rachel to stay here and you were happy when Brendon came back

Shelly: I can’t be in his face brutal. It’s not me. I don’t care if Joe Blow is big jerk to me. You talk about jury a lot and it’s not worth it to me to stare at you two do your crap again

Dani: I don’t understand in any way shape or form why it was best to keep Rachel period

Shelly: Kalia came to me and said don’t be hung out on your own and vote for Rachel

Dani; No Kalia said

Shelly: You can ask her in front of me. Her exact words were the votes are changing don’t get hung out to dry

Dani: What she told me was the bvotes are changing

Shelly: Bring her up here. Let’s have a head to head.

Dani goes to find Kalia. She tells her Shelly wants to have a head to head w/ you because she is saying you said things I don’t believe.

They head upstairs and I am pissed because it’s been sh*t all day and now I literally have to go and the good stuff starts.

Shelly: I want to make sure we’re clear on this issue. You came in the BR late before ceremony and said the votes are changing make sure you’re not hung out there

Kalia: I said make sure she, not you

Shelly: You said me not to get hung out to dry. You know you said that

Kalia: No. We were back and forth in the room every time the votes were different

Dani” We knew you were voting to keep Rachel”Shelly: I told you that from the beginning. I didn’t lie

Dani: I didn’t know that

Shelly: I was open and honest about everything

Kalia: I said make sure she didn’t get hung out to dry. I told you to tell me and you didn’t so I knew you were voting for her.

Shelly; Did I tell you from the beginning my concerens about Lawon. I told you tell me what we’re doing. You said you had Adam and Porsche. Adam said he wasn’t. Porsche said she was voting to keep Rachel. So am I out of the block? You said very nicely, the votes are changing, don’t get hung out to dry. So I knew then, you didn’t want to break a tie and protect yourself. I thought protecting me.

Kalia: I don’t remember saying you don’t get hung out to dry. We didn’t even find out til last minute what Adam was even doing. Even the moment Lawon left we don’t know why he did what he did

Shelly: I got confirmation of what he did because I martched into the DR and got it confirmed…


1:55pm P

Shelly: He told me w/ the whole job thing he couldn’t talk about celebrities and he lied the entire time

Dani: He can’t even swallow a glass of milk.

Shelly: You’ve been right about a lot of things in this game but I do think there is more to Lawon then we know and wil find out when we leave this house. We talked very openly about people and shared many a things where others are not honest and open and tell you what you want to hear. I am honest and do tell the truth. I take it personally when I am lied to. When you lie to me and I find out about it, yes…


Dani: I don’t get it

Shelly: I totally understand how you feel and watching…


Kalia: They will honor the HoHs request so to speak

Shelly: Adam kept going back and forth and you said you had Adam

Kalia: No you said you had Adam. I didn’t want to tell you how to vote because I won’t do that to anyone. I kept telling you Rachel was the bigger threat. I was trying to ask you to vote for Rachel. I didn’t want to do a tie breaker. I told you I wanted to talk to Rachel but didn’t and told Dani I was voting Rachel out. I was going to have a target on me and it sucks but I am voting her out. Then people went, so many people scared to go against them and it’s weird to me

Shelly: You were scared all week. Be 100% honest. If we are going to call a spade spade, you put up a floater because you wanted the favor of Jefdan

Kalia: I asked you

Shelly: and the sky opened up and you said it was brilliant

Kalia: I said why do I do this 7 you said it takes your target from 3 to 0. I said I want to protect myself and Dani. That is what I was trying to convince her. I knew it was sucky to keep her but if we can roll through

Shelly: You talked to Dani and she got upset so you came at me again and said I think I found a middle point and put up Lawon

Kalia: I did not say Lawon because that didn’t come up til later that night

Shelly: Absolitely you did. You said I am trying to find a middle point to make me and Dani happy. You said Lawon then that way everyone can vote how they want. It’s not POorche because Dani has Porswche and Por tell Dani everything that is being said

Kalia: I swear I do not remember saying Lawon

Dani: It doesn’t matter. People say they abide by HoH but that’s not BB. The point is further the people you want at the end. That’s what I am dong and it sucks that people leave me out to dry. I try to benefit everyone else who I want to be F5 or 6 w.. If I stay w/ those people I could easily be in F5 w/ them. We are still here just not together. I go w/ my heart and instinct and work w/ people that I trust and genuinely like. Relationships don’t win this game but get you through it. Lawon exploded and told lies but this girl is a whackadoo drom day one and tell lies and say she is after me and her and it doesn’t make sense to me. Everyone did what they wanted. All the talks I had w/ Adam I said I want whatever we decide as a whole and best for, I said let’s sleep on it. I called the twist. Ask any of them. To the tee. Nobody listens. I don’t want to push on people I have been here beofre and know how game works. I have never won. I don’t write the twist or scripts. Adam can probably tell me more about my season than I can but go w/ your instinct. Let’s all get together w/ our gut instinct. Why do you think Julie asked me that question. I go big. Why do you think she said that. I go w/ my instinct in this house. It just sucks. Not on a game level it hurts my feelings. I went out of my way for Adam. She wanted to put Adam up and I said I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a stupod game move

Shelly: You protected Adam

Dani: It was his Bday and he was on the block 3 times give him a break

Shelly: You guys alweays together. I feel very awkward coming up here. I don’t trust Por at all. Kalia tells me you’re w/ her

Dani: What do you mean

Kalia: I said talk to a lot

Shelly: You said we told her we are her real friends

Dani; I do like Por

Shelly; That’s great. I feel very comfortable talking to ya’ll I know you guys are together and it’s fine. If I come up here and Lawon and Porsche, I feel intruding or I’m a puppet in that group and I hate feeling like a puppet. A lot of times I am by myself. Clean by myself. I talk to Jordan a lot because she’s a sweet girl and I like her. I have nothing w/ her. I like her. The only person I can talk to. I talk about my life and my child. I am a little bit inimidated to come in this room when you all up here because I feel Lawon look me in the face and lie to me. It’s very intimidating. I don’t know really over last week, I don’t know where I am w/ you guys. I know you say that I’m w/ you but when I come up I feel intimidated. Want to put it the right way toi say it. I don’t feel cool enough to hang out. I don’t understand Porsche. She told you a lie that I have a F3 deal w/ Brendon and he wasn’t even here. Taht pisses me off

2:21pm P

Shelly: I just want to make sure. Thank you

Kalia leaves HoH

Dani: Just like I told Julie. It’s BB just liek I said. The twist doesn’t change how you play the game. We have no control over what production does. We are just a part of a TV show. We have no…


2:30pm P

Shelly: She respectsd the hell out of you and puts you on a pedestal but I don’t appreciate being treated like a 10yo and point the fingers at me. She is the one that changed the guarantee to get her out. It’s easy to point at me and all these fingers back at her. She wanted it so Rachel and Jefdan after her and make you happy. As much as she wants to say her ideas, she has a brilliant player in her ear. She is always w/ you and protective of you. She was saying it aggravated her that Porsche is always w/ you. I don’t do the catty girl bullsh*t. It’s impossible to have a one on one. When you said she was pissed off about scneario I wanted to come to you and get your words. It’s frustrating. It’s nothing honestly, downstairs when you hear people talking they are frustrated w/ her than you. May be difficult for you to believe. I have come to understand Kalia and help her in a motherly way

Dani; and she appreciates that

Shelly: There are a lot 0f people who can’t stand her. Rachel says negative things but says she made up w/ you

Dani: She came up here and apologized. Don’t know if it’s sincere

Shelly and I watch her and Brendon come up here. Are they making deals

Dani: I haven’t talked to them

Shelyy: I feel bad you feel everyone let you down espec when Kalia was a part of that

Dani: Don’t think I haven’t given her a lot of crap for that

Shelly: She is on your side a billion % and I would like to be on your side. When I talk to you one on one i like it. I don’t like to talk to her. I am afraid when I talk to her she tells other people. I talk to you one on one. I understand why that would frustrate you. I will talk to you anytime.

Dani: I totally understand. If we’re talking like this, when I talk to my friends I say don’t tell anyone and they say it’s obvious but I say I say it like that so id doesn’t slip

Shelly: Kalia is good w/ words. She looks me in the eye and says don’t tell anyone and makes me feel like a 10=yo. Makes me feel like I can’t come to you. As much as you know how to protect yourself. You play the game w/ people. Dani knows how to win and protect yourself

Dani: Don’t know how to win because I haven’t

Shelly: Competitions. Kalia has won 1

Dani: I have only won 1

Shelly: I gave her all her due when she won. Tail feathers can’t be plucked [lost interest in her Dr Phil speak here] I can’t go through her to talk to you

Dani” No reason to

Shelly: You are not cocky. She has so many good qualities. The arrogance gets to me and makes me feel less as a person and in the outside world it would be completely different. I will listen w/ two ears and I have one moth and will listen and talk in that proportion. I have pride too. I am busting my ass to win.

[missed some]

Shelly: She has so many good qualities and is genuine and has a good heart and loves her family and life. When I am constantly being told. Jordan is wonderful. Keep saying in my face I am never putting her up, why can’t you say that to me. To my face you say protecting something else.

[Missed more]

Shelly: She has your back a billion percent but I also saw a lot you have her protect and she plays both sides. [Missed more. I glaze over and someone is texting me so getting distracted]

Shelly: I apologize that you feel let down

Dani: I appreciate that. We could have been right here and where we are supposed to be. It’s hard to come to grips that all of that was for nothing

Shelly: Listening to you in your red glasses in front of the couch, I should have listened to you. These people trying to talk me into something, I get that all the time. Rachel will say she knows the competition and then won’t tell me what it is

Dani: I have a problen w/ it

3:10pm P

It’s WBRB right now.

Kalia and Porsche Kalia is whispering.

Rorsche: That’s weird because Rachel told me that a couple days ago

Kalia: [Can’t hear whispers] How do you know that was going to be the twist to the tee. How did she do that and I go it started w/, you got all your information fromn her so I rather she tell me. She knows what she’s doing. No one is every thinking I play my own game and always be in Dani’s shadow.

Porsche: Gave Shelly the bed and I was like Kalia come on, you have to give it up. That was my only thing against you and I fess up to it now

Kalia: It’s so stupid I don’t even care about that

Porsche: The piece of sh*t she is w/ the constant lying.

Kalia: So aggravating. I told the truth the whole time and Lawon was lying the whole time. [I think she is saying what Shelly said] It doesn’t natter what he does for a living. She made a comment to me and Dani was like it has been done twice. Maybe that’s the thing, someone is doing something thinking america is thinking they’re doing that. Can you please give back the chess pieces because I am so tired of the chess conversation you have no idea

Por I am at my limit

Kalia: Why do they ask Porsche do you know where it is

Por: Jeff’s face when I started going off on it. I had the twist right. I am about at my limit about a lot of things.

Kalia: Can we please give back the pieces so this can stop? Whats her name was going to do it over and over. [whipsers] I am so incredibly over so many of these people

Por: Wish it was fast forward

Kalia: [whispers] [She is also constantly adjusting her bra so hitting her mic so can’t get anything] She is so depressing. I am like who are you. Where is the happy girl that was here. Like seriously? It’s like really really aggravating.

Por: because she hangs out w/ Shelly all the time

Kalia: and she hates life. Then go back. No one is making you stay. I need to lose weight. I don’t even feel, I feel really wide

Por: We need to start exercising for sure

Kal: When I get out of here I am going to get dumped

Por: Don’t say that.

Kalia is still changing.

Por: It is beyond getting on my nerves. Now my word is sh*t and Shelly’s is gold and it’s frustrating.

Kalia whispers

Clothes talk now.

3:22pm P
Daniele is in the room with Kalia and Porsche now.

Por: I heard Jeff talking [can’t hear her]

Dani: Who did he say it to?

Kalia: To Jeff. He said are you always going to have my back. [Can’t hear] He said we’re on the same page. The same page all day.

Daniele whispers. I can not figure out a fucking thing these girls are saying. Whiuspering and talking fast.

Now talking about Dani stepped on something. It was a piece of skin and she peeled it down and it is bleeding and hurts really bad.


Porsche: I am going to say sorry. I am not sharing this big bed. I had to share half the time and got shingles the other half and no one was nice to me last week.

Kalia: You have your own padded room. You can bring blankets and shit. SOrry. You should have been nicer. You are not.

Porsche: Was nice to me til the very end.

Porsche: SHelly can you walk with me to the back door so they can’t look at my picture

Kalia: Fuck you

Por: I need to sleep more. Only slept five hours.

Kalia: I look really disgusting.

Dani: I am going to hang up my matchning sweatsuits. You’re such an idiot

Por: I love my life

Now we are back to Kalia clothes talk.

I can see on the other two feeds Blechel are pawing each other in the lounge. Or should I say Rachel is on Brendon. He rarely reciprocates.


Kalia; I think your dad told me. Everything you change you’re dinged.

I am not following this convo and don’t really care. It’s more clothes talk I think.

Kalia is now saying a phrase.

Jeff walks in and is making his bed. They talk about clean sheets since Adam was sleeping there. Porsche said her bed is a virgin and she will keep it that way.

Jokes now about sheets mingling. Porsche said she’s not pregnant yet so thinks she’s ok. [If you didn’t know, everyone saw spooey on Blechel’s sheets earlier in the season]

Jeff asked to snag daniele for two seconds and says step into my office.

Jeff: I don’t know where you’re at, I think got a beter understanding. You can’t play next week but you are not my target

Dani: I don’t know where we’re at either. Bygones are bygones. You’re not my target at all

Jeff: I figured that and you are safe with me and Jordan. It’s the same position. I feel we a little closer

Dani; I hiope you don’t hate me and think I am BDing you this time

Jeff: I appreesh. See? My office is nice. All business.

They leave HNR and during that talk Rachel was knocking on HoH door.

Rachel now finds Dani back in yellow room so now Dani leaves with Rachel. They head to HoH.

3:34pm P

Oh they have picked up a bald prick. Brendon follows them into HoH.

Brendon; Almost getting deja vu

Dani: Welcome back. It’s huge

Rachel: Totally different game

Brendon; Where you at?

Dani: I don’t know. Something Im doing clearly is not right. Not gonna beat around the bush. If you can convince me in any way shape or form it is beneficial to keep you. We made a deal and I vote to keep you here and I hear what was said during HoH and Kalia and I would have gone on the block. If you can convince me why I shouldn’t nominate you I’d love to hear

Brendon: I don’t know 100% we would nom you

Rachel: Brendon didn’t know about the deal. No one did

Dani: I was sitting in the parlor with Kalia and heard about the peanut gallery and the middle row will start to fade. I’m not stupid. I know who you’re talking about. If you come back in the house and saying Kalia and I are going up

Brendon; You know this. You are the biggest target in the game. Honestly. You disagree?

Dani; I’m HoH so it doesn’t matter

Brendon; No next week. You’ve been playing the game for 3 weeks…


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