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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Recap for 8/12/11 3:45pm to 7:30pm

August 13th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

3:45pm P

Rachel: I wanted to stay in the house. We called a truce. Brendon is back and we can call a truce and no one has to know. We can move forward. You knock us out, you’re a target

Brendon: I am willing to continue this game and make a truce, even if it is two week or three week til FF or end of the game. Keep it between us three and continue the game like on opposite sides

Dani: Not going to beat around the bush. My problem with it, when you came back, I understand you didn’t talk but you talked after competition and going into HoH and right before, I was your target, Kalia was your target and is the same as last week. If Kalia didn’t win, I would be on the block.

Rachel: What happened last week, when I was in this house by my house. I had nobody. This is a different game

Dani: This is on a personal level, people down there you think are your friends are saying terrible things about you. They are really terrible behind your back

Rachel: I know who you’re talking about

Brendon: If we need votes they won’t do it if they think we’re working together. Jefdan will come to you or us and we get things done independently

Dani: Clearly you work with Jefdan

Brendon: Yes, were we? Yes

Dani: Last week you say you don’t have anyone but you had Jefdan

Brendon: I had them for votes, I don’t have them in this game. Unless they won HoH, that’s all I had. Jeff will always look out for Jordan and Jeff for Jordan.

Dani: You come third in that order

Rachel: You don’t know how much I felt alone. I heard people making Final three deals with Jefdan and final five and I was final 5. How does that make me feel? Brendon is evicted for them. I heard it 1sthand when they thought I was sleeping. That sucks. In my POV, I had to trust in you and Kalia that you would not totally screw me over and be like yeah Jefdan we made a deal with Rachel

Dani: We didn’t tell anyone

Rachel: I didn’t tell anyone either. I said you said you have the votes and trying to get the votes. Those exact words. and someone else said sounds like they were threatening you and I said no. Then it went to so and so and Kalia comes to me and said did you say we threatening you

Dani: We all know who it is

Brendon: No advantage for people to know we working together or we a big target. Do you think we don’t have a chance to win 1/2 a million dollars. I think we do but have to play very smart and play these people against each other. There are people who have personal targets. If we behind them can easily push them in a direction. Even if you put up two different people and say you going to BD me or Rachel

Rachel: and no one the wiser

Brendon: We not guaranteed to play. Then I put you up so you win PoV.

Dani: Then Jeff wins PoV and then it’s the same

Rachel: Of course. We win PoV we have no option. You don’t nominate us

Brendon; The three of us are hands down are biggest target. People never target Kalia or Porsche before you or Jefdan before us. Now we have to play smart. I am 100% down to make a deal with you and make it look like we after each other

Dani: Last night the whole house made it perfectly clear that if anyone won I would go up. I heard it from your mouths

Brendon: We talked about this before HoH. I never want people to think I cut a deal with you. I would say 1 week deal

Rachel: Then tell people you’d BD us. When Brendon came back in the house, these people, as long as youre not talking about Jordan talking sh*t about me

Dani: Nut uh

Rachel: The same people, pretty sure not talking about Porsche, the same people who said they worked all week long to keep me have also worked to get me out of this game

Brendon; I came back. Shouldn’t be here. If I go out I go out. Cool. I think it would be a travesty. Someone who has won something and is competing should win the whole thing. Next one will be physical and a good shot me or Jeff wins it so. You put up two people and say your plan is to BD me. No problem with that. I will fight my ass off for PoV

Rachel: You can put up floaters

Brendon: You look like stil fighting each other but getting done what we need to get done

Rachel: You go down in the house and say I think Im going to get BDD

Brendon: No one putting you straight up and plan was to be BD you so I would say it’s my plan too. Even if it’s Jeff, we say we talk to Danie and I think good chance it would happen. Jeff wants to get to the end and win. If he thinks it gets him closer to the finish line he will do it and Jordan will do whatever Jeff does. I know we went through a lot of sh*t. If I go home I go to the jury house. I shouldn’t even be in this game anymore. I’m not scared to go out. I got what I want. I’m in here with her. You’re in a bad spot. You had to fight to win this Hoh to make sure you don’t go home. me too. Her too. Who are the people who benefit

Rachel: Everyone benefits but us. I would have been as big of a target. Brendon would. We have to think what would benefit all our games. You say don’t play personal. What benefits your game. No one has to know we working together.

I can see Shelly and Kalia talking outside. I think I will switch to that for a bit.

3:51pm P

They are arguing.

Kalia: That is handling it in a very bad way

Shelly: I always told you who I was going to vote for. I gave you 100% of the information as I promised. I may not always agree. with all the wonderful things you have in your life. It’s not what you say but how you say it to me. I felt like I was being talked to as a child and he was lying to me

Kalia: I believe he was lying to you and I knew the truth so I said to you I don’t know why he is doing what he’s doing

Shelly: everyone needs the mama to pick you up. If you were telling Dani, but Porsche, she has laid around, she cooks, She does nothing. She does nothing to play the game and be someone’s puppet. Walks around with her pants up her you know what. For her to throw stones at someone who hasn’t thrown any. To say I have a F3 when I have none.

Kalia: Listen…


3:53pm P

Kalia: The only reason I took any kind of stock in it was the wording. No one knew the talk we had about F3

Shelly: SHe has heard me about money. Young people have a chance at this to make more money. I said it on the kitchen counter in front of everyone. She took a piece and wove it into her lie like she does in life. She weaved it to you. I tell you again, I don’t have deals with them. Do I think young people should make it to the end to make money, I am 20 years older than most

Kalia: Then what’s yyour reason for being here to push people forward

Shelly: I give so much in my life to others I should be punished for it? That’s my life

Kalia: I don’t know anything about your life. Don’t know what you drive

Shelly; It doesn’t matter what I drive. I wouldn’t spend the money on myself. I help young people so they can live their dreams. I get more pleasure out of that. Go tell anyone in my circle. Why do I want to give pizza to production that Porsche ripped out of my hands? That’s what I do. When someone I try to help and give positive advice, talk me down to anyone else, not Porsche. At least you’ve won something. She’s done zip. To lay on her lazy bottom in that back room and bad mouth me. I will not stand up for her. I won’t help her get $5 in her back pocket. I tell her her skirt she may want to put shorts on because her whoo ha will show and she will look like a piece of crap to her father on tv. That’s not me. A respectful adult does that. If they don’t want to realize that, I don’t care. I told Dani, ask her. You are a wonderful woman. I do believe you need money and had a hardship. All I want to do is be talked to like an adult

Kalia: I wish you said threat before. Didn’t have that intention. Didn’t want to tell you how to vote

Shelly; Don’t get hung out to dry is how I understood it. Porsche, the dishonest person that she is, go as Rachel, she is voting for her. Porsche keeps on with her little lies.

Kalia: She told us that. We thought til the end we could get her. Then we found out Adam wasn’t. I knew Dani was super upset. She really liked Adam and protected him. I wanted to put him up because he is the only one I don’t know how he will vote. You said you knew he would so I said I would take a chance with someone else

Shelly: I wasn’t going to say to you I am voting Rachel out when I had doubts and I watch people lie straight to you guys. Truly I am what I seem. Very few I can say that about in this house. I thought you could play this like a business. Be honest, productive. It’s worthless. They will sell you out to the quickest person they can. It’s the game but very disappointing

Kalia: I didn’t sell you out

Shelly: Undermine me. Have an enthusiastic conversation with someone who has done nothing. Got lucky last night

Kalia: Whole game about paranoia. Things I started to hear, why she so hellbent to keeping Rachel.

Shelly: I was trying to protect you. [puke]

Kalia: I don’t want to bring this up because it’s stupid but don’t think you’re a mean person, but the race conversation we had was told to people that I was complaining about how racist people are

Shelly: I will get buzzed for this but I said how much I learned. I won’t flip them off but what I’ll say to that, I hope you’re as touched as I am. That is the biggest crock of sh*t.

[I am losing interest]

Shelly: I hate this place

Kalia: We talking about the fluff thing this season, Adam the elf, my hair thing U said there will probably be one about race because of my conversation with Shelly and I appreciate people ask questions and what we go through, I sat there with my mouth agape

Shelly: Your mouth will shut when you watch the show. I have no doubt who it is and they have an ulterior motive. I have 0 sitting here, as I am sitting here with God himself. Can’t wait for you to watch it. It was a very enlightening conversation and I hope it brought you full circle..

4:05pm P

Rachel: I don’t know how I am in the game right now. Brendon came back in. The three of us have done nothing butg fight this entire game

Brendon; Every single week we afraid of going home and people sit back and sleep and eat and have nothing to worry about

Rachel: and start trouble between the sides and get people doing things

Brendon; I am 100% down doing a deal with you and not turning at all but it would be an advantage to be on other sides. We tell Jefdan same they told us. 1 week deal. You tell everyone BD us. I’m fine with that. If I play PoV and win, I’m good. It’s risky

Dani: What if I put you both up to start off and who is risky, Jeff win PoV

Rachel: Then one of us goes home. I win PoV I save him. He win, he save himself. I am not staying here alone again. If one of us on the block on Thur we going home. If you want to make a deal, that is the worst game move. You will lose the whole deal in 1 week.

Brendon: I can’t think anyone go out over us. Jeff has Adam and Shelly. No one next to me that would get evicted or her

Rachel: There’s no way. Either one of us on the block on Thur we go home

Brendon: We let people think we still going at it. I promise you 1 million % we will not go back on the deal. We will discuss everything. If you want to keep Kalia, I am down with whatever. Listen to your input and do this as a trio. We call people up individually and call you up. Jeff’s plan was to BD you. I said I would put you up and let you compete for PoV. Everyone is afraid of you

Rachel: Shelly said she wanted it so bad. She hasn’t won yet and she wanted to put you and Kalia up and Porsche. Porsche is a replacement

Dani: She also said she wanted you up but doesn’t matter if not winning anything you don’t have to put anyone up. You can just coast

Brendon; I give you my word. 1 million percent is gold. What happened in the past happened. New game. Ready to play balls out. You say you BD and I have to play

Rachel: Why are you scared to put up Shelly?

Dani: I got a lot of enemies. If I put her up, if we have [missed some] It’s personal

Brendon; Don’t base this game on jury votes

Dani: But you do

Rachel: Shelly is personal. She has already told Jefdan she would never vote for you and said that about Kalia. You’re not losing anything. She might cry and cuss. She’s 1st on jury but can change her tune by end. You say cool with Shelly and don’t want to piss you off. She tells you she nom me but what will she really do

Dani: You don’t know and neither do I. If I were to not put you up. three people don’t play PoV. Someone who plays on block wins, then what do I do, make a third enemy?

Brendon; Willing to make my bed and lie in it. I go up as replacement nominee. That’s a chance Id be willing to take. It will take risky moves but meticulous moves. I don’t want anyone to know we make a deal. It pushes Shelly and Adam closer to Jefdan

Rachel: Shelly thinks she has a F3 with Jefdan. I was sleep9ng. I went to the DR and yelled for like an hour. Brendon got evicted because of Jefdan and they make a F4 with her and Adam and I am so disposable to them. I know Shelly talks sh*t about me. f*ck that. Those people are doing that to everyone, You should hear what they say about Porsche and I tell them to stop. Keeping her in this game, everyone says it’s a circle

Dani: We know that

Rachel: Why is she still here

Dani: Because she’s not a threat

Brendon: If we made a deal, do you think you can trust us

Dani: Not 100%. Esp because I sent you out of the house

Brendon: I’m back. We’re even. I sent Dom out.

Rachel: I got Brendon back for jury. Im fine

Brendon: If any three of us want to make finals we have to work together. If not the ones who don’t win competitions let us take each other out.

Rachel: Shelly did this the entire game. Not a threat

Brendon: We do it every year we want to get out floaters but if I don’t take out competitors they take me out. There’;s no one else, I can only trust her. When we went to bat for Jefdan, we up on the block they don’t give a sh*t. Jeff is in to win this game. Jordan just wants to hang with Jeff this summer. Jeff will stab us in a second. I feel I can trust you because we on same level. All won competitions.

Rachel: You can’t win everything. Look at this last competition. Could have been anyone’s game. You can’t compete in next HoH

Brendon; If we can get two weeks then who cares who cares. Then it’s fast forward eviction

Rachel: I heard Kalia say she doesn’t want to win HoH again. Where does that leave you? #1 to get nominated. Join with two competitors. I am not scared to win HoH. I am hated anyways. We have to win.

4:20pm P

I have switched outside where Kalia is telling Porsche about her talk with Shelly. Shelly is outside too but she is doing laundry while the girls are on the couches. I am just hanging here to see if Shelly is going to yell at Porsche.

Kalia tells her that Shelly says everything Kalia has heard comes from Porsche.

Kalia just relaying basically how Shelly thinks she’s a saint that is just guiding all these younger people.

Shelly is there now. Shelly says I have heard everything you’ve said about me helping you about your dress

Porsche: I didn’t say anything about that. I went to change it and said you were probably right

Shelly: When you go out to do a lap dance who grabs you and say remember you’re dad is watching this. I dont need to make a scene. It’s very hurtful

Porsche: If we need to talk about it, let’s talk.

Kalia: I thought you guys had something going because you talked a lot

Shelly; When propel treated her like crap there were a couple who looked out for her and those are the ones getting treated like crap

Porsche: I have heard your deals

Shelly: You can go check them out. You don’t have a clue. Who do I have a deal with

Porsche: Rachel said you tried to make a deal with her and Brendon

Shelly: I hear you say they’re not your friends and because you’re young you believe what they tell you. Then you run it up a pole to people in power

Porsche: You told me you want the girls to go to the end and then you tell her you want the couples to go

Shelly: I told Dom in front of everyone. I want to see young people get further. I said when we get out of here I know people who can help you out. Have class and dignity. So when you go to do a lap dance I grab you and say be a good girl. Don’t make yourself look like a fool. You don’t have to out a bikini on and then you tell people I made fun of what you have on. I have a daughter. I don’t want people googling you or at you and not give you credit for you. But i hear you tell people I won’t say out loud to embarrass you. I said don’t talk about this when the feeds are on and you shouldn’t say it out loud for people to hear. I look out for you so people

4:42pm P

Now Adam is in HoH. She said she has two choices and is going back and forth. Adam said he has been battling his ass off to win HoH and wants the hard decision because then it forces him to actually show he is playing a good game and playing the game the best. It’s tough not winning anything because you can’t control anything. I prove I bust my ass in challenges. If you put me up as pawn or nominee, don’t think I won;t try to win and tkae myself off.

Dani: I would never tell you how to play in competitions

Adam: That’s a problem I had early on being told not to win challenges

Dani: That’s why Dom got kicked out. If I put you up, you’re not my target

Adam: If I go up and don’t go home, you’re not my target.

Dani: I need to talk to someone else real quick

Adam: Good luck

Dani: What do I want to do [said when alone in HoH]

Feed goes outside to Brendon saying people run with it and twists it.

Porsche: I haven’t talked to anyone, I’ve been..


4:45pm P

Kalia: You don’t get that time back and at the very least you’ll have fun.

Brendon: Sh*t gets way more intense here because there’s way less hope

Dani comes out and asked what is going on.

Dani wants to talk to Kalia real quick before she has to go to the DR.

Brendon: Welcome to BB

Porsche: Yay I know.

I switch to follow Dani and Kalia to SR.

Dani: Really quick what happened. Kalia is relaying Shelly is saying that is disgusting that you would talk about me like that. I said I can’t believe I was as wrong about you as I was. I told Shelly we should talk. We literally had it out. Shelly said I was so hurt you had me upstairs and said things not true. You get all your information from her.

Just gonna listen to Kalia talking a mile a minute but surprisingly, she’s in the room they store food in and she isn’t eating.

Dani can’t believe when she says Shelly says she’s done nothing but look out for Porsche.

Kalia said she and Shelly both cried and hugged.

Dani: You’re going to hate me right now. I am telling you trust me. You’re gonna hate me. What if I put up Shelly and Adam

Kalia is freaking out

Dani: If I have learned anything in this game, you need to shuffle your deck. Tell them both pawns and BD Brendon and then make 1 week deal with Brendon and he has to get Jeff out. I have heard from three different people, [whisper] I heard from three different people that Jeff wants to BD me and wants others too and if he got it he would BD me. You, me and Blechel. If one of them gets PoV they take Brendon down. If they win PoV

Kalia: Do you think Shelly or Adam would take Brendon off the block?

Dani: Shelly, yes. Adam can’t come after us and get us out. 1 week Kalia. This is reminding me of my season

Kalia: Don’t trust her.

Dani: It’s not the same way, they are keeping Brendon and getting rid of Rachel

Kalia: Their game sucked with o him and now they got their brains back

Dani: My season when Dustin got put up on the block and we convinced Stein and Jessica to come with us and flip the whole house and then Dustin his closest ally got voted out. F4 deal and then next week Jessica won and we had a deal and she kept to it and the next week I won…


7:02pm P

I am in HNR. Shelly comes in and Rachel asked her if she is OK. Shelly said she’s fine. Jeff said Shely don’t crack.

Brendon said everyone needs to win this PoV.

Shelly said it is going to be awesome.

I switch to HoH.

Kalia: I said I think that Porsche has seen the light as to who is her friend and who isn’t.

Dani: I told Adam he’s a pawn, yeah.

OK. So I have confirmation that Shelly and Adam are up. I am out for the night. Hopefully someone will cover the night and if not I will recap BBAD tomorrow.

7:25pm P

Hubby feel asleep so here I am for a few.

Nothing going on on this feed. Shelly, Kalia in kitchen.

Now goes to Jordan and Adam in SR. Jordan said someone is saying something and it is getting back around like telephone. Nothing was accomplished but I hear Rachel was up there saying I was making deals. There’s a lot of stupid drama stuff. You guys aren’t the target so don’t think you’re up because of your vote

Adam: I went up there and she said win PoV

Feed goes to Dani and Porche in HoH.

Porsche: I said Shelly is this meeting between you and I or everybody and she said I want everyone to hear. I said should we get the other two. So she says, Porsche, what exactly did you hear about a three person deal between Blechel and I . I said I heard…

They see Kalia with Shelly on TV and wonder what she’s doing. Dani said making amends

Pro: Kalia is like yep, that’s what I heard after Rachel said there was a deal. Shelly said I never did that. You said hypothetically we vote off Jordan you would be in a three person alliance with us.

I can see tough guy Jeff in the room with Blechel. Looked pissed. Jeff walks out.

Porsche: She’s like, Brendon tell them the truth and Brendon said I don’t want to be involved.

Kalia walks in and Porsche said she was reacting

Porsche: I was ambushed. The moral of the story was…

Kalia is helping herself to string cheese

Dani: Have you noticed how Shelly is in the middle of everything.

Porsche: Then Jordan gets all up in it. You are saying

Dani: Just like the other house meeting was annoying

Porsche: I am like you’re saying it me or Shelly

Kalia: It’s obvious it’s all Shelly. When she first said, I swear on my life it didn’t happen

Porsche: I made sure Jeff was there and I said we all know she didn’t correct herself on that one. I don’t think Jordan caught on and she is still defending Shelly.

[missed some]

Kalia: It’s funny, Rachel said Brendon and he said I don’t want to get involved. She is like Brendon say something and he said it was a hypothetical and no one cares. Shelly said I said it was a hypothetical. So I think you have been talking game with Rachel even though you say you don’t. She just said I made a huge mistake.

Dani: Because she got caught.

Kalia: Yesterday when Brendon came back you’d think her BF came back. Jefdan say someone is obviously saying something back and forth

Dani: I heard that and I walked away

Porsche: Is she referring to me?

Kalia: Obviously she was. She said to me that I heard you think I have a F3 deal with Jefdan. I assumed you did because you so close.

Porsche: I don’t talk to her

Dani: I don’t either

Kalia: She says because I am talking to them I am in an alliance with them? I said if you talk to them late at night I assume you’re talking game. I have learned to zip it. There was a morning someone saw you out there talking to Brendon. See you every morning…

Feed goes to Blechel and Brendon is telling each to stop it because she looks crazy.

Rachel: I am not going to say I am sorry Shelly, you’re right. I went to Jordan two days ago and said you can’t trust Shelly and here is why. I told Porsche that days ago.

Brendon: Did you tell Porsche that Shelly tried to make a F3 deal with us. You told me you didn’t. Why you lying to me. You got to get your story straight. I said she would never say that to Porsche.

Rachel: When you were gone I said a lot to Porsche

Brendon: I told you, you can’t trust her. Why are you eyes down

Rachel: I wouldn’t lie, I didn’t lie to you. I don’t think I would lie to you

Jordan comes in saying I am not mad at you. They made it seem outside like it was a big ordeal and I was trying to get everyone to get it out. I think Porsche has a lot to do with it because she said she got her info from you

Rachel: I was like…

Jeff pokes his head in and then Jordan leaves with Jeff.

Rachel: Shelly is the one that is trying to make me look bad

Brendon: When you get crazy it hurts your situation. I don’t believe people when they are crazy. I know you never told anyone you have a F3 deal with Shelly

Rachel: f*ck no. That’s ridiculous

Brendon: If you want to talk to Porsche talk to Porsche or Shelly talk to Shelly. That shouldn’t have happened

Rachel: Jordan is the one that called the meeting.

Now they are whispering

Rachel: I don’t think I told her all that stuff. f*ck no I would never tell Porsche. I swear on my life. I pinky swear. It was even me that told Shelly. It was Jordan. Jordan tells her everything we say.

Jordan walks in. He’s mad at me but anyways.

Rachel I haven’t been telling anyone anything

Jordan: This is what I think, Porsche, it is getting exaggerated and getting dumped on you

Brendon: Shelly tells them upstairs and Porsche exaggerates it. You gotta be careful what you tell Shelly

Jordan: I don’t say much. We talk about her kid and stuff

Rachel: They said they had the votes to keep Lawon and we said that it wasn’t like it was treating them was only said in front of Shelly

Jordan: We did say it in front of Adam too when he was playing pool.

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