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Big Brother 13 Episode 17 8/14/11 Recap – Here We Go Again

August 15th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

We start back at confessionals of people talking about the possibility of Brendon coming back. Kalia said this may be her worst nightmare and will have both Blechel in the house. After Brendon wins Kalia tells us that she feels back she didn’t stick to her original target and Lawon is out because of it. Rachel raves that the “Dynamic Duo” is back. Brendon bitched that Daniele thinks she’s running the game. Jordan was happy that she didn’t have to babysit Rachel anymore because it was stressing her out. Daniele said it was her biggest fear to have Blechel back together and now she is back to square 1. Jeff was pretty stoked to have him back and now wants to get Kalia, Daniele and Porsche out.

This is getting ridiculous, BB. We once again get the standard jumping up and down and celebrating scene. This time it is the whole house except Daniele, Kalia and Porsche. Rachel even looks right at the camera and thanks America. Yeah, thanks America. You have made the feeds such a joy to watch. Actually maybe I should thank you. It just means less of the feeds I HAVE to watch as I won’t if it is Blechel so it gives me more free time. Adam tells us he picked to team up with the Vets and thinks it’s gotten him further in the game.

Then we go to Kalia having her pity party and whining that she hates this place. Daniele said this is why you don’t go off of your initial instinct. Kalia continues whining and asked why would America vote Brendon back in? Um, because they’re sadistic? Kalia said everything she did was for nothing. What exactly did you do, Kalia? You struck the Vets and then tried to make it all better and give them what they wanted even though you are still their target no matter what you do. Then you got your own ally voted out. and you think Brendon coming back was what made this all for nothing? Think again.

Porsche tells us that she was close to Rachel at the beginning but now she knows she only has two people that support her, Kalia and Daniele. Daniele says all of them were bashing Brendon once he was gone but now they are all over him and it’s so fake.

I FF a little because it was some of the Blechel crap but then I saw Brendon tell the camera that he will not allow Shelly to make a wedge in his alliance.

Adam tells Shelly he has chosen the strong side to be on. She said they have the numbers. Adam said the other side has made bad game decisions. As I watch these two I have a song in my head. I think it’s by Modest Mouse. They’re one of my son’s bands that I took him to see that I don’t really know them except for one song. and the lyric in my head is “& they all float on again”.

It’s time for the HoH competition. This was held a few hours after the live show. Each HG state was represented by something that was from that state. Like Jeff is from Illinois so they used pepperoni. There would be a small amount and it would tell you how much it was. Then you had a ginormous pizza next to it and you would have to guess how many pepperonis is on it. They had 10 minutes to scope it all out.

Necklaces were up first for Shelly because of Mardi Gras. Daniele said 1234. Jeff – 498. Brendon – 454. Adam – 350. Rachel – 1500. Porsche – 480. Shelly – 500. Jordan – 825. The answer was 673. Rachel was out.

Pepperoni for Jeff. Brendon – 927. Jeff – 959. Shelly – 1100. Daniele – 800. Adam – 537. Porsche – 850. Jordan – 1450. The answer was 761. Whoo hoo! On a roll here.

Olives for Porsche who is from Miami. Porsche didn’t get it as you would think oranges from Florida. But the olives are for the nightlife I guess. Adam – 953. Porsche – 1100. Daniele – 341. Shelly – 692. Brendon – 319. Jeff – 1172. The answer was 1358. Brendon is out. Keep it going! The bestest competitors in the world that no one can ever ever beat are dropping like flies.

Cards for Rachel’s beloved Vegas. Daniele – 400. Shelly – 364. Jeff – 523. Porsche – 390. Adam – 395. Answer is 369. Jeff is out. I was full on giggling here.

Baseballs for Hoboken where Adam is from because it is the birthplace of baseball. Adam – 188. Porsche – 160. Shelly – 120. Daniele – 216. Answer is 242. Shelly is out. She tells us she forgot to multiple by 2.

I forgot who the rivets were for. I am thinking it was for Jordan. Porsche just continues to win me over. She said she was getting dizzy trying to count because they were on a plane propeller and spinning. Daniele – 131. Porsche – 170. Adam – 111. Answer is 224. Adam is out. Oh how I am enjoying this right now.

Gold coins for all the people who live in Cali. Daniele tells us she thinks it would be OK for Porsche to win but Rachel will run up to her and try to rekindle their friendship so the only person she can trust to win HoH is herself. Porsche – 1200. Daniele – 1351. Answer is 2832. Daniele wins HoH. I fricking love it. So Brendon can’t beat Daniele in physical or mental. Or did you have to have small feet to win this one too? She has now won two out of the 3 HoHs she could compete in and the 1st one came down to her, ED and Rachel and she threw it to Rachel so she very well could have won that too. Oh and when she won she threw her card like her Dad does after he wins HoH. Just reminds me on how much I dislike the guy now but once upon a time I really liked him.

Cut to Porsche, Daniele and Kalia doing their celebration dance. Eventually Rachel walks in to ruin their good time. She congratulated Daniele and thanked her for voting for her to stay.

Daniele and Kalia talk privately and Daniele says she really likes and trusts Porsche. She doesn’t want Shelly in their alliance and needs to cut her out. What they didn’t show here is Daniele told Kalia she isn’t going to tell anyone, even Kalia, who she is putting up and wants to make everyone sh*t their pants about who she will put up.

I didn’t watch this in the feeds and wasn’t going to take any notes and cover it here either. Shelly always brags about everything in her life and one of those is her big job and she uses that to try to bribe people in the house. She has told Jefdan she will give them both a job with 6 figure salaries. So maybe that’s not a bribe since the Claymate is just constantly stalking them. I am not Jefdan fans for any stretch but I feel bad that BB would put them in a house with someone that should have a restraining order against them. Words cannot express just how creepy Shelly’s obsession is with Jefdan. So Jeff tells Shelly to give Jordan a mock job interview to test her skills. Shelly has done this with Rachel before as well. I guess this was supposed to endear you to Jordan even more? I don’t know. Just shows off how dumb she is and why she is still a receptionist in a hair salon.

Adam tells us he needs to do damage control with Daniele so he heads up to HoH. He tells her he knows she isn’t happy with his decision last week but did what was best for him. He says if she doesn’t put him up he won’t put her up next week. Wow. What an offer from a guy just flying UTR and not winning sh*t. Daniele tells us that Adam continues to float but if you’re not with her, you’re against her. That’s all they show of that conversation but what she did tell him is he may go up but he will be the pawn.

Daniele and Kalia are in HoH and Shelly busts in to ask what Daniele is thinking. She says that Daniele sounds frustrated and wants to know if she is frustrated with her. Once again, I watched this in the feeds and they cut out a lot here so I am going to go by what I watched to give you stuff they cut out. Daniele said that Shelly was clearly happy when Brendon came back. Shelly said she has to be like that to his face. Shelly said she feels intimidated to come up there with them because she doesn’t feel like she’s cool enough. Daniele apologized to her if she feels that way but she shouldn’t. Then Shelly asked Kalia to leave so she does.

Shelly tells Daniele she really likes her and she knows how to win and protect herself and she would like to be on her side. Shelly just went on and on and Daniele tells us when it was all over that she isn’t buying any of it.

Kalia went down to Porsche to complain about Shelly coming in and only looking at Daniele when she talked and then asking her to leave. Porsche said she is happy people finally know what a piece of sh*t Shelly is.

LMAO! Shelly was right there and heard Kalia and Porsche. Shelly tells them she was right there and tells them they should watch who they talk about. Maybe Shelly should take her own advice since she rather enjoys trashing plenty of people behind their backs as well. Shelly tells Porsche that she never does anything but look out for her. Really. She said that. Porsche said she has heard about Shelly’s many deals. Shelly claimed she didn’t have any [lie] and asked what deals. Porsche said Rachel told her that Shelly wanted Final 3 with her and Brendon. Cue BB screwing over Shelly and showing a clip of Shelly doing just that. Shelly has literally made Final deals with lots of people. Then we see Shelly in the DR telling us that she doesn’t have a deal and she will never let Porsche take her class from her. Alrighty then. Now I know that Shelly isn’t just a good, devious player but is an actual nutjob who does sh*t and then doesn’t remember they did it.

Blechel’s turn in HoH. This actually happened before her meeting with anyone else I believe. Brendon asked where Daniele is at. She told him to convince her that they would be beneficial to her to stay in the game. Brendon said Daniele is the biggest target. Daniele thinks they are. Rachel said they could call a truce and not tell anyone. Brendon really kept pushing that. They should work together but not tell anyone that they were. He said they could have a one week, two week or Final deal. Again I am going to go into sh*t they didn’t show. He said she could put up anyone else and then say she didn’t put them up because she is going to BD Brendon. Daniele said then what is she supposed to do if one of her nominations comes down because she doesn’t want to make more enemies. Brendon said then he has to man up and she can put him up and then they will try to get the votes to save him. He said he and Rachel would still work with her and not target her. He asked if she thought she could trust them. Daniele said not 100% because they made it perfectly clear that even though she made a deal with Rachel last week and she voted to keep her, that Rachel and Blechel both would have put her up if they won HoH. She heard them after Brendon came back and before HoH. They were rubbing it in and celebrating, etc. Brendon said they have to work together or else the floaters will just sit back and let them take each other out. Here is a major thing they cut out that leads you to believe Rachel would honor the deal. Just like I thought when she went to Kalia and Daniele last week that she may honor that as well. We all watched Rachel’s breakdown after Brendon left and she is an idiot but she’s not a complete fool. But because she’s a whackadoo, people don’t pay attention to her when they should. The Jeffdan, Shelly and Adam alliance solidified in earshot of Rachel. She heard them agree to a Final 4 deal. She tells Daniele how much that pissed her off after Jefdan didn’t even attempt to save Brendon because they knew if Jordan went up then Brendon would go home. They didn’t try to make a deal for someone else to go up to protect him. and then once Brendon is gone, they should be a Final 3 but now they make a Final 4 with the floaters so that puts her in the #5 spot and she’s pissed. She tells Daniele if she takes this deal then she doesn’t just have Kalia and Porsche but another two people to fight for HoH for her next week. She suggests putting up Shelly and Adam and she can tell Adam he’s the pawn. Now you remember the Adam HoH chat where I told you what they cut out there and see how this conversation came before it. Rachel said Shelly is trouble.

Shelly tells us that Blechel are liars. and while she’s right, Shelly is still a WAY BIGGER liar. Adam tells us his gameplay has been really bad and that was another bad move by him. Daniele questions if she should take a risk and trust Blechel or go the easy route and nominate them?

While waiting for the Nomination Ceremony to start as this was right after her fight with Porsche, Shelly is still going on and on about it. She says to Jefdan that she is so glad they saved her last week for her to sell them out. She said Rachel is the one passing on all the info. Which of course isn’t true. It was Shelly who has just been caught in her web of lies as the one spreading sh*t.

The keys come out: Kalia – Porsche – Jordan – Jeff – Rachel – Brendon. Shelly and Adam are Nominated. Daniele said two weeks ago she nominated Brendon and he left but came right back and they are where they started. She has to make sure it happens for good this time.

Brendon tells us this is a blessing and a curse. He isn’t nominated but could be BDd. Shelly tells us that Rachel is blatantly lying. Once again, this tells you that Shelly is certifiable because this is what she is saying in private. She clearly had a Final deal with Blechel. Why is she denying it when there is no one around to hear her? because she’s nuts. Adam says they’ve been there 6 weeks and he has been nominated 3 times. Daniele tells us if the nominations stay the same then she can hold to her deal with Blechel and if they don’t she can BD Brendon.

Something else that was cut out that I remembered. Right before nominations Daniele went to Kalia and told her she wasn’t going to like who she was putting up. She told her she is putting up Adam and Shelly. This of course upset Kalia because #1, she wants Shelly as a BFF and #2, now she thinks Blechel should go up and get them out even though she wouldn’t do it when she had the power. Daniele made it even worse for Kalia when she said she wanted to BD Jeff because now THREE people have told her that Jeff will not stick to any deal made with her and not only would he BD Daniele, but has told other people to do it too. and I think that’s the way better plan. While I dislike Brendon way more and he is so much harder to watch, the better game move is to take out Jeff or Jordan. First of all, they got the claymates in there playing the game for them. They have the help in the house, the jury out of the house and the show to help them get their way if things go wrong. Plus Jefdan are a lock for the AC money. So if the BD opens, it should shut on Jefdan. But if you don’t have the guts to make the best move, then this still leaves your options open til after PoV is played. You have time to feel out the couples and decide which one you think you can work with and who you really want out. In the meantime it looks good to both of them that you didn’t put them up.

& I love the slap in the face to all the claymates out there that decided to inflict us poor feed watchers with another round of the Blechel show because they thought it would benefit their precious Jefdan and that it could possibly cause their downfall. Oh how I would love that. But never fear. This season sucks [I don’t think I have ever said that before have I?] so I won’t get what I want and you’re love story will continue. We will have another day of Jeff yelling at Jordan to shut up, get away from him, don’t touch him and that she should eat something. Ah, true love.

If you want to know who won PoV, check out the feeds on Saturday. They have the meeting on Monday.

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