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Big Brother 13 Episode 19 8/18/11 Recap – You’re Toast

August 19th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

Julie says it’s Day 48. We pick up after the PoV Ceremony. Brendon tells us that no one evicts him twice in one summer and wished Dani luck. Daniele said that Kalia’s HoH was a disaster and she has to clean it up.

After Brendon’s nomination Rachel cries about it and I couldn’t so care less so I fast forwarded.

Blechel work on Adam. They say he is not their target. Adam said not yet but Brendon would be hard to get out later. Brendon asked if he is a bigger threat than Dani? Brendon claims that Dani is threatened by all the guys because they’ve won all the PoVs and win what she can’t and are physical.

Then Rachel was on the move. She corners Porsche. Porsche said she’s definitely not a huge fan of Shelly staying but Brendon is athletic. Rachel said Shelly said she would put Porsche up. Porsche said she voted to keep Brendon last time and it didn’t benefit her. Blechel were just with Jefdan and she was left out. Porsche gets up to leave and tells Rachel to put on a big smile and Rachel gave her the cheesiest, forced smile.

Shelly asked Jefdan if they were voting her out and wants them to say it to her face. Jefdan say they are keeping her but she can’t put up Rachel next week because “they” [meaning Jefdan] need Roach. This is just hysterical to me. I know Shelly has just been playing for her favorites but it doesn’t anger me any less that Shelly is to keep in an enemy that would put her up because Jefdan think it’s more important to protect them than for her to protect herself.

Daniele tells Jefdan that she tried to BD him 3 weeks ago and it was the worst move. She was stupid. Daniele tells us she will tell Jeff whatever she has to. If he likes toast, she likes toast. Jordan said people are coasting and they don’t need to be here. So, who would that be Princess? Would that be you who had the whole 1st 3 weeks in power and has production, viewers and claymates in the house playing for you? I don’t know who you think is coasting in that house. Everyone has been in danger. Yeah we had the whole key sh*t that did protect people early on, like your ally Shelly. You were safe all that time too so get a f*cking grip. I may hate practically everyone in that house but NO ONE is coasting. NO ONE is floating.

Jordan tells Blechel that if they can’t get Adam’s vote then Jefdan will vote against him too because they have to go with the house or they will piss off Dani and Shelly. Rachel said they would vote for Jeff no matter what. Rachel you are talking to an idiot here. They only expect loyalty when it is for their benefit. It is foreign to them to look out for anyone’s interest but their own. Which is fine. It’s the game. But if someone dares not do something that would benefit them even if it is to the detriment to that person’s own game, oh well.

Jordan reports the talk back to Jeff who then goes outside to chew out Roach. and not in the nice way he claims Shelly should have done to Roach. Oh wait. Sorry. Confusing last night’s live feeds with the tv show. Well whatever. It’s just another example of the hypocrite who is all do as I say, not as I do. So Jeff just berates Rachel who is used to being verbally abused by her feeawnsay so basically tucks in a ball to wait it out. Brendon is also right there and doesn’t defend her to the bully. Nice.

Julie Chen goes live to the house and asked Shelly about her call. I don’t care what Shelly says so I didn’t take notes and have blocked it out of my head.

Jordan said she wouldn’t feel right keeping that from Shelly because she has Jeff there. I am so sick of Jordan being put on a pedestal for doing what you SHOULD do. and don’t forget there was a punishment there as well. I think 24hrs [or whatever the number really was] is way worse than a humilitard for a week. Especially one that you wear a tutu so you don’t have to see a camel toe.]

Rachel said it’s been a rollercoaster having Brendon back and she is going to fight her heart out.

Julie tells them the person evicted will be the first juror.

Ugh. We get another segment on Tony and Josie. I really couldn’t care less about anything that has to do with Shelly. I don’t know if they are trying to win people over by using Shelly’s 8yo daughter or what. Josie says that her mom needs to stop lying and pick a side and wants her with Jefdan because she thinks they are good players. When she is watching Rachel talk she says “Shut up Roach”. I once again couldn’t care less and they didn’t get me in Shelly’s corner.

Julie talked to Dani in HoH. Dani said it was horrible having Brendon come back. You have to go with your instinct and Adam flip flopped and he was the one vote they needed so she had to go with the house. She had a feeling Blechel would be back together. Her #1 threat is Brendon because he’s a great competitor. She had to guarantee he would go but if he didn’t she would try to work with him. She said she technically did what she promised him. She bragged that she is the smallest girl taking the biggest guy out. Twice.

Nominees gave their speeches. Shelly said a bunch of sh*t I ignored. Licked Jordan’s ass for giving her the call and then praised Kalia and Daniele for talking to her through the door. Big mistake on Shelly’s part as this has incensed Prick Jeff that she would give anyone props other than his Princess.

Brendon gave a shout out to UCLA and cancer research. I blocked that out too. He thanked America for voting him back in. He claims his jury vote will be for the best competitor and not someone that rode coattails and floated to the end. Another funny moment as NO ONE IS FLOATING!!! If you are at risk, you are not a floater. Porsche and Kalia have been targets for weeks. They’ve just been on the power side as this season’s script has been 3 weeks this side, 3 weeks the other. The only people you could consider a floater would be their minions, Adam and Shelly, but they have clearly chosen Jefdan as their side. Then Brendon used a lame voice and tells Dani she will always be Judas to him. He’s such a douche.

Time to vote. Rachel said unlike the other cowards, she will go against the house and vote out Shelly. Everyone else voted Brendon out.

Brendon told Julie he might have kept the deal with Dani. He said that Rachel is going to win HoH and shake things up. He has told her to ride the middle so thinks she will be there for awhile. I am not sure how winning HoH and shaking things up goes along with staying in the middle but whatever.

We see a few of his goodbye messages. Daniele said she evicted him once and he came back. If he comes back this time she will self-evict.

Kalia has no idea what America would vote him back but the good news is, he’s leaving again.

Jeff said he will help Rachel as much as he can for as long as he can stand her.

Rachel says she loves him and can do it without him. She has found her inner strength and don’t hate but she will make it farther than he did last season.

The HoH competition was one of those ones that they had to walk back and forth in lanes to fill something up. This one was called “All Washed Up” and they were transporting liquid soap while bubbles and water would come down and make the ground slippery. This is obviously a competition that is Jeff’s to lose. If you want to know if he did, check out Thursday’s live feed thread as the winner was crowned around 10pm C.

Sunday the TV show will show who won HoH, the nominations and the HoHN competition. Sunday is the PoV. Thursday is the live show but we will have a Double Eviction where they play a week’s worth of competitions in one night. At least whoever goes doesn’t have to be alone with Brendon. Or maybe it’s worse, they could be with Blechel who like to have sex in the room with other people. EWWW.

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