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Big Brother 13 – Second Interview With Brendon

August 20th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

MF: Who are you most upset with? Daniele for putting you up or Jeff for not voting or trying to save you?

BRENDON: I think I was disappointed with Jeff and Jordan because the first time I was nominated I had known that Jeff had struck a deal with Daniele. For me that had shown what kind of a player Jeff was because he was trying to work with somebody who had tried to get him out and backstab somebody who had gone to bat for him.

MF: Are you as surprised as America that you were voted back into the house?

BRENDON: I was very surprised to get voted back into the house and extremely flattered and thankful.

MF: You already broke a deal with Daniele earlier in the game. Would you have stuck to the deal this time if Daniele had taken it?

BRENDON: I would have stuck to the deal with Daniele. Because this is a different game than it was before and earlier in the season I think that she wanted to set Rachel and I up and her deal was only in her favor and not ours.

MF: Who do you want Rachel to work with and who do you want her to target?

BRENDON: I would like Rachel to work with Daniele and target somebody like Kalia and Porsche but Rachel and I also discussed her putting up somebody like Jeff against Daniele to make both of them fight just as hard since neither one of them has really had our back at anytime in this game.

MF: Why didn’t you back Rachel up when Shelly was denying that she had approached you guys for a Final three deal?

BRENDON: I did back her up.

MF: Why do you think you were the target and not Jeff?

BRENDON: Because Jeff had already struck a deal with Daniele, but the bottom line is that Daniele is much more afraid of me as a competitor because she knows that Jeff is not as strong at the mental challenges.

MF: If Rachel were to go to the other side of the house now, would that make her a floater?

BRENDON: Rachel could cut off both her arms and both her legs and still never be a floater in this game.

MF: If you had stayed, would you have gone after Daniele? and if so, what happened to going after the floaters?

BRENDON: If Daniele had honored her deal and not put me up or backdoored me I definitely would have been loyal and gone after floaters.

MF: Will you be voting personally or will you look at how the person played the game?

BRENDON: I definitely will be voting based on competitive play and as I said in my speech, I will vote for somebody who fought and won to be in the end.

MF: Now you have gotten three tries at this game and still didn’t make it to the end. Would you come back yet another time?

BRENDON: Apparently you did not listen to my nomination speech, because I said that I was thankful to America for voting me back for one more week in my Big Brother retirement party.

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