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Big Brother 13 Episode 2 8/25/11 Recap – Carmen Electra’s Boomerang Strikes Again

August 26th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

Julie says it’s Day 55. When we get the first live shot of the house, I immediately get a smile on my face as they blocked the feeds before the show but Allison Grodner Tweeted that Adam, Jeff and Shelly were having a big blow out. So you could once again see the tension in Jeff’s jaw. Pretty sweet.

We get DRs after Jeffy took Porsche down and put Daniele up. Daniele tells us she left right away because she didn’t want to say things that would sink her ship. She likes Kalia but will campaign to stay all week. Rachel says that Daniele is super cocky and arrogant. Pretty funny coming from her. Porsche said it was bittersweet coming down because now her two friends are on the block. Kalia tells us she will lay low but it is hard that her best friend in the house is being taken away. Jeff said he would be shocked if Daniele stayed because that means his alliance flipped on him.

Daniele tells Shelly she isn’t going to roll over. She thinks Jordan and Rachel will be the Final 2. She thinks everyone hates Rachel so everyone will try to bring her to the end. Daniele asked if she has any shot for Shelly’s vote? Shelly said yeah but wants her word to not put her up. Daniele swore on her Grandmother’s life that she won’t EVER put her up. Shelly tells us that she has been Jefdan’s biggest ally but she knows if she goes to the end with them then she will get zip. But they have given her the greatest gift of their friendship. Oh puhlease. Puke.

Shelly tells Adam they can’t beat Jefdan and gotta break them up. She said they can work a deal with Dani where she doesn’t put them up. Adam tells us Shelly makes good points but is it worth the risk? Adam tells Shelly he doesn’t know if he can trust Daniele. Shelly said they won’t get any money if they go with the pair.

Daniele and Shelly watch Adam hang out with Jefdan. Daniele said Adam is in love with them. She thinks Adam does trust her.

Then we see them practicing for what is going to be the second HoH competition. It’s one that Rachel got to play last year. There is this snake shaped track that you roll a bocce ball down without it falling off. Shelly takes that opportunity to move on to Rachel since Adam isn’t receptive. She tells Rachel that Jeff threw the baggo PoV. Rachel said that one got Brendon sent home. Rachel tells us if Jefdan screwed over Brendon, they will probably screw her over.

Rachel asked Daniele if Jeff threw the PoV. Daniele said he did. Rachel said if they work with Porsche they could have a chance. Rachel tells us if she keeps Daniele then Daniele and Jeff will stay at odds and it will keep her safer. Daniele tells Rachel if Kalia stays then Jefdan win the game. Rachel tells Daniele she doesn’t have Shelly’s vote. Daniele said she thinks she does. Rachel said if she votes to keep her she can’t tell because she is going to blame the vote on Adam. I am confused why BB continues to hide what a Jeffy is. They never showed Mr Integrity being asked point blank if he threw that HoH and he denied it and got all pissed off that people would question his honor and integrity.

Julie did tell the audience at this point that there was a blowup before the live show and said it is because Jeff learned that Shelly flipped sides. So of course trying to make it out like poor Jeffy is being betrayed. Ugh.

Julie goes live to the house and tells them that tonight is a Double Elimination. I hate that they get so much warning but oh well.

Nominees have to do their speeches. Daniele had told Shelly yesterday I think that her speech was for Adam and not directed at Shelly. Dani said she is so honored and blessed to play a 2nd time. She’s been a fan since BB1 and respects and loves the game. She is saddened that she is the only person that feels this way and that people are not using their brains. Their agenda is to write Jefdan a paycheck. I loved the speech but I know the Dani haters didn’t.

Julie told Kalia to keep it short. Kalia said she can’t follow that so vote for me.

As Shelly voted she said, sorry Jeff and voted against Kalia. Porsche also voted against Kalia. Rachel said this is for bad game players and backstabbers or some stupid shit. Adam apologized to ED for voting out his daughter. Always the kiss ass. Daniele was voted out 3-2.

Of course Jefdan and Rachel did not say goodbye to her.

Daniele told Julie she thinks everyone is just pushing Jefdan ahead. She thinks Adam is the worst player to ever play the game. She made the early move against Jeff because she’s not a coaster, she’s a fighter. She was board with the Golden Key. People play emotionally. Jefdan made a deal with her and Jeff went back on it.

She got to see some Goodbyes. Shelly said she is really impressed with her as a player. Jeff said it’s your bestfriend. He wishes they could work together but he doesn’t trust her [even though she kept him in the game for weeks]. Kalia cried that she didn’t expect to make a friend and will make it her mission that Rachel sees her feeawnsay soon. Rachel said she’s not sad and she could care less about her stupid jury vote. She’s a horrible bitch and isn’t ½ the player her dad is. Oh, burn?

The HoH Competition was Before or After. Where Julie gives you two events and you have to decide if the first item was before or after the other. Everyone got the first one correct. Of course Adam is the first one out on the 2nd. Porche, Rachel and Shelly were out on the next one. Now I was nervousing. So we are down to Jordan and Kalia. Ugh. and guess what? It was a FOOD QUESTION!!! RIGGED!!! Kalia won HoH. I was clapping and cheering. How awesome is that? She instantly huddled with Porsche and Shelly to decide who to put up.

Kalia told Julie she is going to stick to her word and nominated Rachel and Jeff.

The PoV Competition was called “Clowning Around”. They had to run over some obstacles to go to a ball pit at the end and would have to dig out two clown shoes and bring them back to the start and then go get the PoV symbol but could only get them one at a time. Funny thing about this, Jeff made Adam switch lanes with him because he wanted the end so he could throw stuff out of the pit. and big dummy threw 1 of his shoes right out and never noticed it. LOSER! Rachel got the first shoe back but she is no match for Porsche who won PoV! Oh I almost forgot. The alleged random draw had Jordan as the only person not playing PoV. Sorry, Jefdan. Show isn’t fixing it for you for once.

As we go to a commercial we see Shelly try to talk to Jordan but Jordan is having none of it because she wants an Oompah Loompah now daddeee!

The nominees get to make a speech. Rachel tells Porsche she did a good job winning PoV. She doesn’t know what to say. She lost HoH and PoV but it would be a good move to take her down.

Here we go. More wisdom from Jeff. He says his actions speak for themselves.

Porsche said this was a tough decision for Kalia and Daniele wouldn’t want her to use it so she doesn’t and wished them luck.

At another break we see Jeffy practically begging Shelly to start over. Shelly said Jordan won’t even talk to her. Jeff said some crap about his actions. DUDE! Your actions have shown that you will break any deal at any time but then lie about it and preach how you are holier than thou. Fuck off.

Yet more speeches. Rachel said it’s been great competing with them and she has gotten to play two summers in a row. She takes the game seriously and loves it.

Jeff said Adam is his boy. [I think he means his lacky.] He tells Shelly they had a blow-up. Then he spews some shit about modeling and rolling “her” into a better person. I don’t know if he meant Shelly or Rachel or what. But again, Saint Jeff. He wants to make amends and then the doucher says they should respect him and Jordan. WHY? What the fuck have they done to earn it from any single person in that house. Loser.

They go into vote and when we see Shelly vote against Jeff she says sorry but he stands between this for her family. It was a tie 2-2. Porsche and Shelly against Rachel and Adam. Kalia said she is really sorry but due to his ability to win it, she votes Jeff out. AAHHHH! Hear the angels sing. I cannot keep the smile off my face at this point. You also heard the crowd clap when the final vote was cast. So I am not the only person not in love with all things Jefdan.

Of course BB had to bleep Jeff’s loser walk to the door as he gets in some more yelling before he goes. He always wants people to go with class but guess what, loser? YOU GOT GOT! AGAIN!! BIOYA!

Jordan whines to Rachel that this is exactly what Dani wanted and now they have nobody on their side.

Porsche tells Shelly they aren’t letting people walk all over them and tell them what to do.

Jeff had a hard time keeping his composure in his loser interview with Julie. He said he had to make a big move because he is the only one with a sack. The rest slept til now. LMAO. At least the other people who sleep all day, are up all night. Jefdan go to bed and still sleep all day. Get over it loser. He said he made strong moves and was looked at as a leader. He’s a man. Yeah I know. I have no idea why he had to throw that in there but it just goes with his bully MO. He said he will go down with the ship. One last time, LOSER!!

As the show ends, Rachel and Jordan are crying. After the show, the loser girls continue crying for hours. Jordan attempted to get physical with Shelly as that is her MO when things don’t go her way and she tries to chest bump someone. But Rachel pulled her away. Apparently Jeff had hid a bottle of wine so the girls were going to console themselves with that as well. LMAO.

The feeds just got blocked like 10 minutes ago as I type this which makes it about two hours since the show ended so that means they are starting the HoH now.

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