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Big Brother 13 – Interview With Jeff

August 28th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

MF: You complain about floaters & say people didn’t play but weren’t they in fact part of your team & helping your game?

JEFF: Floaters are part of the game, but they make me angry because I work really hard inside the house…and I had a target on my back as opposed to someone who sleeps all day and doesn’t do anything and never wins any competitions. That’s what I don’t like.

MF: Is your blustery approach to people just strategy or just how you are?

JEFF: I think it was just the tension inside the house. And frustration because I couldn’t talk logically to the other Houseguests. More than anything…just frustration.

MF: How hard was it to be in an alliance with Rachel?

JEFF: So hard. She drove me bananas to say the least.

MF: So what was the whole fight before the live show with Shelly about?

JEFF: It was just to call Shelly out. She made three deals with other people in the house. That might have been my ultimate demise, but it happened the way it happened. I wasn’t scared of anyone in the house, but ultimately that was my demise. Either way, I’m out and they are in.

MF: Any hard feelings for the people that got you out or do you respect them for stepping up & playing the game?

JEFF: Little of both. Bitter right now obviously, but hopefully come finale night it’s all out of my system.

MF: Did you ever seriously consider keeping a deal with Daniele or had she already burned that bridge by talking to Rachel & Brendon about putting you up?

JEFF: She had already burned that bridge.

MF: You have been around the reality TV block a few times. What show would you like to do next?

JEFF: Right now if there is a show with no cameras that would be great.

MF: Which one is making the move? You moving by Jordan, you by her or go somewhere new together?

JEFF: That’s what we have to decide when we get out of the game.

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