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Big Brother 13 After Dark Recap for 8/28/11pm

August 29th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

Jordan can’t wait to see the show from day 1. When she looked back on her own season she said OMG. It’s so much clearer. Jeff never watched our season.

Rachel: (Who can’t let someone else talk about a boyfriend w/out mentioning her own ) Neither has Brendon.
Shelly says she tried to warn Tony about the internet that half the people would hate her and half the people might like her. She thinks Tony will analyze her game play and will tell her if she made a good or bad move. He’s direct and can’t lie. (I wonder if it’s the same kind of not lying that Shell does).

Jordan: Is he direct like Jeffro?

Shelly: Yes but in a softer way. He’s not afraid to say anything. If he was fired up he might say the same as Jeff. In regular everyday life his quietness is a little more like B. He thinks before he speaks unlike me. They are opposites. Yin and Yang. He calms me and keeps me level. (Shell was called to the DR, but keeps talking anyway. He is the better part of her. Blah, Blah, she finally goes to the DR.
Kalia and Adam come out. Rachel is now saying Brendon is calm like Toni.

Now general chit chat so I FF. Looks like P is outside too. Jordan and Rachel go into eat so I stop. Shelly is back.

No gametalk though so I FF more. Feeds on Jordan and Rachel in kitchen, but still no game talk. Rachel says we must be boring. Jordan asks Why. Rachel says Just Kidding. Because we don’t get alcohol anymore. I FF

Everyone outside now. Sounds like Porsche is explaining the game BS to Kalia. I FF

I guess Shelly is in the kitchen eating alone. Now cleaning. Now eating. Feeds keep switching From kitchen to BY. I stop for a moment and they just finished explaining the rules. Rachel asks if they are going to play tonight. I FF some more. I could watch Shelly clean or listen to Kalia talk and let no one get a word in edgewise. I decide to keep FF instead. Kalia’s mouth is funny to watch in FF, at least when it’s not full of food. Porsche is reading the bible. Jordan has her feet in the hot tub, Adam is grilling, Rachel is picking at her toes. Nobody seems to be paying attention, yet she continues to yammer away.

I stop for a second because I see other people’s mouths moving. They are discussing if someone should open the next Pandora’s box because they think it might be bad. Kalia thinks it might be a special power. Rachel thinks there isn’t enough time left. Kalia says maybe it is something from home. But with two weeks left prob not. Now Kalia wonders if it will be a stay up all night thing. I thought other people were talking, but I guess it’s still just K talking. I FF. This concludes the first hour of Boring Brother After Dark.

Hour two Shelly is now in the BY with everyone. Kalia still doing most of the talking. Now Rachel is inside in the kitchen doing nothing, but the cam stays on her until she goes out back. P comes in as she is going to get coffee because she just fell asleep on the BY couch. (Yeah Kalia’s droning voice puts me to sleep too. I’m still in FF as no game talk has occurred yet. Now everyone outside. They are finally playing BS. I FF. Still playing. Everyone seems to be having a good time. They’re done. Don’t know who won and I don’t care. I stop for a moment, but they aren’t talking about anything important. I hear A say something about mixing Mn’M’s in his jello and it sounds really gross so I FF again.

Still FFing. Kalia still doing most of the talking, but now she’s eating too. Yuck. I can’t stand to see chewed up food. I stop and I hear Kalia say she came outside and saw all the dummies and couldn’t help but think there was a house full of dummies. Although I agree I FF anyways. This concludes the second hour of BBAD.

Hour 3.

A whole lot of nothing. They talked a lot about things that went on this summer in the BB house. Some could of, should of, would have, didn’ts. And different fights, Keith and Dani. A took a pack of ED’s smokes and has been smoking them throughout the summer he has a few left. Someone asks why as he doesn’t even smoke reds. A says come on he’s my favorite player of all time. They talked about dogs at one point and Kalia says they smell with their tongue. They talk about e-mail. I FF through most of the last hour because no game talk is occurring and they are boring me. They end BBAD with the HG’s celebrating two minutes until midnight when they can turn the lights off.

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