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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Recap for 8/29/11

August 29th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends


Everyone in BY (bot sure if its LD) girls on couch still talking about dogs..Adam laying on lounge near pool.
Adam is talking/praying…

“God, everyone seems to love me today. I mean, I really wanted to be the manipulator, but…I really wanted to be strong and win competitions. I really wanted to fight hard and prove I wanted to be here. I think I’ve done that, but now this part really gets you. We’ll see. Why did I ever trust Shelly? I should have seen the f*ing writing on the wall. I should have f*ing listened to people. Big Brother bus depot. Ah, man…::igh::: I’m so stupid sometimes. Big Brother Online, I should have won that one. I should have won Big Brother Across America. Any of those three and the target would have been bigger, so it’s a good thing I didn’t win it, but my stupidity is so stupid sometimes. I miss my girl. I miss my friends. I miss my brother. I missing living my normal life. This opportunity has been amazing. I’m not expecting anything to come out of this except the memories. Dude…I’M ON BIG BROTHER! I worked hard to get here. Now that I’m here, I’m so close to the end. I need to kick it into overdrive. I need to win. I need to win. I need to win. I need to win. I need to win one HOH and two POVs. The HOH’s in either order..Oh God I hope I haven’t embarrassed anybody myself my friends or especially Farrah I have sucked at competitions but I kicked ass in ? I came up just short but I kicked ass in that.

Feeds back and Shelly is in BR doing her hair Kalia was in but didnt catch the convo.


Jordan in to nap Rachel comes in to talk Jordan turns her back to Rachel and says she in a funk. Rachel ask because Jeff is gone? Jordan says yea.
Shelly came up to me and was like is there anything else you want to talk about. I said we’re still considering it. We have to think about what is best for us. We have to think about help for the HOH. She said if you have any questions, let me know.
Rachel is going to layout..Jordan says she might workout.

Any time someone goes into the bathroom, Shelly is hitting them up with “If there’s anything I can do, let me know!” First Kalia, now Porsche.


Now Shelly is hitting up Rachel while she’s changing in the shower. Talking about whether Rachel will take Pandora’s Box and how Porsche got $5,000. Rachel would take anything, because she and Brendon are just starting out their lives. Shelly would take anything with a scholarship or if her family was standing there.

Rachel: If Brendon were in the box, I’d just through the screen! BRENDON!

Rachel/Porsche/Kalia in BY tanning..Shelly still in BR fixing hair..Adam in HOH listening to Rihanna..Jordan in CR.

Kalia: My worries about Shelly, the whole game we have worried about her telling the truth. At the same time she was telling you information, she was telling us information. Talking really fast and interrupting Porsche and Rachel.

Rachel: There are pros and cons to this week. Next HOH, they probably aren’t going to win. Cons…one person is very manipulative. The other person is someone whose butt is really on the line has proven themselves.’

Kalia: Did you know Dani and Jeff both throw the corn hole veto? So Adam hasn’t really won anything. He doesn’t know that though.

Porsche: My theory about Shelly is that she manipulated everything and if she gets to the end. Those are my two cents, cuz I can’t vote.

Rachel: The only thing I don’t see as his strength is physical.

All think he gets nervous.

Rachel: I think he could be throwing a lot of comps.

Kalia: I asked him about that.

Kalia: Adam reminds me of a male Jordan, while Shelly has lied to my face.

Rachel: I’ve tried to tell everybody about her, but everyone thought I was lying.

Kalia: Everyone knew it was Shelly when Brendon came back.

Rachel: Everyone said “Are you sure, Rachel?” This went back to week 3.

Kalia: I also fell for the Mom thing, and people told me not to trust her. She would take things and twist them, or take things to other people and tell them I was going to evict them. She’s always “What do you need? What do you want to do? What do you want from Adam? What do you want? What do you want? What do you want? What do you want? What do you want?

Rachel: One pro for Shelly is she will flake at the HOH comp. Adam might, too. A con for Shelly is of course her manipulation and that she would try to turn us against each other.

Kalia: When she knows she’s in a spot, that’s when she goes around whispering.

Porsche: I think it’s weird the Have-Not room isn’t closed.

Adam being called to the DR, but can’t hear because he has headphones on. Jordan comes out and is thinking about working out. Just needs to do something.

Porsche telling Rachel how big her boobs are saying they are too big Rachel agrees.

Shelly joins the tanners.


Kalia telling Shelly about their conversation with Rachel about the pros and cons of keeping Shelly. Porsche says she thinks Rachel sounded good about keeping Shelly. (Really?)

Rachel heading back outside. Jordan updating Adam about the same conversation in HNR

Jordan: I don’t want to keep you, if you’re going to switch sides. I’m going to be f*ing pissed off if you get HOH and don’t keep to your word.

Adam: Obviously if I put them up, I have to put one of them up.

Adam: I’m still scared about Rachel.

Adam: I’m feeling better about her. I want to compete against the best.

Adam promises Jordan he will vote out Porsche. Not happy at all with Kalia.

Adam: When Shelly said to me about my final two deal with Kalia, how do you tell someone you have a final two deal with anyone?

Adam: The only thing that scares me is sitting next to either of you in the finals, Brendon won’t vote for me, Jeff won’t vote for me.

Jordan saying what about all the others who will give you votes. Dani hates me and will never vote for me.

He promises her that he will keep his word. She asks him if he will tell them what is being said, that he’s up later than she is. He says that they compared notes with each other about what Shelly has said. He says she is playing both sides. Jordan tells him that she is the one who threw him under the bus, Jeff heard her in the SR.

He says that he is being completely honest with her and Jordan says.. you can read it in your face. (LOL) He says he can’t be dishonest, he wishes he could but he can’t.

Jordan opens the door and leaves, checks to see if everyone is outside and tells him, we are good, I just don’t want to get screwed,.just because you are with me and Rachel, it does not mean you are third out.

Adam: Thanks.


All HG’s are in BY now..Jordan working out Adam laying on couch girls still tanning..Kalia in pool.

Jordan talking about how much you get taxed with the winnings & WBRB

BB called OLD they wonder what they are doing in the house.


Only Kalia & Porsche in BY..Shelly/Adam/ Jordan in KT eating/drinking.

Porsche & Kalia rehash the conversation with Rachel and are convinced that she is voting Adam out.

Rachel finishing up her shower her & Jordan head to HNR to rehash conversation Jordan had with Adam.

Jordan: Shelly’s got to go.

Rachel: I agree.

Jordan: I am aggravated with Shelly

Rachel: she has screwed over everyone

Rachel: while Bren was in the house Jeff was safe

Rachel: it is better with Adam…still it is just you and me

Jordan: I know

after the girls talk Jordan making her salad with Kalia..Rachel going for a run Shelly smoking Adam napping..Porsche in HOH.

Jordan: You talk a lot, but I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Kalia: I rarely go somewhere and someone doesn’t like me. I always date guys and their friends always love me.

Jordan: Cuz you don’t like sit there and you make conversation.

Jordan asks if Kalia has been keeping up with her vegetarianism in the house. Kalia says “no.” She likes being a vegetarian and wants to go back to it.

Jordan and Kalia in the kitchen having a heart to heart.

Jordan: I don’t know about Porsche. And then when Jeff asked her if he used the veto on her, she said she would.

Jordan telling her version of the Dani story to Kalia. Mimicking how Dani was drunk and tried to make the deal with Jeff in the backyard.

5:52pm BBT

Kalia/Jordan/Rachel are talking about the FT.

Rachel: Well my puppy is still missing.

Jordan: Shelly is the one that told me about the duck.

Rachel: Porsche finally told me about it.

Kalia: I don’t remember where she put it. She said she couldn’t get back up there.

Jordan: Shelly said she found the chess pieces.

Kalia: I asked her and I said now. She said Rachel found ’em.

Jordan: That morning, Shelly told us the chess pieces were in the storage room and she found them. She said she didn’t want anyone to know it was her She said she swore on her husband and child that she didn’t take them.

Kalia: Remember when she wouldn’t swear on people?

Rachel: Remember that day when Dani was HOH and I went up there and I was looking at everything. I was like look what I found, the pans and stuff in the dryer. I was like someone hid them.

Jordan: Did ya all really hide stuff or do you think it was her?

Kalia: It was us. Dani and I hid it.

Jordan: to screw us up?

Kalia: Yes.

Rachel: What’d you hide?

Kalia: I put the pans in the dryer. One of the statutes behind the tree.

They’re talking about the other missing items and what lies Shelly told.

Kalia did not admit to stealing the chess pieces. She thinks that maybe Dani took them.

Jordan thinks that Shelly took them. Rachel thinks that Dani took them. Adam joins the conversation and says that Kalia took them because a black queen is missing (and a pawn).

Jordan: Does that make you feel stupid about Shelly?

Kalia: I feel like there’s a genuine heart there, but I couldn’t do it.

Jordan: She was so nice and helpful.

Rachel: Who’s to say that Adam isn’t lying too?

Jordan: I think she is a good hearted woman, and that’s her way of playing of the game. Its just too bad that it took us this long to figure it out. Rachel told us since week 3.

Kalia: Dani told me not to trust her either, I used to have deep conversations with her and was like, oh Dani, why not. I never understood why.

Jordan: I”m glad that we talked about the FT and now I know she’s for sure still lying.

Kalia: She lied to our faces again and I don’t understand the point either. That’s my thing, I’m sure there’s a point and I just don’t get it.

feeds switch to Shelly laying in bed with a stuff dog on her stomach (not sure if its Rachel’s or not)

Adam joins the girls.

Kalia is doing a fine job of not telling the whole truth, too.

Kalia: There were things that Shelly told things to Dani and she called me up there to straighten things out. And Dani would say see why you can’t trust her.

Jordan: Do you think there was an America’s Player?

Kalia: No

Rachel: Adam’s over there like heehee

Adam: Every time I open the door I look for an envelope, I thought I was the star of the show.

Kalia: Shelly can very well get to the end and say, I didn’t win anything, but I played you all or look I got all you out.

Jordan: I can’t wait to see all this. You know our parents are like NO!

Rachel: Not me, I’m like no Shelly this and that in the DR> Every time I go in there I complain about it.

Kalia: I Guess you can’t say she didn’t.

Jordan: She tried to turn me against Rachel. I told Dani and said that I know a lot of people are mad at Rachel but I don’t think its Rachel. And Dani agreed. Dani kept saying all this stuff about B&R and we thought they were coming after us. I can’t get mad because I got played.

Rachel: I noticed it in week two and week three with the candy shop comment.

Kalia: That’s what Porsche and I were talking about and whether Shelly would ever be trustworthy and no because Rachel and I would be like this lady is lying and crazy.

Kalia: Dom said we’d be really surprised about Shelly. He already knew that she was fully encased in playing with the vets and started to realize the lies.

Jordan: Shelly said to me that I promised and swore in week 1 that I wouldn’t put you up and we were playing in duos and the target was Cassi. Then, you have to stop and think did I say that or didn’t I say it.

Kalia: She was the pawn.

Jordan: Some of things she says is like did I say that.

Kalia: That’s what happened when she called me upstairs with Dani and I’m like I don’t think I said that but I don’t remember and would it even matter. Dani’s like that’s the point, she just wanted to make you look like a liar.
(Shelly walks in the KT i wonder if she can hear them)

Jordan: You know how stupid we all look?

Adam: Better now.

Jordan: I wonder what Jeff, Brendon and Dani are thinking because you know they’re comparing stories.

Kalia: You know when she goes to jury she’s going to flip her stories and lie, until the next person gets there. She’ll say that Kalia and Porsche turned on her.

Rachel: She’s going to try to manipulate the jury members.

Kalia: Why?

Rachel: Just to f up the game because she’s mad she’s not here.

Jordan: I’m not telling her anything.

Rachel: The only good thing we have is that she turned on Jeff and Dani knows.

Jordan: She played like a Dick, but a nice version.

Kalia: She’s a female Will.

Rachel: She watched the feeds. She knows everything about us. She says to you exactly what I need to here and then what you need to here. She watched the feeds.

Adam: She’s been watching awhile and she watches the feeds.

Jordan: She said she started watching in Season 11

Rachel: No, she’s been watching for a lot longer, she’s in the chat rooms, she knows exactly what to say .

Kalia: Every time we talked she’d just ask me questions and it was never about her.

Jordan: What if she’s the CEO of her company?

Kalia: She’s very well off based on what she has

Rachel: A 5000 square foot house.

Kalia: Don’t say you don’t want the money and say that you’d donate the money to march of dimes and then you next say on Thursday that you need the money for your family.

Rachel: She would say she wanted a young couple to have it.

Kalia: When she left she said she’d do something for Cassi’s family.

Jordan: I’m sure she’s a very generous person outside.

Rachel: I can guarantee that she’s no there because her friends dared her.

Adam: She sold them on getting her.

Rachel: They love this kind of Sh** 100% she knew before she got her how she was going to play the game.

Adam: I”m as much a fool because I thought she was my best friend in this house. I said I can’t wait to get out of here and have personal genuine friendships.

Jordan: Kalia at one point, I thought you’d turned into a b**** and I”M sorry I thought that.

Kalia: I’m sorry you thought that too.

Jordan: I thought you used me because we were in power.

Kalia: No, I was just always fighting. THe week that Dani won the skis, everyone knows I can play and everyone was cheering for Shelly and Porsche and I didn’t realize it was this bad, we were on our own, and once Shelly fell, everyone was like they left and went in. I was like nobody cares about us. The following week, I was really scared, I was so emotional because I did it and we were safe and everyone seemed mad, but I was mad at Jordan and Jeff because I thought we were friends and you wanted me out of the knockout. every week I felt like I was a target because I was playing with Dani. Dani always said if you don’t have enemies you’re not playing BB.

Talking about Brendon and his goodbye message.

Kalia: I was so mad after he called me a bitch.

Rachel: When did he call you a bitch? (yes he did)

Kalia: It was at the stove . . . wait, . . . OMG . . . Shelly was the one that told me Brendon called me a bitch.

Rachel: I don’t think we said it.

Jordan: I want to see her goodbye messages.

Adam: Especially to jury members.

6:39pm BBT

Porsche up Shelly to heading for BY
They tell Porsche that they’ve been comparing stories about Shelly and how they’ve gotten played.

Adam: When’s the fortune teller going to start talking?

Rachel: In the beginning of the season we turned on the on/off switch and we got in big trouble.

Now Shelly comes out.

Jordan wants to shave her legs.

Only Adam/Porsche/Shelly in BY talking about Josie and whats for dinner.

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