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Big Brother 13 – Interview With Shelly

September 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

MF: It really seemed like most of the game you were playing just to help Jeff and Jordan to the end. Why did you go against Jeff?

SHELLY: Once I realized I was doing exactly that and not thinking about myself and my own family, I made a change. I realized Jeff and Jordan were playing it great by having people like me there to propel them forward. I want to see them happy, but I needed to try to bring home a prize for my family too.

MF: Do you really intend on giving Jeff and Jordan jobs?

SHELLY: If Jeff and Jordan want jobs, I know of a lot of things they would be great at doing. I would love to help place them in great jobs. I think Jordan is trying to make it as a dental assistant. I think she is satisfied with that. Jeff wants to get into TV and things like that. He is a positive young man and has a lot of great qualities.

MF: Why didn’t you try to make it with the Newbies early on and teamed with the Vets?

SHELLY: I just thought the newbies wanted to run out and wipe out all of the vets. It seemed like they were type A and panicked and freaked out over everything. I didn’t want to play that way so decided to team up with the veterans and make a run for it.

MF: You really seemed to dislike Porsche early on but softened towards her later. Why?

SHELLY: Yeah, at the beginning Porsche and I didn’t have much in common, then she teamed up with Rachel and I thought she was a mini-Rachel and I didn’t really like the way she acted. All she really talked about was being on TV. I wanted to play with people who were more like me and just kind of an average American and average fan of the show. But later, I learned a little of Porsche’s back story and she told me that I was more of a mother to her than her real mother and I realized she just needed better influences in her life. I certainly didn’t think Rachel was the best role model for her and I may not be the best role model for her. But I wanted to teach her you could still be a classy young lady and still get places, and that it doesn’t all have to be about sex appeal.

MF: You did talk about a Final 3 deal with Rachel and Brendon. Did you forget about that or were you just trying to cover when you were so adamant that others were lying?

SHELLY: I did, I was absolutely trying to cover it up. Brendon and I had developed a pretty good relationship and I figured if I had a final three deal with both Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan I would be in a good position. But when Rachel spilled that I decided she wasn’t the best person to align with and I needed to get out of that the best I could.

MF: Did Jeff’s bullying people bother you at all?

SHELLY: It did. That’s a little bit of Jeff’s persona and I did feel that way and I felt I was getting bullied in our last argument. Jeff very much wanted to be in control of our alliance and our game and if you tried to talk about anything other than his plan, he didn’t want to hear it and didn’t react well. When Jeff had an opinion, Jordan usually went with it 100% of the time automatically. He even got upset if Jordan didn’t go with his plan. I think he has a very competitive nature and I didn’t take to that as well.

MF: Why do you think people this season constantly say they want to target floaters?

SHELLY: I think that is a cruel thing to say now. People say that all the time now. Quite frankly, in the middle part of the game Rachel was the biggest floater in the house because she was nothing when she first lost Brendon. I don’t think anyone really knows who is floating and who is not. You may be flying under the radar and making moves but because you are not winning all of the competitions you are targeted as a floater. There is more to the game than the big carnival side of the game.

MF: If you had stayed, which side would you have stayed with or would it have depended on who won HoH?

SHELLY: I would have stayed with Jordan and Rachel.

MF: As a fan of the show, how did this live up to your expectations?

SHELLY: It far exceeded my expectations. I’ve watched Big Brother since the beginning. I could not imagine how great it would be, but I didn’t realize how emotional it would be. I also learned so much of myself and at 41, I didn’t think there was more about myself to learn. I feel so blessed to have done this and will tell anyone out there who wants to do it to never quit trying.

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