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Big Brother 13 – Interview With Kalia

September 9th, 2011 · No Comments

Courtesy of Media Fiends

MF: Why did you team up with the Vets right away?

Kalia: After finding out about the alliance with Cassi/Lawon/etc, I knew I didn’t have the safety in the newbies and needed to do what I needed to do to stay safe against Lawon. The duo/golden key twist made me seek protection outside of the newbies since they loved Lawon.

MF: Do you think your game was affected by playing with people you watched on TV?

Kalia: Absolutely. They knew what they were doing, they knew what to expect and a lot about the game. They also were prepared for that initial shock of being in the house.

MF: How did you feel about Jeff’s Dumbledore tirade?

Kalia: I will always go to bat for people who have prejudices against them and homosexuality is a close topic because my sister is gay. So for me, it was a situation where I absolutely wasn’t going to back down and not prove my point. When you are arguing with someone like Jeff, you can’t argue logic or rational.

MF: Why would you make a deal to never vote Jordan out?

Kalia: I didn’t make a deal to not vote her out, I made a deal to not put her up on the block. When I realized that she wasn’t going to win many of the competitions, I realized that it wasn’t a very helpful deal.

MF: What is the deal with the witch hunt on floaters this season?

Kalia: If you’ve played this game, and have busted your butt and put a target on your back in the name of floaters to keep them safe, it is infuriating to feel like those people made it to the end under your protection without stepping out to make any big moves. How would you feel if you protected someone and kept them safe, went out of your way to keep them safe, and they stabbed you in the back by going to the other side when the power shifted?

MF: Do you think Pandora’s Box screwed you guys over?

Kalia: Definitely. I got 5 Gs out of it, but would have much rather had half a million.

MF: What are your thoughts on Adam’s game?

Kalia: Adam is playing a game?!

MF: Who was the most annoying person to live with?

Kalia: The most annoying person to live with – Rachel! From her cooking habits, she has a way of stinking up the entire house! – to the way she combs her hair over the sink and never cleans the hair, to picking her scabs on the deck to her laugh, and her inability to think of anyone other than herself makes her a nightmare roommate. And the thing that is funny, no one in the house could dispute any of those claims!

MF: If you could do it over, what would you change?

Kalia: I would have gotten Rachel out of the house. You make the decision you have to make with the information that you have at the time, so its hard to say b/c hindsight is always 20/20.

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