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Big Brother 13 – Interview With Jordan

September 10th, 2011 · No Comments

MF:: Do you think the Vets had an unfair advantage going in with strong alliances & playing competitions you’ve all done before?

JORDAN: Yeah, I guess we had an advantage because we knew the game and had played before. But for the competitions, they are anybody’s game. They aren’t geared toward any specific person and anyone could win.

MF:: Do you really think you’ve played more game than Porsche?

JORDAN: Yeah, I’d say I did because I talked game and Porsche, in the beginning, was just trying to have a summer vacation.

MF:: If you base game play on competition wins, wouldn’t Porsche have played more game than you?

JORDAN: I guess, but the Big Brother game is about more than the competitions.

MF:: Why did you decide to play BB again?

JORDAN: Jeff wanted to come back and try to win again, and since we had been doing long distance it was a good opportunity to spend some time together. We thought it would be fun to try to win again and get to see each other all summer.

MF:: You & Jeff used early on that you just wanted to make jury. Why were you so upset then when Jeff was voted out as you would see him in jury, just as you wanted?

JORDAN: Because once we made it past the jury point, it was like, ‘alright, our next goal is to make it to the top five together’. Once we knew we had a chance to go far we wanted to do that.

MF:: Why all the hurt feelings towards Shelly when you & Jeff both considered voting her out & keeping Brendon?

JORDAN: Because we started to have doubts about Shelly and if we could trust her the night before Brendon’s the eviction.

MF:: Do you really not understand why Shelly wouldn’t want to go to the end with you & Jeff & can’t see it as a good game move on her part?

JORDAN: No, I understood. We had a conversation about going to final five and we could play it from there. It just really hurt when we found out that she was planning to keep Daniele so they could get rid of Jeff. I had already told her it was fine to not go to final three with me and Jeff and that she didn’t have to.

MF:: How did this season compare to your first?

JORDAN: They were both mentally draining. It was great to play with Jeff both times.

MF:: If asked, would you come back for an All Star season?

JORDAN: I think I am retiring from Big Brother. I don’t think I could do another season.

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